Sta. Elena Pre Valentine’s Dinner & Concert

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Enjoy a feast for the senses this Valentine’s with a romantic dinner under the stars, as you revel in the rhythyms of the heart. PrintWe are pleased to inform you that Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate will hold a pre-Valentine’s concert on February 11, 2017, Saturday from 6 p.m. onwards.

A refreshing change from the usual dinner and concerts that are held in 5-star hotels, this event will feature al fresco dining catered by Margarita Fores and


exciting performances by Nicole Asencio, Jay R. & Kris Lawrence.  We are undertaking this event as part of our marketing efforts to give our target customers a taste of the Sta. Elena lifestyle.

Print Nicole Asencio sta elena valentine dinner

We have a limited number of seats and we would like to invite you to reserve early.  Tickets are P5,000 each and this is inclusive of a 4-course dinner, wine, and concert.  We would also appreciate it if you could forward the attached invitation to your friends and family members who may be interested in attending this unique event.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

Hunghwa Teppanyaki Steak House

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 We didn’t plan lunch that day so since we were in Taipei 101,

IMG_3728IMG_3865 IMG_3723IMG_3850

we ended up herehunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-2 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-3 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-4 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-5  Taiwanese style Teppanyaki at Hunghwa Teppanyaki Steakhouse. They say you should try Taiwanese Teppanyaki since it is a bit different from Japanese and though it is similar it has its own version.  This place reminds me of one of our favorite  places in Tokyo Ukai Tei but not at the same level :-)

Previous entry:  Ukai Tei Omotesando June 16, 2016
hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-6 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-7  Love their garlic bread! :-)  hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-8 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-9 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-10 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-11hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-12 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-13  Taiwanese teppanyaki uses steam to cook IMG_3789

and puts cheese on the lobster :-) at Hungwa Teppanyaki Steakhouse. Taiwan was under the Japanese for 50 years #h2htaiwan #H2HTeppanyaki #Hunghwa #H2HLobsterhunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-14 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-15  I love how they put the pepper on the plate :-)IMG_3784hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-16  They have lamb!!! YAY!hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-17 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-18 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-19 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-20 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-21 hunghwa-teppanyaki-steak-house-1

Dinner at Shilin Market

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 One of our best meals in Taipei was at Shilin Market!  Taipei is really known for their street food so its not surprising :-)  Spontaneous dinner if the best!!dinner-at-shihlin-market-15  We lined up for this Largest fried chicken.   it was the first stall we saw upon arrival at Shihlin night market – yum!!! That is one of the secrets to the taste. NT$70.00 We saw 2 stalls of this both with long lines #ShihLin #LargeFriedChicken #h2htaiwan #H2HChickendinner-at-shihlin-market-3 dinner-at-shihlin-market-5 dinner-at-shihlin-market-4 dinner-at-shihlin-market-2dinner-at-shihlin-market-18  This was where we had our dinnerdinner-at-shihlin-market-12  Beside it there is seating :-)dinner-at-shihlin-market-13 Fresh prawns being grilleddinner-at-shihlin-market-8 dinner-at-shihlin-market-7  Abalonedinner-at-shihlin-market-9  Castañas next doordinner-at-shihlin-market-10  There was a fresh fruit vendor next door

dinner-at-shihlin-market-14 dinner-at-shihlin-market-6

so she opened the fruits mom chose. Sugar apple/atis is the best! And the makopadinner-at-shihlin-market-11 Down the road was a line so just follow any stall with a line and for sure its good! haha!!  We don’t really know much so that is one of our gauge.


Chef Javs spot this- freshly baked cakedinner-at-shihlin-market-16

 He sliced it for all of us and it was so good



Villa 32 Hotspring Resort

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About 30 to 45 minutes away from the city, there is Beitou Hot Springs! There are several resorts so we are glad we got a recommendation from Ningvilla-32-hotspring-resort-2  Villa 32 .  I wish we spent a whole day here
villa-32-hotspring-resort-3 villa-32-hotspring-resort-4 villa-32-hotspring-resort-5 villa-32-hotspring-resort-6 villa-32-hotspring-resort-7 villa-32-hotspring-resort-8 villa-32-hotspring-resort-9 villa-32-hotspring-resort-10 villa-32-hotspring-resort-11 villa-32-hotspring-resort-12 villa-32-hotspring-resort-13 villa-32-hotspring-resort-14 villa-32-hotspring-resort-15  They have a sulfur bath aside from the regular hot spring. So relaxing #beitouhotspring #villa32hotspringresort #H2HTaiwan

 After hot spring there is a lounge with some rooms where you can sleep or just relax and have drinks and some snacksvilla-32-hotspring-resort-16  They have a restaurantvilla 32 restaurant taipeiNightime :-)  villa-32-hotspring-resort-17 villa-32-hotspring-resort-18 villa-32-hotspring-resort-19 villa-32-hotspring-resort-1 Click below to go to their website

Villa 32

Din Tai Fung Taipei

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 Long line at Din Tai Fung ( main branch )  but thanks to Ning @nsdelgado we got our reservation / tables for 22 people.  She also specified to go to the original/main branch because it is the best.  Our trip is not complete without DTF ! #DinTaiFungTaipei #DTF #H2HTaiwandin-tai-fung-taipei-2 din-tai-fung-taipei-3  50 minutes waitdin-tai-fung-taipei-4  despite the long lines, they have plenty for take outDTF take out taipeiOne of our tables on the 2nd floordin-tai-fung-taipei-5  Xiao Long Bao!!!! All kinds!!!din-tai-fung-taipei-6 din-tai-fung-taipei-7 din-tai-fung-taipei-8 din-tai-fung-taipei-9 din-tai-fung-taipei-10 din-tai-fung-taipei-11 din-tai-fung-taipei-12 Black Truffle!!! THE BEST for Heart2Heart :-)din-tai-fung-taipei-13 DTF Truffle xiao long bao taipeiLove the gyozadin-tai-fung-taipei-14 din-tai-fung-taipei-15  Favorite of the boys :-)  Crab roe Xiao Long Baodin-tai-fung-taipei-16 din-tai-fung-taipei-17 din-tai-fung-taipei-18 din-tai-fung-taipei-1

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

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The most prominent historical landmark in Taiwan, the CKS Memorial Hall was erected in honor and memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the former President of the Republic of China, and was opened in 1980 as part of a national park and gathering area.

The name of the square is officially Liberty Square, as seen above the front gate, however the name change was politically motivated and most people in practice still refer to the entire complex as CKS Memorial Hall.

The octagon-shaped white building rises 76 meters and is covered with blue tiles and red accents, echoing the flag of the Republic of China. The eight sides represent the Chinese cultural symbolism of the number eight which is traditionally associated with fortune and wealth. The two sets of 89 steps represent Chiang’s age of death and lead up to main hall housing a large bronze statue of Chiang protected by military personnel which change hourly.

The characters behind Chiang’s statue read “Ethics”, “Democracy”, and “Science”, and the inscriptions on the side read “The purpose of life is to improve the general life of humanity” and “The meaning of life is to create and sustain subsequent lives in the universe”.

Below the hall is a museum documenting Chiang’s life and career, as well as exhibits about Taiwan’s history, pan-Chinese culture and history, and the ROC’s development after moving to Taiwan.

Besides the main hall, the large complex includes the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park (??????), National Concert Hall (?????), and the National Theater (?????). ( )

chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-2 chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-3 chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-4 chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-5 chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-7 chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-6 This is my favorite part – so I have three photos :-)chiang kai she memorial hall 2chiang kai she memorial hall gardenPanoramic viewchiangkaishek memorial hall 4 chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-8 chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-9 chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-10 chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-11 chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-12 chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-13 chiang-kai-shek-memorial-hall-1

Martyr’s Shrine

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Officially the National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine, the shrine was built to honour the fallen Kuomintang soldiers after the Chinese Civil War (and subsequent government relocation to Taiwan), and is home to around 390,000 spirit tablets honouring the lives and sacrifices of the KMT soldiers during the war against the communists in mainland China.

Built in 1969, the complex contains the main shrine, as well as several small exhibitions along the perimeter.

Most visitors will leave the area as soon as the guard changing is complete, but be sure to walk inside and explore the fascinating and beautiful Chinese architecture.

The front gate is guarded by active ROC military personnel, and visitors are welcome to observe the changing of the guard at the top of every hour until 5PM. (

martyrs-shrine-3martyrs-shrine-10martyrs-shrine-2 martyrs-shrine-4 martyrs-shrine-6martyrs-shrine-5martyrs-shrine-8martyrs-shrine-1martyrs-shrine-7 martyrs-shrine-9

A Mei Teahouse

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 I climbed up 5 stories to get this photo! It was hard to get the photo that I wanted because you have to be in a building or area further away than where I was – but anyway this is what I gota-mei-teahouse-2I saw a photo in the internet of Jiufen and it was similar to thisso I asked our tour guide Jun how I could get that shot and he knew –jiufen-hillside-teahouses-new-taipei-taiwan-31116095

he took me to the restaurant across haha!! We climbed to the top of that building!!It is right across A Mei Teahouse.  Its not the exact shot but it was okayJiufen restaurant view of Amei Teahouse photo
Apparently this beautiful building with lanterns was where we had our lunch!   A mei Teahouse !  This is the teahouse in the movie Spirited Away.  It’s a cartoon movie but this was the location in the movie #Jiufen #AmeiTeahouse #AmeiTeahouseJiufen #SpiritedAway #H2HTaiwanJiufen A Mei Teahouse Taiwana-mei-teahouse-1 a-mei-teahouse-4 a-mei-teahouse-3  This is the first level of the teahouse and is so charming but we could not stay here because we were a big groupa-mei-teahouse-14 a-mei-teahouse-11 a-mei-teahouse-6 a-mei-teahouse-5 a-mei-teahouse-12  So this was where we were, its a private area which had 3 tablesa-mei-teahouse-7  Traditional Taiwanese food which was actually good :-)  a-mei-teahouse-8  Dessert which was yuma-mei-teahouse-9 super sweet fresh orangesa-mei-teahouse-10 a-mei-teahouse-13

Click below to go to their website



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 We drove out of the city to go to an old townjiufen-2Yellow Sea facing Gorilla  rock on the way to Jiufen #h2htaiwan #Jiufen
jiufen-6  Old factoriesjiufen-3  The Golden Waterfall which is quite a unique shape from the usual waterfall jiufen-7  This is their cemeteries in the area – very colorful and it is by the mountainjiufen-8 Beautiful view from the topjiufen-9 jiufen-4  Candy store :-)jiufen-10  The beginning of the marketjiufen-11 jiufen-12  Ginger!  A must from Taiwanjiufen-13 Almond anythingjiufen-14  It was not so busy at 10am when we arrivedjiufen-15  This reminds me of the Le Tao or Tokyo Milk Cheese Lengua de chat cookies. But this is a vegetable cracker and in between is nougat – yum ? #Jiufen #JiufenFinds #H2HTaiwanjiufen-16 jiufen-17 jiufen-18 jiufen-19 jiufen-20 jiufen-21  Sugar apple – axis! YUM!jiufen-22  Grilled mushroomsjiufen-23 jiufen-24 jiufen-25  Grilled snails – Escargot! :-)jiufen-26 jiufen-27 jiufen-28 jiufen-29 jiufen-30  Black tea eggs  jiufen-31  Taiwan grows their own grapes so they have raisins and grape anything – Its a bit mushier than the US grapesjiufen-32  I saw a lot of owls but i am not sure whyjiufen-33   Rice cracker ( not fried) in 8 flavors. It was popping from that machine :-)  The bestseller is prawn but I like the cheddar cheese :-)  There’s butter, seaweed, curry, scallion, Baby Food ( original ) #Jiufen #JiufenFinds #H2HTaiwanjiufen-34 jiufen-35 jiufen-36Crispy almond beef jerky- interesting :-)
jiufen-37  Nougat a must in Taiwanjiufen-38  More ginger!! Ginger candy which is actually so goodjiufen-39  YUM YUMjiufen-40  Masks!! :-)jiufen-41  Yummy fried chicken at the end of the marketjiufen-43jiufen-42  Go to the end to see this viewjiufen-5Taiwanese Caviar
jiufen-44  LED mini Lanterns :-)


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Jiufen about

Buffet Breakfast at Cafe Un Deux Trois

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I love breakfasts that are included with the room.  You don’t have to think if you will have breakfast or not!  You just have to because it is included!  haha!!

It’s psychological that even if you think you are not paying for it – but in reality you did! haha!! SO just avail!

But aside from that, I enjoyed the breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental.

 Firstly I love the place, the ambience.  I love the blues that popped up in different spaces – the door, the tables, the christmas decor, the walls.  I actually like this blue now :-)  At Cafe Un Deux Trois which is the coffee shop of the hotelbuffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-5 The pastry shop is nearby so we took a peekbuffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-8buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-19 There is a library nearby which is called Pages :-)  Love it!    buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-20 Seating areas on the way to the Cafebuffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-7
buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-9buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-2buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-6 Entrancebuffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-3I love the private sections by the entrance but it is so far from the food! haha!!
buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-4  This first section is continental breakfast buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-10 Make sure to look up!breakfast cafe un desu trois mandarin oriental taipei mirrors  If you plan to just have breads and pastriesbuffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-11 buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-12  This ham and cheese croissant was yum :-)buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-13The financiers changed flavors everyday!  This was orangebuffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-22 Chocolate, almond croissantbuffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-23Panetone :-)buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-24at the end of the room is the juice bar which I love because it changes also everyday and they have fresh smoothies.  This is in between the next section of the cafebuffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-25The second room has a Rhinocerous!  :-)  buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-30  Pretty shelves for plates ( usually they put the plates under and it’s so hard to reach – you have to bend :-)) at the Breakfast buffet at @mo_tpe #mandarinorientaltaipei #H2HTaiwanbuffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-14Then there is this blue table again with fresh fruits, salad and cheese

 Makopa!! YUM! I ate this everyday for our whole stay :-) It’s bigger than the ones we have here in the Philippines but not as pink :-)buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-17Deli and cheesebuffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-27
T hen there is this whole buffet of hot foods! WOW!

buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-36buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-28 buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-29buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-31 buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-32 buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-33 buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-34  The bread and cereal table breakfast cafe un desu trois mandarin oriental taipei 2 the mini butter  buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-35

 Egg, noodles and pancake station :-) It was always busy here and it was a small area so I never got to try this :-(breakfast cafe un desu trois mandarin oriental taipei eggs pancakes  At the end of the cafe is this area which is more peaceful if you want peaceful :-)buffet-breakfast-at-cafe-un-deux-trois-15   After all that, you can still order!  If you just want to peaceful eat a simple meal, just sit and order your breakfast :-)