In August 2013, San Mateo won Best Small Town for Food by Rand Mc Nally.  There are so many restaurants in this small city.  We tried several new ones this trip.  Again,  we should make it a point to try not to repeat and try new ones because there is plenty!

I have been eyeing this restaurant for so long but I always wait to get recommendations from friends and it never popped up.  But since we like mediterranean, we decided to just go in on our own and we loved it!!!  We love mediterranean!  We have tried one oner good one as well in the area called Shaalizar

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And I would say it is relatively healthier than many out there because it’s grilled, they use a lot of vegetables and grains and the best part of it all, it’s so tasty!Hummus (2)  Hummus (4)

Hummus (8)Meditteranean is always colourful :-)Hummus (3)

Samples of the dishes in the counterHummus (5)

Interesting Heinz Ketchup bottle that has a gameHummus (6)

Hummus (7)

This is no healthy!  But it’s so good with mediterranean food!!Hummus (9)

Hummus of course!Hummus (10)

Herbed lamb skewer!! SUPER YUM!!!Hummus (1)      Hummus (11)

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Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen- Mediterranean - Middle Eastern - Turkish Restaurant in San Mateo, CA - Order Online (20141024)


We have been talking about food trucks and we were sad that we did not have much time to go to any.  But on our last day in the Bay Area, we saw one on the way home from one of our errands!!  So we stopped and had merienda which became our dinner already.  It was by the railroad tracks by the end of BroadwayOff the Grid (1)

Off the Grid (13) It’s always sunny yet cool in California so it’s always nice to have outdoor dining :-)  I just wish they had tables so you can eat properlyOff the Grid (15)

So many kinds of cuisineOff the Grid (1)Of course I chose this one :-) Off the Grid (2)

Off the Grid (3)

 The Jesse James! YUM! Off the Grid (17)

Off the Grid (4)  Off the Grid (5)

Porky Fries.  I liked the concept but the taste did not appeal too much to me.  Off the Grid (16)

Off the Grid (14)

Off the Grid (6)

 Yay!! CHORIZO!!! FILIPINO!!!!Off the Grid (7)Off the Grid (8)Off the Grid (9)Off the Grid (10)Off the Grid (11)Off the Grid (12) Creme brûlée! YUM!Off the Grid (18)[email_link]

The Ramen boys are in constant search for good ramen places in the Bay Area.  This trip we were able to go to two.  One was in El Camino Real across the Japanese grocery.  Santa Ramen
Trying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (2)

When you are in demand, you can demand many rules! :-)  Trying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (3)

Trying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (1)

Trying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (2)

Trying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (4)

Pork Cheek Ramen for James though he really always looks for Tsukomen which is hard to find
Trying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (5)

Trying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (3)

Trying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (4)

Another ramen place we tried.  Triccie googled this for us :-)  Trying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (6)

Trying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (7)

There was no line at allTrying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (8)

Trying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (5)

This was their Tsukomen which I actually liked.  I don’t eat Ramen so I would not know but I liked this one.  I liked the crispy chicharon like topping that was on the bottom right bowl Trying Out Other Ramen Places in the Bay Area (1) For now, the favourite in the Bay Area is still Ramen Parlor and I believe the line speaks for itself and its the favourite of many

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Love this new place in Milbrae which our friend, Pepe, introduced to us!! Zen Bistro (2)

Zen Bistro (3)

We went on a thursday night because all rolls are US$ 7.00 every Thursday! :-)  I love American sushi rolls :-)Zen Bistro (4)

The sushi master! :-)Zen Bistro (10)

Not our orders.  I just took the photos from the counter as Sushi chef was making themZen Bistro (11)Zen Bistro (12)

Zen Bistro (15)

 Zen Bistro (5)

To make sulit the promotion, we got the more expensive rolls :-)  Like the Lobster roll :-)Zen Bistro (6)

Lobster roll Zen Bistro (16)    Zen Bistro (7)

Zen Bistro (8)I loved this Seared Yaki roll because it’s baked with mozzarella cheese on top!   Zen Bistro (13)

This looked really good!!! I saw Sushi chef preparing this on the counterZen Bistro (14)Zig Zag roll which has deep fried soft shell crabZen Bistro (1)

Zen Bistro (9) Click below to go to their websitezen bistro website [email_link]

So happy to meet Tim Luym, A Filipino chef based in San FranciscoThe Attic (2)I wrote about him in the Philippine Star last October 16Driving to Half Moon Bay Philippine Star article October 16 2014Click below to read onlineDriving to HAlf Moon Bay Phil Star Oct 16 2014

More photos on the placeThe Attic (3)

The Attic (7)

The Attic (4)

The Attic (2)

The Attic (9)The menu!  Very reasonable and with generous portionsMenu the attic san mateo

Sisig!The Attic (1)

Yummy S&P CalamariThe Attic (5)

 Ube Tapioca bread pudding

Ube tapioca bread pudding the attic san mateo

Nutella Flan with Basil seedsNutella flan with basil seeds the atticMango mint Frozen KuhsterdThe Attic (6)frozen Khusterd

The bill which came in an old encyclopediaThe Attic (1)

When you are in the Bay Area, do visit the Attic and support our fellow Pinoy! Tim Luym! :-)The Attic (8)


Andy took us to dinner in Redwood City in Donato Enoteca!  We had a wonderful dinner.  Thank you Andy!!!Donato Enoteca (11)

Sorry it’s dark because the place was romantic :-)Donato Enoteca (5)

AntipastiDonato Enoteca (3)

 18 Months aged prosciutto, Giardiniera, and tortino of Grana Padano.  I love the Tortino!!Donato Enoteca (2)

Fresh Monterey Bay calamari, “Bianchi di Spagna” beans & mache lettuce

Donato Enoteca (1)

Sicilian “caponata” of eggplant, pine nuts, peppers & onion;
imported “mozzarella di bufala” & carta musica

Donato Enoteca (4) BRANZINO E FAVE

Sautéed Mediterranean Sea bass filet or whole Iacopi farm fava bean puree & soave wine sauce, layered potato “origanate” 28

Donato Enoteca (6)


Homemade spicy sausage, mixed mushrooms, tomato & fresh mozzarella

Donato Enoteca (7)

Carnaroli risotto parmigiana, roasted niman ranch pork belly

Donato Enoteca (8)

Chocolate, espresso, lady fingers and mascarpone

Donato Enoteca (9) Very reasonable Italian food and very good :-) This place was also recommended to us by our cousin, Rissa

Menu Donato enoteca 1Donato Enoteca menu 2Dolci Donato enotecaDonato Enoteca (10)

Click below to go to their website for more information

Donato Enoteca website


Loving my new Skechers Go Walk 2 shoe!!  Firstly it’s PINK!skechers engineered for comfort pink shoe
And second, it is so comfortable!!!! This is going to be my gym shoe, my walking shoe and my travelling shoe!! LOVE!!!  They use a yoga mat inside the shoe which explains the comfort and the bounce back feel.  It also has Agion which is a technology built in to combat odor causing elements!!

engineered for comfort skechers go walk2


Skechers go walk 2 engineered for comfort

Loving the other designs!! Both for Men and Women!




Feel the Bounce skechers

Skechers go walk 2 shoes