Last Christmas our friend, Ina, gave us these recyclable bags!!  Mine of course was the pink one :-) Flip and Tumble (2)

It is my most favourite bag because it is so easy to bring along since it becomes a ball

Flip and Tumble (3)

and when you use it even if it feels so thin and light, it is very sturdy

Flip and Tumble (1)

I don’t see it available yet here, but it is available online in amazon or  in their website and it gets cheaper as you buy moreFlip and tumble shopping cart website

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Super enjoy being with these two. I could laugh the whole time because Caloy even with a straight face is cracking jokes and saying funny things.  Ria on the other hand I love because she loves pork belly like us haha!!  They took us to Brooklyn where they both used to live and it is now the trending place to be with many new restaurants opening here and just many things happening on this side of town.  So we are happy to explore and hoping to visit and try more new places in this area.  It was raining that day so they were not able to take us around during the day- next time! :-)  Traif (2)

We tried Traif which was recommended by a friend of Ria and we all loved it especially me!! Small portions and all yummy.  Even if it was small, we still shared all so we can all try it.  They can actually make a degustation for US$ 50.00 per person with your choice of 9 dishes. I wish we could try everything in the menu!!!Traif (1)

Buffalo milk burrata cheese, piquillo pepper romesco, black olive caramel challuhTraif (3)

 Hampshire pork belly, tippy’s black lentils, brown butter apple sauceTraif (4)

 Dayboat scallops,  butternut quash risotto, huckleberry , pistachio sage brown butterTraif (7)

 Sauteed broccoli rabe, roasted mushrooms, truffle toast, fried egg, aged asiagoTraif (9)

Traif (8)

 Baked Muenster cheese, smoked chorizo, golden apples crostiniTraif (10)

 Our parmesan spaetzle, slow cooked broccoli,  vodka sauce, braised leeks, mushroomsTraif (11)

 Spice crusted lamb tenderloin, toasted sesame hummus, pomengranate walnutTraif (12)

 Pomengranate braised tamworth pork cheeks, quince, persimmon, toasted barleyTraif (13)

 Quail n’ biscuit buttermilk fried quail, sausage gravy, duck fat drop biscuit, honeyTraif (14)

 I can’t seem to remember what this is – but everything we had was good including this :-)Traif (15)

traif dessertsTraif (6)

Traif (5)Click below to go to their websiteTRAIF NY (20141119)[email_link]

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Ignite the warmth with a thoughtful gift from Starbucks

Let There Be Bright (6)


The first-ever Starbucks Mini Card in the Philippines. Available at an initial consumable load of ? 500.

Starbucks Mini christmas Card 2014


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Starbucks Card (4)

New food items and returning favorites celebrate the flavors of the season

Let There Be Bright (3)

Let There Be Bright (2)

Let There Be Bright (4)

Let There Be Bright (5)

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Love this new place in midtown, The Smith.  The original one is in the VillageThe Smith (2)

We came at 1130am which explains why its empty, but a few minutes later, the whole restaurant was fullThe Smith (3)

The Smith (5)

The Smith (4)

Love the bread! It came in a brown paper bag like it came straight from the supermarket or bakeryThe Smith (6)

YUM!!!! Hot Potato Chips Blue cheese FondueThe Smith (7)

Crispy Fried CalamariThe Smith (8)

Bacon Wrapped ApricotsThe Smith (9)

Bone in Rib Eye- Yum!The Smith (10)

Love the ketchup!!The Smith (12)

The Smith (14)

and the bernaise!The Smith (11)

Grilled ShrimpThe Smith (13)

The Smith (15)

Brooklyn Blackout CakeThe Smith (16)

Restroom :-)
The Smith (17)

The Smith (18)

With a photo boothThe Smith (19)

And a shoeshine :-)The Smith (20)

The Smith (1)Click below to go to their website

The Smith Restaurant NYC (20141117)


Jerome, Marco and Jackie organized brunch at Cherche and they told us to meet them at 1 pm.

jackie jerome jpcastiyo marco cherche midi

Oh my!  Brunch in New York means up to 4pm! :-)  Jerome is our Zagat and we just ask him where to go when in NYC and he took us here.  Cherche is by Keith Mc Nally, the same restauranteur who brought these other restosCherche Midi Restos Keith Mc Nally Cherche MidiCherche Midi (2)

I love the place though the lighting is a bit too orange :-)  Which explains the orange menu and all the orange photos :-)Cherche Midi (3)

Cherche Midi (4)

French Toast – YUM!Cherche Midi (5)

Pot de Fromage ( parmesan custard with Anchovy butter toast )  which Jerome and Marco ordered! YUM!!!!!!  I like how the cheese custard went so well with the anchovy bread!!

Cherche Midi (6)

Yummy anchovy bread!!

Cherche Midi (7)

BeignettesCherche Midi (8)

Kale salad which was a specialCherche Midi (9)

Cherche Midi (10)

Lobster scrambled eggsCherche Midi (11)

Cherche Midi OmeletteCherche Midi (12)

Cherche Midi (13)

Vermont bacon – side dish
Cherche Midi (14)

Cherche Midi (15)

I love the restroom!!  Cherche Midi (16)

 These two doors actually lead to the same place!!!  :-)  Cherche Midi (17)

Here it is from the common area :-)Cherche Midi (18)

They both open to the washing area – then it is only when you go to the toilet, there are separate doors/areasCherche Midi (1)Click below to go to their websiteCherche Midi NY (20141117)[email_link]

 We wanted to see our niece, Mia, who majors in Advertising in Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and since she was in the city interning at a Japanese Kimono shop, we met up with her near where she was.  She was looking Japanese and had her new red hair colour – both fit her so well.  How fast time file and it has been four years since she first came to Brooklyn for College and she is soon graduatingNew Wonjo (1)

 We have been wanting to have Korean and so as usual we end up at Won Jo ( 34th street ), our favourite.  New Wonjo (2)

 ManduNew Wonjo (7) Pork BellyNew Wonjo (3)

 No charcoal for lunch which I found strange, so they brought out this cooker to grill the meatsNew Wonjo (5)

New Wonjo (6)

KalbiNew Wonjo (4)

It was good but I still prefer the charcoal grill cookingNew Wonjo (8)

Click below to go to their websitenew wonjo nyc website

Mia suggested we eat here, but I was afraid we might not get a seat and it would be so cold so we chose indoors. But this is a nice pop up of many food stalls right in Greeley Square Park located at the intersection of Broadway and 33rd street

Broadway bites new York city

Click below to go to their website and find out where there next pop up is :-)

Broadway Bites Urban Space website


Super LOVE this new discovery in New York City!!  Thanks to our sister, Pam, for recommending this place!!! Sip Sak (2)

Looks European on the outside but Sip Sak is a Turkish restaurant :-)Sip Sak (3)

Sip Sak (1)

Sip Sak (4)

Sip Sak (5)

Super yum hummus!!!  It’s thick, gooey and tasty!  Love the bread that goes with it tooSip Sak menu 1Sip Sak (6)

Sip Sak (7)

The bread in the basket was also so good!!!  Sip Sak (8)

sip sak menu 2sip sak menu 3 Brochette Chicken Kebab with Blugur!!! YUM!!!  James and I shared these two dishes and we were satisfied.  Gaita Fores was right, portions are for sharing, family style :-)  We need to go back with the whole family so we can try more dishes :-)Sip Sak (9)

Sip Sak (10)Click below to go to their websiteSip Sak nyc website[email_link]