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The story and success of Danish menswear brand Knowledge Cotton Apparel is built on three equally important factors: Curiosity, perseverance and care. These three factors not only form an important part of the company’s history, but also of its future.

The fringe benefit of mistake

”It all started in an old fire station in 1969 with a second-hand knitting machine my father and I had brought home from England. I was 21 years old, and I knew absolutely nothing about textiles. But I was taught the hard way – by making and fixing my own mistakes”, Jørgen Mørup tells.

It is the takeaways from these mistakes that today form the corner stone of Knowledge Cotton Apparel. Knowledge makes you smarter and makes you equipped to make better decisions. And more importantly, sharing your knowledge can make a real difference. Rather than keeping to ourselves everything we have learnt through our years in the business, we are committed to sharing our knowledge – to create a positive change for our planet. 



Two people will collectively know more than one.

Three will know more than two.

And when we have a large football field full of smart people sharing knowledge, just imagine what we will be able to accomplish.

A passion for quality

”Despite starting with an old, second hand machine, as business progressed, I saw the advantages of technology”, explains.


Technology is a lot like knowledge. It evolves and makes what was once difficult easier. And Jørgen Mørup spent hours searching for new technology and ideas that would help to increase his business.

“Both technology and time mean something very special to me. Quality takes time. I believe in an original and natural product, and this is the root of my love for cotton. I am inspired by the simplicity and honesty of a fiber that is planted as a seed and harvested as a plant over time”.

Pioneering organic fashion in Denmark

At the end of the 1980s, Jørgen Mørup began working with organic cotton. And in 2008, together with his son Mads Mørup, Jørgen Mørup founded Knowledge Cotton Apparel, a clothing line for men that uses eco-friendly textiles.


Just like small cotton seeds, Knowledge Cotton Apparel is on a journey of growth. The company has taken the best from its heritage and interpreted into a contemporary and sustainable business strategy. The philosophy is clear: Always believe and stand firm on your principles. We may never reach what we dream for, but the path we take to reach our dreams is where real change is made.


We believe in challenging the status quo. We do so by using Organic and sustainable materials and by exploring the undiscovered. We create inspiring designs that never compromise neither comfort nor quality and by using cutting edge technologies that embrace sustainable fibers and manufacturing techniques.

Our brand philosophy is centered on the core elements of-




In the Philippines, Knowledge Cotton Apparel is exclusively available at Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La. 

Adora Celebrates 10 Years of #EverydayWonders   

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     Adora toasts 10 years—of curating lush bags and shoes, exquisite fragrances, contemporary fashion, and fostering a shopping experience like no other—with an haute party like they’ve never had before at the Adora PopUp Store, Shangri-La Plaza.

Enveloped in its elusive limestone walls and astonishing window display, Adora, beyond positioning itself as a purveyor of beautiful things, has become a mecca for those who seek #EverydayWonders.

A Gem, Not A Box

Since it opened its eponymous three-floor Greenbelt 5 store in 2008, Adora has dedicated itself to cultivating a retail culture where a well-edited mix of merchandise and a tasteful experience are at its forefront.  A decade may have passed, but Adora is not in the midst of slowing down.

One could not disregard that housing iconic labels, such as Chloé, H.Stern, Pedro Garcia, Pretty Ballerinas, Stella Luna, and Valentino—which to this day, are exclusively at Adora—has helped paved the way for the burgeoning sartorial market. Aside from this, brands that were solely in Adora’s roster, like Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Penhaligon’s, and Harlan + Holden have expanded their reach through different points of sale and standalone stores. It has also seen an expansion of its celebrated brand offering with loved labels like Diptyque, Loewe, Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, and more.

Aside from the richer line up, Adora recently launched the Adora Pop-Up Store in Shangri-La Plaza’s East Wing street-side entrance: a 300 square-meter space, clad in its signature pistachio green, that offers a well-thought out selection of luscious leatherwear from Chloé, Loewe, and Valentino; premium skincare and scents from Malin + Goetz, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, and Penhaligon’s; and pieces from prêt-àporter labels Harlan + Holden and LIFEwithBIRDAdoraX (2)AdoraX (1)AdoraX (36) AdoraX (4) AdoraX (6)  10 Years 10 Stories 10 Products 

As Adora rings in its 10th anniversary, it also celebrates the ten brands that have helped shape where it stands as a shopping destination: Stella Luna (2008), H.Stern (2009), Maison Francis Kurkdjian (2010), Chloe (2011), Valentino (2012), Harlan + Holden (2013), Pretty Ballerinas (2014), Penhaligon’s (2015), Pedro Garcia (2016), Loewe (2017).

Commemorating a decade of growth and a multitude of milestones, this November 28, 2017, Adora opens the doors to its 300 square-meter pop-up store in Shangri-La Plaza’s East Wing for a party of over 150 guests, overflowing cocktails, and a lush spread by Cibo di M. Known to celebrate through intimate gatherings and chic dinners, this party is going to be a first by Adora.

AdoraX (8)AdoraX (10)AdoraX (9) Attending this momentous fete are industry movers, friends from the media, loved Adora patrons, and ten incredibly stylish women that resonate the multifaceted and dynamic Adora clientele: television actresses such as Isabelle Daza, Iza Calzado, Janine Gutierrez, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Rhian Ramos, and Solenn Heussaff; as well as influential personalities Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, Kim Jones, and Steph KienleGonzalez. Each of these women are coming in attendance, taking the labels housed and curated by Adora, and making them their own.

Join Adora as it revels in quiet sophistication, meticulously sourced fashion, and crafting retail experiences.

Donnie Tantoco Adora AdoraX

 Solenn Heussaff – top by The Fifth Label, skirt by Harlan + Holden, shoes by Stella Luna, bag by ValentinoSolenn Heussaf Adora ADoraX

Lovi Poe – top, pants, and jacket by Harlan + Holden, shoes by Schutz, bag by ValentinoAdora Celebrates 10 Years (5)Rhian Ramos – top by LIFEwithBIRD, skirt by The Fifth Label, shoes by Stella Luna, bag by ChloéAdora Celebrates 10 Years (8)Janine Gutierrez – dress by The Fifth Label, shoes by Schutz, bag by LOEWEAdora Celebrates 10 Years (11)Bianca Araneta-Elizalde – top by Harlan + Holden, pants by The Fifth Label, shoes by Stella Luna, bag by ValentinoAdora Celebrates 10 Years (4)

Iza Calzado – top by The Fifth Label, skirt by LIFEwithBIRD, shoes by Schutz, bag by LOEWEAdora Celebrates 10 Years (9)

Isabelle Daza – top, skirt, and jacket by The Fifth Label, bag by LOEWEIsabelle Daza AdoraX Adora

AdoraX (14)AdoraX (13)AdoraX (22)AdoraX (33)AdoraX (20) AdoraX (16) AdoraX (21)AdoraX (17)
AdoraX (11) AdoraX (12)AdoraX (32)AdoraX (34)AdoraX (23)AdoraX (24)AdoraX (37) AdoraX (31)AdoraX (25) AdoraX (26) AdoraX (27) AdoraX (28) AdoraX (30)


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Sophie Delafontaine drew inspiration for the just-released Longchamp Madeleine collection of bags from the iconic La Madeleine district. Dotted with theatres and exclusive bistros, this area in the 8th arrondissement of Paris is also where Longchamp opened its first store on Rue Saint Honoré nearly 30 years ago.
Longchamp Madeleine
The Longchamp Madeleine is a truly feminine bag – exquisite and charmingly retro – with sleek graphic contours and legendary Longchamp craftsmanship, made from sumptuously supple taurillon calfskin that is simply divine.
This exquisitely detailed handbag is the perfect accomplice for the discerning Parisian woman who embraces diverse styles. She’ll appreciate the raw edging, the saddle-stitched leather, and the wide flap signed with the time-honoured, gleaming Roseau clasp. She’ll like its well-designed interior layout and classic palette with colours like striking black, charming khaki, seductive amethyst, and soft terracotta.
In typical Longchamp style, yet another lovely story unfolds… Once upon a time there was the Longchamp Madeleine, a bag of rare grace whose favourite place to be was in the hands of an ultra-modern woman.
Longchamp Madeleine (2)
French luxury House Longchamp was founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain, and is still owned and run by the Cassegrain family today. Longchamp’s luggage, handbags, and accessories have a worldwide reputation for craftsmanship, quality, which now extends to shoes and ready-to-wear collections.
The brand has maintained momentum and energy across the decades. It epitomizes French flair, fresh and inspiring creativity, as well as sharing the active lives of women across the world who enjoy a touch of luxury every day.
In the Philippines, Longchamp is available at Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La, and Rustan’s Ayala Cebu. Longchamp is also available through boutiques owned and operated by Stores Specialists, Inc. located at Greenbelt 5. Follow @ssilifeph and @rustansph on Instagram for more information.

Cupcakes by Sonja X Auro for Phil Red Cross

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 Speechless at the yummyness of these 2 delicious creations of Sonja @sonjaocampo of @cupcakesbysonjaIn collaboration with @aurochocolateSupporting our very own artisans  And aside from it being yummy – portion of the sales goes to the @philredcross@phredcross

Make sure to try these goodies ! Call (02) 915 2936 #cupcakesbysonja#aurochocolate #philippineredcross#h2hchocolate #h2hgivingback #h2hartisan#h2hsweets
Cupcakes by Sonja X Auro for Phil Red Cross (3) Cupcakes by Sonja X Auro for Phil Red Cross (1) Cupcakes by Sonja X Auro for Phil Red Cross (2) Cupcakes by Sonja X Auro for Phil Red Cross (7) Cupcakes by Sonja X Auro for Phil Red Cross (5) Cupcakes by Sonja X Auro for Phil Red Cross (4)Cupcakes by Sonja X Auro for Phil Red Cross (6)cupcakes-by-sonja-20.jpg

Bucca di Beppo now in the Philippines

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 The #h2hfoodtastinggroup came to support Marisse @fncjewelryph on the opening of their new franchise Buca Di Beppo @bucadibeppoph from the USA!  Bucca di Beppo (37)Bucca di Beppo (38)Bucca di Beppo (45) Bucca di Beppo (46)Bucca di Beppo (12) There are different theme rooms my favorite of which is the Pope Room !  Buca is owned by Earl of Sandwich owner Robert Earl who is the founder of Planet Hollywood and a descendant of the inventors of sandwich! 250 years ago. Looking forward to that! #bucadibeppoph #bucadibeppo

 Gangster room as you enterBucca di Beppo (47)  Wine roomBucca di Beppo (48) Bucca di Beppo (49)Wine bottles in the ceiling so make sure to look up
Bucca di Beppo (1)Chef’s Table which is normally inside the kitchen with the chef cooking for you but here it is together with the other dining rooms :-) 
Bucca di Beppo (3) Poster roomBucca di Beppo (6) Bucca di Beppo (2) Bucca di Beppo (5) The kitchen :-)  Bucca di Beppo (4)  I was so happy we stayed in the Pope Room !  There is a Pope chair there so make sure the most important person in the group stays there! haha!! :0)Bucca di Beppo (8) Bucca di Beppo (9) Bucca di Beppo (10) Congratulations to Tito Mars Jr and Tita Susan Florete of FNC Group @fncgroup They not only own jewelry stores but have a growing restaurant business.
They now have 30 Sbarro’s and 8 Dulcineas and their newest baby is Buca di Beppo which means Joseph’s basement because the restos in the States are usually located in the basement. Bucca di Beppo (23) Bucca di Beppo (24) Bucca di Beppo (34) Bucca di Beppo (36)Buca Di Beppo @bucadibeppoph is about celebrating and about sharing. Portions come in Small, Medium and Large. Bucca di Beppo (15)
Bucca di Beppo (16)Bucca di Beppo (17) Apple Gorgonzola salad Bucca di Beppo (21)Calamari frittiBucca di Beppo (22)

Spaghetti Marinara made Bucca di Beppo (13)with their signature sauce which is canned and imported from the States,
Bucca di Beppo (14)Bucca di Beppo (20)and their Deep dish lasagna – large size in photo. #bucadibeppoph#bucadibeppoBucca di Beppo (18)We had a hearty Italian American lunch! My favorites are the Chicken Limone, Formaggi pizza and the Tiramisu #BucaDiBeppoPh #bucadibeppoBucca di Beppo (7)Bucca di Beppo (25)Bucca di Beppo (26)Bucca di Beppo (42)Bucca di Beppo (27) They are known for their signature meatballs! You can have it on its own or with pasta
Bucca di Beppo (29)Bucca di Beppo (32) Bucca di Beppo (19) Bucca di Beppo (31) Bucca di Beppo (30) Bucca di Beppo (39)Bucca di Beppo (35)Bucca di Beppo (11)


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Indulge in a Special Week-Long Festivity Offering Select Dishes at 365 nett

A Year in Provence in Mireio 2

 Raffles Makati celebrates 365 days of Mireio. In-honor of its first year anniversary, the Provençal-inspired upscale brasserie will be serving a selection of its popular dishes hailing from the region from 12 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. continuously at PHP 365 nett on December 8 to December 12.

A Year in Provence in Mireio 1

Throughout the five-day festivity, guests dining may savor select French Mediterranean favourites for lunch and dinner at the special anniversary rate. Appetizers include the signature smoked salmon tartare with Granny Smith apple and Dijon mustard cream; classic tomato tart with clams and escargot, garnished with rocket salad and parmesan cheese; and soup of green lentil with pan-seared foie gras and truffle oil. For the main course, guests may choose from a hearty selection of the very Provençal slow-cooked oxtail parmentier, traditional herb-crusted jackfish on ratatouille, and orzo with king prawns flambéed in Pastis and star anise cream. Finally, have a fill of time-old French pastries such as the well-loved apple tart tatin topped with vanilla ice cream, lavender crème brûlée for a taste of Provence, and 65% Maraicabo chocolate mousse with truffle and hazelnut crunch.