Super love the new ads of Starbucks!!!  Following their motto on “Human Connection.”  Nowadays due to technology,  we tend to communicate with friends and family only through text or via email.   When it is nice and still a way to stay in touch, there is still a different connection when you get together.  There are some emotions you cannot see or feel through your phone no matter what emoji you put :-)  And Starbucks is always the best place to meet up and make that human connection


To make sulit our trip to BF Homes I insited on trying Ble which Janet told me was one of her favourite places.  So after The Girl + The Bull we went here.

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We already knew we were coming so we did not stuff ourselves .  Yeah right! haha!!

It’s literally a hole in the wall!  A very small place!  We were lucky we got a table when we went. But in a few weeks they will be opening another branch in El Grande down the road.  Please open in Makati!

Ble means blue in GreekBle (2)

Which explains why it’s blue everywhere :-)
Ble (1)

The Greek owner Yiannis- it must be authentic :-) Ble (13)

They sell also Greek productsBle (11)

Ble (12)

Fresh Strawberry fruit flavoured  Fresh Greek yogurt shake
Ble (8)

Ble (3)

Feta Cheese with olivesBle (6)

Ble (5)Ble (4)

The four of us shared one Mixed Grill platter! SUPER YUM!  My favourite was the chicken breast skewer among the three but they were all very good and tasty
Ble (7)

PilafBle (10)

Ble (9)

Yiannis wife bakes cakes!Ble (14)

Ble (15)[email_link]

We went to BF Homes to try the Girl + The Bull.  That is the only sign you will see, the one on the bottomThe Girl + The Bull (2)

It’s in a building that looks like a castle :-)  It’s owned by the family of The Bull :-)  The Girl + The Bull (3)

It’s a hotelThe Girl + The Bull (1)

And here it is :-)  With a sign that says ” Yep!  You’ve found us”The Girl + The Bull (4)

Here they are!! Gab Bustos ( The Bull ) and Thea de Rivera ( The Girl ) .

They are so young!!  Only 23 years old.  They arrived when we were almost finished eating.  Apparently they had come from Makati where they are busy preparing for the opening of their second restaurant called 12/10.   12/10 is their anniversary :-)   It will be opening in less than a month so we are looking forward to it!The Girl + The Bull (29)

The Girl + The Bull (9)

Love the interiors of the place
The Girl + The Bull (27)

The Girl + The Bull (5)

The Girl + The Bull (6)

The Girl + The Bull (8)

The Girl + The Bull (26)

The Girl + The Bull (11)

The Girl + The Bull (7)

The Girl + The Bull (25)

We only go to BF Homes to see our good friends Ned and Janet! :-)  Thank you for hosting dinnerThe Girl + The Bull (13)

The Girl + The Bull (12)

Even the servers are so young and hip :-) The Girl + The Bull (24)

I love short menus!  I think that short menus means they are all good :-)  They are the best they can offer!  Everything we ordered was super yum!The Girl + The Bull (10)
The Girl + The Bull (14)

Wild Arugula SaladThe Girl + The Bull (15)

Mushroom SaladThe Girl + The Bull (16)

This was my order which was super duper amazing!!!  Foie Gras Double Down – Buttermilk fried foie gars + Seared foie gras, bacon, smoked Gouda, balsamic maple syrup. pink peppercorn!!!  DEADLY! BUT WOW! I call it the Foie Gras Burger!!The Girl + The Bull (17)

Another view of this amazing dishThe Girl + The Bull (18)

Buttermilk fried chicken which is only served on Friday and Saturday – YUM!The Girl + The Bull (19)

Roasted Pork belly – Another deadly dish but Super Yum!The Girl + The Bull (20)

80/20 burger!!  Love the presentation!  The Girl + The Bull (21)
Inside the bun :-) The Girl + The Bull (22)

Faux Twix! YUM!The Girl + The Bull (23)
LOVE THIS PLACE!! It’s worth the trip!The Girl + The Bull (28)[email_link]

I stumbled into this instagram account and of course it caught my attention!!  Love love berries!!! This is called Merry Berry and it comes in this which is 9X13. Cake base is vanilla butter filled with fresh fruits frosted with slightly sweetened whipped cream
Strawberry Shortcake cake by Miriam (1)It comes also 12 inch round,

cakes by miriam merry berry

then 2 tier ( in photo ) and 3 tierStrawberry Shortcake cake by Miriam (2)Strawberry Shortcake cake by Miriam (3)I ordered to try it and they said their bestseller was the Strawberry Shortcake.  Though I really wanted the merry berry because of the berries but they said the Strawberry Shortcake tasted better.

The description is – 9 inch round

, cake base is fluffy, feather like Vanilla sponge filled with Driscoll’s strawberries frosted with slightly sweetened whipped creamStrawberry Shortcake cake by Miriam (2)It was quite good :-) It had a lot of whipped creamStrawberry Shortcake cake by Miriam (1)Strawberry Shortcake cake by Miriam (3)[email_link]

We missed each other so much after our Dumaguete trip, we had a reunion a few weeks after our trip :-)

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Vacation with the Kids July 29, 2014

whaleshark-reunion-1.JPG10531379_10152669183167376_2187146945475980890_oThanks Bulgin and Lills for hosting!  I insisted on a blue and white theme :-) whaleshark-reunion-2.JPGwhaleshark-reunion-3.JPGHomemade iced tea and fresh buko juicewhaleshark-reunion-4.JPGwhaleshark-reunion-5.JPG

It was a fondue dinner and I was in charge of sauces :-)  Bernaise, Tartare, Spicy Catsup, Curry and Peanut butterwhaleshark-reunion-6.JPGwhaleshark-reunion-7.JPGInstead of cooking with a fondue cooker – we just had it cooked so it’s faster :-)  No need to wait one by one :-) Thanks to Chef Arnel for cooking for us whaleshark-reunion-8.JPGPotluck Fondue so people were assigned to bring rib eye beef, chicken and porkwhaleshark-reunion-9.JPG

I also brought the sate ricewhaleshark-reunion-10.JPGLills brought buko from Bulacan – so the juice went to the juice dispenser and the shells she used as a bowl to serve the fruit salad she made :-)  YUMMY!!whaleshark-reunion-11.JPGPlus she made banana turon which she claims is the best! :-)  whaleshark-reunion-12.JPGYUM!whaleshark-reunion-13.JPG[email_link]