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Posted (Heart2Heart) in Foodie, Yummy! on September-2-2014

Heart2Heart is so happy to try the Cochinillo of Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman :-)  He came with this big bayong to the house of Suharto and Rina

Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 1Together with his wife, Chiqui and his daughter Carina

Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 2Inside the bayong was a cute and yummy 23 day old Cochinillo!  It comes in Regular and Large.  He has wild boar and Babi Guling ( Bali ) and Spenfrenkel ( German ).  Call Tinee at 0917-525-1025

Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 3 Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 4Suharto cutting the Cochinillo with a platito :-)

Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 5 Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 6 Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 7We had other dishes aside from Cochinillo

Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 8Sinantolan cooked by Rina which is yummy too like Gilbert’s -)  and Laing

Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 9Good food and great company :-)

Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 10 Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 11 Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 12 Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 13 Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 14San Marcos with Mango!!! YUMMY!!! If you still have not tried this cake up tip now, make sure you do!  They have plain or with mango.  Call Camille Ocampo at 0916-745-7729

Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 15I brought this :-) Reese’s ice cream cups :-) available at Rustan’s :-)

Mr. Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman 16

Tinee also has Fideua which is a new item in his line up.  He said he wanted to create something different to have a unique offering so he came up with this dish which is a noodle dish but similar to paella

Fideua by Mr Cochinillo Tinee de Guzman

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Posted (Heart2Heart) in Giving Back on September-2-2014

10612630_10152355693421872_7579347085571909517_n My friend, Nicole Olbes Fandiño who is helping organise this fundraiser for Hands On Manila.  She told me that they are accepting donations of “vintage” ( used ) but still nice items that you no longer need or want or cluttering up your house or closet.  These items will be sold to support Hands on Manila’s project.  You can help by donating or buying in the bazaar :-) 


Feeling the need to clear out the clutter? Redecorating and looking to give your décor a new home? Moving house and need to upgrade or downsize?

Send your gently used, never used, or as-good-as-new housewares, décor, and clothing to Hands On Manila.

We are hosting a Vintage Bazaar on Saturday, September 6 at Rockwell Tent in Makati, and would love to showcase your donation!

Proceeds from items purchased during the Bazaar will go to support Hands On Manila’s mission to build a volunteer community where people use their time, talent, and resources for sustainable development.

We are accepting donated items through August 30, 2014.

Don’t know what to donate?
Check out the attached flyer, which has details about the kind of pieces that we are accepting for the Bazaar.

How will I get these items to you?
For information on delivery and pick-up, please contact Perrey Belen at 843-7044 / 478-7217, 0917-533-7076 or perrey.belen@handsonmanila.org.

Want to do more?
Help us to spread the word. Pass on this message to five of your friends and encourage them to participate!


Nicole sent me photos of some of the items they already have :-)  

hands on Manila vintage bazaarhands-on-manila-vintage-bazaar-2.JPGhands-on-manila-vintage-bazaar-3.JPG10457449_10152331964866623_4746131598733605923_o10572078_10152332018026623_1626376090721147768_o

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Posted (Heart2Heart) in Foodie, Hearty Deals on September-2-2014

Enjoyed so much our Italian Feast at Il Ponticello!  It was a holiday and the area was so quiet around the building so it was so pleasant and when you get to Il Ponticello, it’s a totally different world with good vibes :-) and good food of course :-)  It was truly a feast because there was so much food and for a very reasonable price.  I was told that they are planning to do this for holidays and weekendsil-ponticello-5-course-menu-aug-21.jpgaug21-lunch-revised-1.jpgItalian Feast Il Ponticello 1Lovely couple, Ren Ren and Ivy Reyes who are part owners

Italian Feast Il Ponticello 2

Steve and Imy Magdaraog, also part owners :-)

Italian Feast Il Ponticello 3 Italian Feast Il Ponticello 4 Italian Feast Il Ponticello 5 Italian Feast Il Ponticello 6aug21-lunch-revised-2.jpg Italian Feast Il Ponticello 7 Italian Feast Il Ponticello 8 Italian Feast Il Ponticello 9 Italian Feast Il Ponticello 10 Italian Feast Il Ponticello 11 Italian Feast Il Ponticello 12 Italian Feast Il Ponticello 13 Italian Feast Il Ponticello 14 Italian Feast Il Ponticello 15  Italian Feast Il Ponticello 17Italian Feast Il Ponticello 16share with a friend share with a friend

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Posted (Heart2Heart) in Celebrations, Decor and Set ups on September-1-2014

Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend, Cat Ilacad!!  I was so happy she invited me to join her birthday party.  She has plenty plenty friends and I understand why – she is the sweetest ever :-)  She told me that it always rains during her birthday and this year she wanted a backyard party.  So instead of having it in a backyard, she brought the backyard indoors :-)  She even had fake grass for the flooring :-)  Love the theme!  So young and happy just like her!  More power to you Cat!! I wish only the best for you!


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Posted (Heart2Heart) in Celebrations, Decor and Set ups, For kids on August-31-2014

 What a cute party for Chloe!!  Thank you Noel and Ginggay for sharing this special day with Heart2Heart 


Adorable and pretty Chloe, The birthday celebrant, came as Blythe from the Littlest Pet Shop


interpreted by Rajito by Rajo Laurel

chloe-7th-bday-3.jpgchloe littlest pet shop rajito by rajo laurel

Love the theme!! Kelly, the party organiser, told me that she made it a mixture of Littlest Pet Shop and Cath Kidston ( Previous entry:  Cath Kidston June 19, 2014 ) 


chloe guests 4chloe-7th-bday-8.JPG

chloe guests 5chloe-7th-bday-9.JPGchloe-7th-bday-10.jpg

CHloe guests 8

 Activities which were very popular with the kids! Video games and Rainbow Loom!

chloe-7th-bday-11.JPGchloe guests 2

There was a Rainbow Loom activity corner so you can imagine all the little girls busy looming :-) 

chloe-7th-bday-12.JPGchloe-7th-bday-13.JPGchloe-7th-bday-14.JPG chloe-7th-bday-15.JPGchloe-7th-bday-16.JPGchloe-7th-bday-17.JPGchloe-7th-bday-18.JPGchloe-7th-bday-19.JPGchloe-7th-bday-20.JPGchloe-7th-bday-21.JPGchloe-7th-bday-22.JPGchloe-7th-bday-23.JPGchloe-7th-bday-24.JPG

chloe foodchloe guests 6chloe guests 7chloe guests 10chloe guests 12chloe-7th-bday-25.JPGchloe-7th-bday-26.JPGchloe-7th-bday-27.JPGchloe-7th-bday-28.JPGchloe-7th-bday-29.jpgchloe-7th-bday-30.JPGchloe-7th-bday-31.JPGchloe-7th-bday-32.JPGchloe-7th-bday-33.JPGchloe-7th-bday-34.jpgchloe-7th-bday-35.jpgchloe-7th-bday-36.jpgchloe-7th-bday-37.jpgchloe-7th-bday-38.JPGchloe-7th-bday-39.JPGchloe-7th-bday-40.JPGchloe-7th-birthday-41.jpeg

 Ninang Kelly organised the party with LOVE for Chloe :-)  Spark + Twinkle Events by Kathleen 0917-895-0017


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Posted (Heart2Heart) in Animals and Pets, Today's Quote on August-31-2014

This dog was born in the year 2002. He was born with 2 legs – He of course could not walk when he was born. Even his mother did not want him.


His first owner also did not think that he could survive and he was thinking of ‘putting him to sleep’.

But them, his present owner, Jude Stringfellow, met him and wanted to take care of him.

She became determined to teach and train this little dog walk by himself. She named him ‘Faith’.


In the beginning, she put Faith on a surfboard to let him feel the movement. Later she used peanut butter on a spoon as a lure and reward for him for standing up and jumping around.

Even the other dog at home encouraged him to walk..

Amazingly, only after 6 months, like a miracle.

Faith learned to balance on his hind legs and to jump to  move forward.

After further training in the snow, he could now walk like a human being..


Faith loves to walk around now.

No matter where he goes, attracts people to him.

He is fast becoming famous on the international scene and has appeared on various newspaper and TV shows.

There is now bool entitled ‘With a Little Faith’ being published about him.

He was even considered to appear in one of Harry Potter movies.


His present owner Jude Stringfellow has given up her teaching post and plans to take him around the world to preach that even without a perfect body, one can have a perfect soul.








In life there are always undesirable things, so in order to feel better you just need to look at life from another direction.

I hope this message will bring fresh new ways of thinking to everyone and that everyone will appreciate and be thankful for each beautiful day.

Faith is the continual demonstration of the strength and wonder of life.

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Posted (Heart2Heart) in Foodie, Recipes on August-30-2014

My friend Bambi is always so thoughtful!  She always shares and sends me her favourite foods and finds :-)  On her birthday, she even went to the house to drop off some fresh bangus and tilapia which she received as a birthday gift!!  She even shared with me her birthday gift!


And look how gigantic the bangus and tilapia are!!! I have never ever seen a bangus or tilapia as big as this big in my life!bangus-tilapia-2.jpeg

And here it is- I wanted to show how big the bangus was so I included Rissy in the photo :-) It’s even wider than her body :-)  I just followed Bambi’s instructions and we marinated it as daing na bangus with vinegar, black pepper and garlic then fried it.  It’s the frying that is challenging because you need a really big frying pan to fry this gigantic creature :-)


I shared one with my good friend Janet and this is how she did hers


How nice!!!! As usual!


This time the tilapiabangus-tilapia-6.jpgMarinated in Patis, calamansi and pepper then before steaming put butter in the head and in the inside of the fish


Suharto and Rina got one too and this is what they did with it.  They said they put brandy, black pepper and olives


Dad and Mom got one too and this is what the cook made :-)  Sweet and Sour bangus :-)

sweet and sour bangus

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share with a friend share with a friend
Posted (Heart2Heart) in Foodie on August-30-2014

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