Best Food Forward Year 6!

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The biggest and most awaited benefit food fair, Best Food Forward, is now on its 6th year! A well-loved celebration of food with family, friends and the bustling culinary industry, this milestone is happening on October 15-16, 2016 from 11am to 9pm at the SM Aura Premier Convention Center and is calling for participants!best-food-forward-year-6Best Food Forward has been a launch pad for many food businesses that have made big names in the industry. Some of which include restaurants such as Manang’s Chicken, Burgers & Brewskies, Schmidt’s Hotdog, and Crunchy Crab, among others. It has also witnessed the eventful success of independent food suppliers such as The Bald Baker, Deep Dips, Chokolate Atbp., Go Brewed, Brownie Bar and more.

It promises much more than what it already is since its launch in the summer of 2011. And with its new venue, this grand and fun food-filled weekend will be celebrated with over 100 specialty food concessionaires, innovative cooking demonstrations, celebrity chef appearances, family and children’s attractions, celebrity guests and many more! Its vibe and atmosphere will definitely make this 6th year even livelier as it is spiced with music, food art, recipe book launches, and special awardings!

Best Food Forward 2016’s media partners include, Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Manila Bulletin, BusinessWorld, Food, Breakfast, Appetite, F&B Report, When in Manila, Asian Food Channel and Food Network. It is supported by Fly Ace Corporation’s Jolly and May Sparkling Juice. For more information on partnerships and joining as food concessionaire, please call 0920 9148175, 0917 8871933 or email Like Best Food Forward on Facebook and follow bestfoodforwardph on Instagram.

Working Title at Art Provenance

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 Congratulations Raul and Joanna @joannapreyslermanila on your latest show “Working Title” at @provenanceartgallery Come on over and view the works of Pete Jimenez @petejimenez and Jonathan Olazo #H2HPhilippineArt #H2HArtist #ProvenanceGallery #JonathanOlazo #PeteJimenezworking-title-at-art-provenance-1 working-title-at-art-provenance-26 working-title-at-art-provenance-5 working-title-at-art-provenance-15 working-title-at-art-provenance-20 working-title-at-art-provenance-2 working-title-at-art-provenance-3 working-title-at-art-provenance-16 working-title-at-art-provenance-25 working-title-at-art-provenance-8 working-title-at-art-provenance-24 working-title-at-art-provenance-18 working-title-at-art-provenance-19 working-title-at-art-provenance-21 working-title-at-art-provenance-22 working-title-at-art-provenance-4 working-title-at-art-provenance-23 working-title-at-art-provenance-17 working-title-at-art-provenance-6 working-title-at-art-provenance-7 working-title-at-art-provenance-9 working-title-at-art-provenance-10 working-title-at-art-provenance-11 working-title-at-art-provenance-12 working-title-at-art-provenance-13 working-title-at-art-provenance-14


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Ten years ago, Dolores Cheng formed The Center for Possibilities Foundation (CFP).

yakap-6yakap-3“It was my own coming to terms with the condition of my son,” she shares. Andreas, now 22, was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay when he was 3 years old.

 “There were no support groups for his particular type of disability, I didn’t know where to go, who to see, where to find what I needed to know. I wanted to understand what it meant to raise a child with special needs. So I thought that maybe if I formed a group of my own, I would be able to ring a call to other people who might be in the same boat and need some help,” Dolores continues.


                The vision and mission of CFP revolves around inclusion, having a compassionate society that includes persons with special needs into the mainstream population. Even the way CFP is set up reflects this vision of inclusion. “We come from different backgrounds, different types of families and family lives, it represents how the world is,” Dolores points out.

                The CFP board is composed of finance expert Renato Reyes, educators Cynthia and Lito Gonzalez; restaurateurs, car enthusiasts, and civic leaders, Vangie and Dieter Jaehn; mommy blogger Michelle Ressa Aventajado, jeweller Geeta Chulani,  producer Yvonne de Paula, co-parent of a special child Totoy Garcia, publisher Maricris Lim Pineda, accomplished netizen Mark Ignacio, and spiritual adviser Fr. Gerard Deveza.yakap-5For the past decade, CFP has engaged in teaching skills and promoting inclusion in underserved sectors through support groups, literature, film showing, and orientation. They’ve published books regarding persons with special needs and organized events such as special football tournaments that allow the athletic inclinations of the kids to shine.

                Their biggest project to date is “Yakap”.


Produced by Dolores and directed by Danny Añonuevo,


the film provides a glimpse into a day in the lives of three people: Evangeline “Gelli” Aventajado, a 4-year-old with Down Syndrome;  Heart2Heart was so happy to meet Mommy Michelle Aventajado @mommanmanila and her daughter Gelli. Gelli is 5 years old and makes her family more special because everyone takes part in taking care of her and loving her. We sometimes think that being a parent of a special child is a suffering or a burden given to us by God, but it’s not true. And Gelli and her 3 other siblings and parents prove that. #H2HGivingBack #Yakap #centerforpossibilities @centerforpossibilities #embraceddifference


Aaron Joshua “AJ” De Quiroz, an 8-year-old with epilepsy, Autism, and Global Developmental Delay;


and Kevin Avelino, a 45-year-old with Global Developmental Delay. Mommy Lydia here in the photocenter-for-possibilities-yakap-2

“The stories are told from the points of view of their parents. Nothing was scripted, everything that you will see is natural and unplanned,” describes Dolores.

                “More than a film, we are presenting profiles of true courage. Courage of the children whose disabilities are the only reality they have ever known, and who live their lives the only way they know how, in spite of curious stares, pointing fingers, and hidden smiles. And the courage of parents and family members who may have grown up thinking normal was everything but ended up learning that different can be the new normal”.yakap-2 Music for “Yakap” was composed by Jessie Lasaten  and the post production color grading was done by Issa Gonzalez. The 54-minute film is capped off by a music video with lyrics that Dolores wrote with music by Charo Unite.

                “Yakap means to embrace.  In line with CFP’s  vision, we wish for all children with disability to be embraced into the mainstream of our lives and to be treated the way we treat each other — with compassion, respect, dignity and acceptance,” says Dolores. yakap-8CFP hopes to bring the film to different places and generate more awareness for the need to respect the potential and promise of persons with special needs. “We would be very happy to do special screenings. We can visit schools and would be more than willing to tie up with community organizations,” she volunteers.

                The group is also on a quest to build and operate Special Education (SPED) Centers for indigent communities, for children with special needs who are undiagnosed and untreated. Their Sagada SPED Center is now open. The  Norzagaray, Bulacan SPED Center is expected to start running later this year. And the Tacloban and Sorsogon SPED Centers are scheduled to operate sometime in 2017.yakap-1   The Centers are brick and mortar structures with tables, surrounded with stimulating materials, equipment, and learning tools that can be used to teach children the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Each SPED Center will be operated by a teacher trained in the SPED division of Reach International School.yakap-7 yakap-4 “In many parts of the country, especially in remote areas, there is no government center dedicated to the identification, recognition, much less support and treatment for persons with special needs. Many special children are physically mature but have cognitive and behavioral challenges so it is imperative that we create centers of learning that can teach them some skills with which they can live with some form of independence and dignity,” elaborates Dolores. Enrolment in the SPED Center is free so it helps alleviate the cost of taking care of special children from the families. These centers will also include parent support groups.

                Special screenings of “Yakap” may be arranged through CFP at or (02) 723-1242 / (0918) 888-1759.

                “Yakap” is supported by Rustan’s  Commercial  Corporation, Gruppo Mobili Philippines, Inc., AY Foundation, Inc., Royal Duty Free Subic, Marks & Spencer, Mamou Restaurant, Ralph’s Wines & Spirits, Rustan Marketing Corporation, Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines  Inc., Leslie Corporation – Clover Chips, Miladay, Orogem, The Phinma Foundation, Inner Peace Foundation Inc. Manila, Music Master (Music School & Recording Arts), nananadal Public Relations & Events Management,  Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Philippine Star, Crossover 105.1 FM, and Retro DCG –FM – 105.9.

Definition of terms (lifted from Wikipedia)

Down Syndrome  also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all, or part of a third copy of chromosome 21. It is typically associated with physical growth delays, characteristic facial features, and mild to moderate intellectual disability.

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior.

Global Developmental Delay is an umbrella term used when children are significantly delayed in their cognitive and physical development. There is usually a more specific condition which causes this delay, such as Fragile X syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities.


Ginger’s Crispy Garlic Tuyo

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 The best tuyo I have tasted in my life :-)  And its crispy with garlic !  I even put the sauce on my rice :-)

 Made by Ginger @buttercakelady Only P250.00 for this bottle #tuyo #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines #H2HProudToBePinoy #tuyoGinger's Crispy Garlic Tuyo

She also has Crispy dulong- perfect for the “crispy family” that is us :-)gingers-crispy-tuyo-and-dulong

For orders call 0917-811-8100

Go Lite and Teavana

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 Breakfast  at @starbucksph Yummy Teavana Chai tea latte ( hot ) and Yummy Go Lite Sweet Maui Onion popped chips ( A Must at Starbucks )  with not so good news :-( #StarbucksPh #H2HStarbucks #Brangelina #JaricMarketing #JaricMarketingInc go-lite-and-teavana-1

 Latte is one of my favourite drinks at Starbucks and not it is with tea – Teavana!! YUM!!!! I will try it cold next time go-lite-and-teavana-2  Exclusively available at Starbucks is the Go Lite popped chips!  YUM!!!go-lite-and-teavana-3  The good news!go-lite-and-teavana-4 I am more of a tea person so I am happy Teavana is here!!! teavana-starbucks-philippines

Crazy Over Salted Egg Chips

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A few months ago I featured Irvin’s Salted Egg Chips from Singapore

Previous entry:

Irvin’s Salted Egg Chips May 31, 2016

There are many now available in the Philippines and I have tried a few.  Many I have not tried.  Some say Irvin’s is still the best.  So to each his own and it’s nice that now there are varieties and different versions – so I am sure you will find one you will like.

Here is a list of all the ones that I know of and saw in instagram in case you want to try all! haha!!

 Bambi’s Gourmet Kitchen – same makes a sauce and a powder which you can use to put on your own freshly made potato chips or just about anything you want to put salted egg on.  Contact Bambi at 0999-881 4272salted-egg-8 salted-egg-9 I tried this one from Blue Kitchen from my sister in law Tina and its so yummy :-) salted-egg-10 salted-egg-11House of Crisps From my niece Ria- YUM!! This is available in Salcedo Market.  I went there one Saturday to look for them and it was sold out!! The Sikat one was a bit old already so i cannot rate the tastesalted-egg-12 salted-egg-1 From my friend Charysalted-egg-5

Others I saw in instagram

salted-egg-6 salted-egg-7  From THC!!  salted-egg-2 salted-egg-3 From The Sweet Life by Ange I saw at the Negros Trade Fairsalted-egg-4

My friend Tody said this was goodsalted-egg

Art Group Get Together by Bobby Wong

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This is our friend, Bobby Wong!  Our friend who takes beautiful photos!!!! bobby-wong-photography-leica I have featured him several times.  You can also go here to see his other photos ( Click below to go to his website )

Bobby Wong Jr.'s Photo Galleries at

He is now trying to convince me to get a camera like his which is a Leica.  He claims it is the best camera!  Close up of his camera!!  Who knows one day I can afford one and learn how to use it!leica-camera-bobbyThis is his interpretation of our get together.  We all asked him to take our photos – we took advantage for us to have professional photos of ourselves haha!!  This is him with his lovely wife Birang :-)  I took the photo since of course he had to be in the photo :-)  So As you can see, It’s not always just the camera – the photographer is important too! haha!!randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-2 Look at his photos starting here onwards :-) randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-3 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-4 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-5 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-6 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-7 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-8 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-9 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-1randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-10 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-11 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-12 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-13 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-14 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-15 randys-birthday-by-bobby-wong-16

Art Group Get Together

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Out of town trip in a very special hideaway!!! Beautiful home designed by Ed LedesmaHappy Birthday Randy (1)  Lunch today in a home with an amazing view!!!!!!! It’s rainy and foggy so it’s not so clear but wow ? #H2HHomesHappy Birthday Randy (30) Ladies taking photo of the hubbies haha!!Happy Birthday Randy (13) Happy Birthday Randy (24)  Notice the beautiful art work all over the house Happy Birthday Randy (8)  First time for me to see Kamagong flooring!!  In the stairs and bedrooms of this beautiful vacation home #H2HHomes #KamagongHappy Birthday Randy (2) Den and game room :-) Happy Birthday Randy (3) Happy Birthday Randy (4)  Kids roomsHappy Birthday Randy (5) Happy Birthday Randy Wow! I could stare all day :-) Happy Birthday Randy (6) Master Bedroom on the top floor with the best viewHappy Birthday Randy (7) Deck of the Master bedroomHappy Birthday Randy (25) Happy Birthday Randy (27) Nowadays its a soiree when we have meals :-)  Boys in one tableHappy Birthday Randy (28) and girls on the otherHappy Birthday Randy (9) Happy Birthday Randy (10) Birang photobombing my photo of the buffet spread!  haha!!Happy Birthday Randy (16) Japanese food!!Happy Birthday Randy (12) Happy Birthday Randy (11) Happy Birthday Randy (14) Happy Birthday Randy (15) Happy Birthday Randy (17) Happy Birthday Randy (29)

 Fresh dragonfruit and calamansi from Sari’s farm

Happy Birthday Randy (19)


Happy Birthday Randy (18)plus more!! :-)
Happy Birthday Randy (23)

Group photoart-group-group-photo

2nd Philippine Harvest at Central Square

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 Congratulations Tita Nedy Tantoco, Anton @antonhuang111 and Nina Huang @photographsninaherrerahuang @ssilifeph @centralsquareph and Undersecretary Berna Romulo @bernsrp & the Dept. Of Agriculture.  I am so glad I made it this time since I missed the first one.

ssi-anton-huang-nedy-tantoco-berna-romulo-puyat-philippine-harvest-central-squarePhilippine Harvest at Central Square (40) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (1)  A repeat of the highly successful PHILIPPINE HARVEST AT CENTRAL SQUARE held last May

 Once again, the Department of Agriculture (DA) in partnership with SSI Group, Inc. celebrated and promoted the richness of Philippine agriculture through a wide range of exhibitors who presented and sold their products at Central Square in Bonifacio High Street. This time, the food range has been expanded to include and highlight Philippine Spirits.
Philippine Harvest will boast not only of a diverse array of Organic, Artisanal, Natural and Indigenous Agricultural Food products, but also a wide variety of wines and liqueurs made from tropical fruits, honey and rice. “This event will be an opportunity for us to meet some of our farmers, processors, and retailers of premium organic, natural, and indigenous products and spirits that reflect our culinary culture which is at par with international standards,” said DA Undersecretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, Undersecretary for Administration and Finance, and Chair of the National Organic Agricultural Board (NOAB). The three-day agri food fair was an avenue where the public could buy, bring home and appreciate organic, artisanal, natural and indigenous products that are native to our country. The fair was at the lower and upper ground floors of Central Square in Bonifacio High Street Central and will be open to the public during mall hours. CENTRAL SQUARE INFORMATION
Address:?5th Avenue cor. 30th St., Bonifacio High Street Central, BGC Taguig
Mall Hours:?11am-10pm, Sunday – Thursday
?11am-11pm, Friday – Saturday
Trunkline:?9585660 #PhilippineHarvest #H2HProudToBePinoy #SSILife #SSIGroupInc #DepartmentofAgriculture #centralsquare

Philippine Harvest at Central Square (2) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (3) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (4) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (39) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (5) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (6) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (7) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (8) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (9) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (10) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (31) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (11) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (12) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (13) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (14) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (15) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (16) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (18) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (17) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (32) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (19) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (20) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (33) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (34) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (35) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (21) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (22) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (36) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (23) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (24) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (37) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (38) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (25) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (26) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (27) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (28) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (29) Philippine Harvest at Central Square (30)

ZONTA Club’s Advocacy Fair for Philippine regional Crafts Producers & Artisans

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Welcome the holiday season with bagsful of fantastic finds as Zonta Club of Makati and Environs proudly brings Filipinaz Fair 2016 to yuletide shopaholics everywhere!

zonta-clubs-advocacy-fair-for-philippine-regional-crafts-producers-artisans-2This bazaar has for years been known as one of the most well-curated shopping festivals in the country. Spearheaded by Zonta Club of Makati and Environs, the event will showcase products such as furniture, home/Christmas decor, haute couture wear and accessories. zonta-clubs-advocacy-fair-for-philippine-regional-crafts-producers-artisans-3 zonta-clubs-advocacy-fair-for-philippine-regional-crafts-producers-artisans-1Among  the 90 exhibitors of this event are fashion accessory outfits such as  Kit Silver by Mila Imson,  All That Glitters, Calima Jewelry (founded by Bogotan designer Claudia Hernandez), Eccentrics by Juliana Santos -Garrett (one of a kind fashion accessories using unconventional material such as carabao bone), Threads and Trends (creators of whimsical soft bags) and  Kabayan Weavers (crafters of indigenous shawls, ponchos and tunics). Unique and indigenous clutches and totes will be showcased by John Carlo,  Yvettes, AADR Decena, Threads and Trends, Davao-based DOBWA and Unic Tunic.zonta-clubs-advocacy-fair-for-philippine-regional-crafts-producers-artisans-2 zonta-clubs-advocacy-fair-for-philippine-regional-crafts-producers-artisans-1FilipinaZ  2016 Fair is the only bazaar that is created by women specifically for women’s advocacies. All proceeds from the fair will be used to further the many women-empowering projects of the club. Among ZCME’s programs are: Psychological Center in Marillac Hills that offers individual and group psychological care for over 200 sexually abused children; Empowering Women Scholarship Program- prevention of violence against women through education; NO to Early Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy Advocacy- a series of workshops targeted towards teenagers that seeks to give proper information on the realities of relationships, pregnancy and marriage. The club’s HNH (Health, Nutrition and Hygiene) Program is a 6-month initiative that creates supplemental feeding programs for malnourished children. HNH provides warehouse facilities that make it possible for food and hygiene product donations to be stored and distributed to target beneficiaries. ZCME’s Kababaihan is a holistic program for women that aims to transform individual through values formation and spirituality such as regular First Friday masses, cenacle, bible reading, spiritual guidance of a priest.

The club also offers health services and livelihood programs for the marginalised communities in Makati and Taguig Cities. Zonta Club of Makati and Environs’  (ZCME) seeks to uplift the lives of woman and girls through advocacy and projects such as health services, skills training, livelihood generation and values formation.

Among the highlights of the fair will be the Christmas Village in a Festive Filipino setting with group of Christmas Decor Exhibitors who will create a Christmassy shopping atmosphere together with the exhibitors for regional foods, sweets and drinks. This unique atmosphere with the glittering Christmas Lights will bring fair visitors with their family into a perfect Christmas Mood.

FilipinaZ 2016 Fair will be held on Nov, 4-6 from 10AM-9PM at the SM Convention Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For more information, call Imelda B. Datul of Dekostyle Product Design Services @  M: 09159231032 or ZONTA Secretariat Rowena Alvarado @ telephone no. 632-869-4280    or   M: 09278626596.