Having lunch at Kashmir :-)  Kashmir has been in existence already for 37 years!! Their first branch was in Ermita. Their latest branch is in San Antonio Plaza Forbes Park. We are in the Pasay road branch – wish we went to the San Antonio branch so we can see nevertheless happy to be here.  Love  Indian food
Kashmir (13)

Kashmir (14)

Kashmir (15)

Kashmir (8)

Super yum MotabalKashmir (16)

 When going back to a place I’ve been to already, I make sure I try something different so I saw this on the menu (looked different in photo because they assembled it already ) – Fukna – Pastry crust topped with boiled potatoes, chopped onion, coriander leaves and sprinkled with a sweet and sour Tamarind based sauce and chilled light yogurt Kashmir (17)

 Yogurt with CucumberKashmir (7)

Kashmir (12)

 Baingan Ke Tikka – Eggplant casserole.  A tasty vegetable dish baked on low fire with delicate spices and topped with different cheeses.  YUMKashmir (18)

 When we were in high school dating :-)  James introduced me to Puri – I’m so amazed how this bread puffs up into a ball with just air inside.   And only P 95.00 for 4 pcs at Kashmir/ Eat alone or dip with all the sauces from the dishes.  I always order this Kashmir (4)

Kashmir (11)

BiryaniKashmir (6)

Kashmir (2)

Kashmir (10)

 Chicken Tandoori ( Tandoori Murgh) Spring chicken kept in a marinade of yogurt, garlic and ginger with a special combination of spices and then roasted to perfection at Kashmir Kashmir (3)

Kashmir (9)

Raan E Taj – Half portion Leg of kid mutton cooked in authentic North west frontier styleKashmir (5)

Thank you to the birthday celebrant for the treat :-)  Here she is happy with her Starbucks Cebu and Manila Limited Edition relief mugsKashmir (1) The BFFs missing Des.  She was not feeling well already at this timekashmir BFFskashmir branches

Established in 1953, Lladró is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of artistic porcelain. The brand is distributed in more than 120 countries around the globe, with its main markets in the US, Japan, China and India.

After almost 60 years, all Lladró pieces are handcrafted in the workshops of the biggest little atelier in the world, the exclusive production facility located in Valencia, Spain. Every creation is characterized by a unique sense of style, and it is the result of a painstaking handmade process of creation, from the first sketch to the high-temperature firing at the kiln. The end result is an artistically perfect figurine that conveys its message through a unique language.

Lladro Mother's Day 2015 (4)

Time has come to celebrate the most valued women in life: mothers. Lladró has especially picked the most exquisite pieces in its collection dedicated to mothers all around the world and the unique bond between mothers and their children. Bringing into porcelain the most precious moments of life, Mother’s day is the perfect occasion to express the love and gratitude towards mothers.

Lladró, the world renowned creator of fine porcelain art, is proud to present its flower related Collection.

All Lladró creations are born from the inspiration, talent and skill of artists who dedicate their lives to the expression of universal sentiments and the deepest emotions in porcelain.

Lladro Mother's Day 2015 (1)

I want to be like you is a very special mother and child scene. The mother gives her daughter a pleasant surprise. They look at each other as they are about to enter into a spontaneous and loving embrace. In the poses of the two characters, the sculptor has captured to perfection the spontaneity of the moment, making it a piece full of life in which we almost expect to see the two to finish their embrace.Lladro Mother's Day 2015 (2)

Mommy’s little girl is a very special mother and child scene. The mother is explaining something important to her daughter and she is sitting on the floor to be closer to her. The playful gestures between mother and child transmit the close connection between mother and daughter. This charming scene is also very realistic because of the posture of both characters. The mother, because it is believed that to communicate better with children one should place oneself at the same height as them. And the daughter because she is not seated, more like a restless child who is taking a break from playing in order to listen to something important Mommy wants to tell her.

Delicate flowers in porcelain are the emblem of the Lladró brothers’ success in having incorporated all the exquisite beauty of flowers into their creations.  Petal by petal, each bloom is gradually formed in the sensitive hands of the superbly skilled Lladró artist.


This motherhood is far from being the depiction of a classic or realistic scene. Both its style and its decoration are an idealization of this beautiful phase of life.

An original motherhood with an Art Nouveau air. A distinctive feature of the Art Nouveau movement from the late 19th century was the combination of feminine and vegetal ornamentation. The style is also referenced in a number of details, like the mother’s wavy hair or the loose folds of the dress, blending with the floral background.


If you think back on the most important moments of our life, your mother is surely there with you. Your first steps and falls, your first triumphs and failures… are also hers. That’s why we say thank you to her every day and, very specially, on Mother’s Day.

Lladró presents a selection of pieces to celebrate this day that speaks to us of those special moments. And as each mother is unique, there is a Lladró for each one of them. For those who like flowers, for animal lovers, for those who love decorating the home with style, and the many more unique mothers worldwide.

Creations that share the magic of Lladró porcelain, that transport us, like a time machine, to our most cherished memories. Memories to turn to on Mother’s Day, to remember those times we spent with her and to share a new experience with mum that we will remember forever.

Lladro is available at Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-la, Rustan’s Alabang and Rustan’s Cebu

Chef Javs called the troops :-)  We are all happy to support

All out support from Lolos and Lolas,

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (6)

Titos and Titas with pom poms :-)

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (8)

and cousins!!

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (10)So nice to see Lance passing byMPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (2)

 Uncle Mike, mentor of Javier MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (11)

Of course Manong was there!

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (9)

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (13)

Another match right beside – nervous parents Jaco and Kathy with Andres supporting Lucas

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (4)

More parents supporting their kid – Felix and ReggieMPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (7)

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (5)

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (12)

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (14)

Picture taking :-)MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (15)

 Chef Javs MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (16)

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (17)

Proud Lola :-)MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (18)

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (19)

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (20)

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (21)

Another match for Chef JavsMPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (22)

MPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (1)

So happy to win two Age groups :-)  Congrats to our Chef JavsMPC Chairman's Cup Tennis Tournament (3)

Designed in New Zealand under the harsh Pacific sun, Snapper Rock UPF 50+ Swimwear has become one of the worlds’ leading protective swimwear brands for children.






Our sun protection range uses the best fabric technologies, has the coolest designs and plenty of styles your kids will love. Choose a set or mix and match our awesome separates to create your own Snapper Rock look.





But its not just about getting wet. Our new Beachwear range is just as gorgeous with floaty sundresses, cosy toweling onesies and cool kaftans.

We’ve got you covered this season. Living summer, Snapper Rock!

Our 2015 Line has beautiful stories following the beaches of the world. New items such as Kaftan/Cover Ups, Towelling and Sun Accessories such as caps, fedora hats and beach bags are also now available.




Platypus Australia are producers of UV Protective clothing, kids bathing suits and sun protective swimwear, including matching Beachwear and rash shirts.

Platypus Australia’s apparel ensures the wearer maximum sun protection, blocking out at least 97.5% of harmful ultraviolet radiation, meeting the strict criteria’s of both the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and the British Standard for ultraviolet radiation. It is highly recommended by the Australian/New Zealand and UK cancer Society.

Designed to mix-and-match, the UV protective clothing is for kids who like to be active and comfortable and yet, protected from the sun. Platypus Australia strives to achieve high quality garments and sun protective swimwear with a good fit,at affordable prices?.

With gorgeous bikinis, cute tankinis and various style of swimsuits; both lycra and cotton shortie boardies, sunskirts and baby sunsets, long boardshorts and bikeshorts and a selection of fitted,,zippered, short and long sleeved rashguards.

Platypus (2)

Platypus (3)

Platypus (4)

2015 collection features a Lace, Paisley, Castaway, Watermelon, Mosaic and Valentine Story for girls.

Platypus (5)

Platypus (6)

For boys we’ve teamed nautical stripes with our Life Buoy story including the ever popular boyleg shorts. New this season we’ve included long sleeve zippered sun jackets in 0-8 age range for boys.

Our Azure story has a variety of swim shorts and slim boarshorts and bike shorts, all of which can be teamed with any of the 4 rashguards in the story. Our Turq Camo story also proved popular internationally, combining turquoise and camouflage into a fabulous collection of boy’s favorites. For the older boys we’ve increased the coloured rash guards and matched them with various unique boardshort prints like Shorebreak.

Platypus (7)

Platypus (8)

Platypus (1)

Exclusively Distributed in the Philippines by

Play Sun Sea and Safe Inc.


Available in Rustan’s Stores nationwide , various Big and Small Stores and Planet Sports Stores nationwide, and Shangrila Resorts and Spa Boracay and Discovery Shores Boracay.

I was able to pass by quickly Manila Fame last March – just a few photosManila Fame (3)

Manila Fame (2)

Manila Fame (4)

Manila Fame (5)

Manila Fame (6)

Manila Fame (7)

 New collection from Amarie!! At Manila Fame. Darker colors which I’m sure many of you will like!! Manila Fame (8)

 Congratulations The Fan Man – always so stylish Monchet Olives. Just beautiful!!! Always so well designed! Not only the fans but the booth which is always well thought of. Casa Mercedes at Manila Fame Manila Fame (9)

Manila Fame (10)

Manila Fame (1)Watch out for the next one in October october 2015-manila-fame october 2015 manila fame

In November 2014, Beauty Bar opened its’ 27th door in Central Square, Bonifacio Global City. The store area is a total of 261 square meters, 50 square meters of which is dedicated to the NY-based Dashing Diva nail salon.

Beauty Bar (7)

The new concept shop of Beauty Bar stands out for its inviting and refreshing design, which is collaboration with German designers, Blocher and Blocher. To complement its’ new interiors, the Beauty Bar logo and packaging collaterals are likewise updated. As you enter the store, you are greeted by a wash of new colors: white and dark grey with accents of gold and red. A soft, feminine touch is achieved by a hand-painted mural of leaves, birds and hearts on the pristine white wall of the Personal Care area. The store manager and staff are dressed in black with red print details lifted from the mural design, giving them a chic and fashionable makeover. The total new look of Beauty Bar appears to be a deviation from the old Beauty Bar customers have come to love over the years, but its new look definitely makes them fall in love all over again.  Pretty much like any other girl, she’s grown up and evolved with the times.

Beauty Bar (8)

Beauty Bar (9)

Beauty Bar (10)

Throughout the years, Beauty Bar’s famed cult brands continue to please its growing followers. Smashbox, The Balm, Artdeco, Youngblood, Prestige, Earth Therapeutics, Philosophy and Burt’s Bees are among the staples.

Not to be missed are new and exciting brands! A gamut of amazingly luxurious bath and body products such as Deserving Thyme (Canada), Fior di Bach and Phytorelax (Italy), Natura Siberica (Russia), Bomb Cosmetics (UK), Kracie (Japan), Sophie la Giraffe (France), Heloise de V. (France), Tan Organic (Ireland), EVA NYC (USA) and Epiology (Australia), all wonderful finds that just recently hit the shelves.

Beauty Bar (12)

Beauty Bar (13)

Beauty Bar (14)

Beauty Bar (15)

Beauty Bar (11)

Beauty Bar (2)

Beauty Bar (3)

Beauty Bar (4)

Beauty Bar (5)

Beauty Bar (6)

Beauty Bar (16)

Beauty Bar (1)

Beauty Bar has always been about all things Beauty since their first door opened in 1999. Sixteen years and 27 stores later, Beauty Bar is still about all things Beauty. The new store with its bright lights and seductive interior invites not just the beauty addict in, but also the beauty “newbie,” the beauty admirer, the beauty expert, the beauty-in-training, and everyone else in between. Beauty Bar is truly where Beauty comes together.

Find the newest Beauty Bar store on the 2nd Floor of Central Square, 5th Avenue corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City.beauty bar summer giveaway

PIFS 2015 banner PIFS ribbon cutting 2015Scenes from this years Philippine International Furniture Show

Whoever invented this campaign is LOVE! :-)  Philippine International Furniture Show (2)

Philippine International Furniture Show (3)

This year, the Million Dollar Decorators,  Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner came to the Philippines to talk in the PIFS.  Too bad I missed this :-(

PIFS-2015 million dollar decorator mary mcdonald

They also posted their ribbons on their picks in the show :-)  Nice idea :-)Philippine International Furniture Show (4)

Philippine International Furniture Show (17)

My most favourite booth in the show – Prizmic and Brill.  Suppliers to the best Safari camps in Africa.  The flooring is Philippine International Furniture Show (5)

Philippine International Furniture Show (6)

Philippine International Furniture Show (7)

Philippine International Furniture Show (8)

Love this booth!!  Apparently it was designed by Gabrielle Lichauco
Philippine International Furniture Show (9)

Pretty displays

Philippine International Furniture Show (11)

Philippine International Furniture Show (12)

Philippine International Furniture Show (13)

Philippine International Furniture Show (14)

Philippine International Furniture Show (15)

Philippine International Furniture Show (16)

The bigger and the more creative the better :-)Philippine International Furniture Show (18)

Click below to go to their website

Philippines International Furniture Show (20150430)

For 20 years now, Old Navy has made current American fashion essentials accessible for every family with its on-trend offerings and value pricing. Providing a dynamic and colorful shopping experience, Old Navy features a mix of fashion items, elevated basics and accessories in collections for men, women, children, babies, and expectant mothers.  The brand’s energy and  fashionable apparel captured the hearts of Filipinos with its first store last year, and affinity for the retailer continues to grow.


Palm Beach (May): Old Navy is taking the basics and giving them the true summer treatment with tropical prints and effortlessly comfortable fabrics. The collection includes relaxation-ready separates, long, drapey tops, loose-fitted bottoms and flowing skirts. Men will enjoy summer khakis and flat-front shorts as well as button-down short-sleeve shirts in palm tree prints.

Old Navy Summer Collection 2015 (2)

Global Village (June): Bold prints and patterns in ikat, tribal and geo, inspired by the global traveler, can be worn on their own or as a great balance to summer neutrals. Rompers in silk-like woven fabrics and effortlessly chic maxi dresses pair perfectly with accessories such as a fringe purse, jacquard tote and strappy sandals.

Old Navy Summer Collection 2015 (1)

Americana (July): Capture the California cool vibe with linens, chambray and denim offerings. This collection celebrates the classic American colors of red, white and blue in relaxed separates that work seamlessly with our famous flip flops.

Old Navy Summer Collection 2015 (3)

Old Navy Summer Collection 2015 (4)

Old Navy Summer Collection 2015 (5)

With plenty of inspiration and fun to kick-start your family’s summer fashion pursuits, Old Navy rounds up all of the season’s best looks in one spot. It’s the time of the year when Old Navy invites you to be carefree and enjoy the warm-weather styles with the world.

With the success of its first 6 stores last 2014 in Bonifacio High Street, Glorietta 3, SM Megamall, Fairview Terraces, Estancia and Shangri-La Plaza, the classic American retailer now welcomes a new store to bring fashion closer to every fun-loving and stylish Filipino.

MANILA – April 17, 2015 – Old Navy is making a summer splash that will keep everyone excited for the whole year round. Popular and aspirational American fashion brand Old Navy is ecstatic to announce the opening of its 7th Philippines store in premium shopping destination,Robinsons Galleria on May 1, 2015.

In the Philippines, Old Navy is exclusively distributed by SSI Group, Inc. and is located at Bonifacio High Street, Glorietta 3, SM Megamall, Fairview Terraces, Estancia and Shangri-la Plaza. Visit www.ssilife.com.ph for more information