Andy took us to dinner in Redwood City in Donato Enoteca!  We had a wonderful dinner.  Thank you Andy!!!Donato Enoteca (11)

Sorry it’s dark because the place was romantic :-)Donato Enoteca (5)

AntipastiDonato Enoteca (3)

 18 Months aged prosciutto, Giardiniera, and tortino of Grana Padano.  I love the Tortino!!Donato Enoteca (2)

Fresh Monterey Bay calamari, “Bianchi di Spagna” beans & mache lettuce

Donato Enoteca (1)

Sicilian “caponata” of eggplant, pine nuts, peppers & onion;
imported “mozzarella di bufala” & carta musica

Donato Enoteca (4) BRANZINO E FAVE

Sautéed Mediterranean Sea bass filet or whole Iacopi farm fava bean puree & soave wine sauce, layered potato “origanate” 28

Donato Enoteca (6)


Homemade spicy sausage, mixed mushrooms, tomato & fresh mozzarella

Donato Enoteca (7)

Carnaroli risotto parmigiana, roasted niman ranch pork belly

Donato Enoteca (8)

Chocolate, espresso, lady fingers and mascarpone

Donato Enoteca (9) Very reasonable Italian food and very good :-) This place was also recommended to us by our cousin, Rissa

Menu Donato enoteca 1Donato Enoteca menu 2Dolci Donato enotecaDonato Enoteca (10)

Click below to go to their website for more information

Donato Enoteca website


Loving my new Skechers Go Walk 2 shoe!!  Firstly it’s PINK!skechers engineered for comfort pink go walk 2 shoeAnd second, it is so comfortable!!!! This is going to be my gym shoe, my walking shoe and my travelling shoe!! LOVE!!!  They use a yoga mat inside the shoe which explains the comfort and the bounce back feel.  It also has Agion which is a technology built in to combat odor causing elements!!

engineered for comfort skechers go walk2


Skechers go walk 2 engineered for comfort

Loving the other designs!! Both for Men and Women!




Feel the Bounce skechers

Skechers go walk 2 shoes


Andy invited us to dinner, but of course I made sure we visited him in his home first.  He told me it’s a simple bachelor’s pad, but when I got there, it was a three bedroom house!Andy's Bachelor Pad (16)

He says that I should mention that ladies can start applying and to send their photos to him! haha!!  But take note, Andy says this is only for temporary stay – like maybe one night! Double haha!! This guy is very straight and upfront!  Andy's Bachelor Pad (17)

Rene Orosa, interior designer, helped him with his house when he was still living in California.  I am more impressed that Andy keeps his house very orderly and dry neat!  He has a yaya that comes twice a week to clean, laundry and cook for him.  But still, keeping the house clean and orderly is important and I told him I was happy he is that way!Andy's Bachelor Pad (18)

He has several art works in his place which he gets from his travelsAndy's Bachelor Pad (24)

Andy's Bachelor Pad (25)

 Andy's Bachelor Pad (19)

Yes he is neat! I want to do this in my house too! :-)Andy's Bachelor Pad (26)

Andy told me not to take photos of his home office because it is the messiest part of the house!  Hello??  Organized chaos you mean!  I love his Italian office chair which is a Pininfarina designed chair, the same ones who design for FerrariAndy's Bachelor Pad (27)

Andy's Bachelor Pad (28)

Guest roomAndy's Bachelor Pad (29)

Love his painting of him and his LolaAndy's Bachelor Pad (1)

“This is where all the action happens” according to Andy!  :-)  Andy's Bachelor Pad (30)

Love this artwork in the bedroomAndy's Bachelor Pad (32)

Andy's Bachelor Pad (31)

Kitchen and dining roomAndy's Bachelor Pad (20)

He hardly eats at home – he says he eats out a lot with friends Andy's Bachelor Pad (21)   GardenAndy's Bachelor Pad (22)

Here he is :-)  So happy to see my friend, Andy Litton, who lives in the Bay Area!  He is 59 years old but he says he is 45 years old in the dating sites! :-)  We used to be barkada when we were studying in London in 1989 to 1991.  Andy is one of 6 kids in the family and spends 4 months out of the year  in Manila to be with his family and leaves for Summer and stays in the Bay Area.  He says it is too hot to stay in Manila for Summer.  This guy is so funny and I like that fact that I can ask him anything under the sun about himself and he will tell me the most truthful answer- straight to the point.  He works his charm to get what he wants…and it works…especially when the person he is charming is a woman! :-)  Always enjoy listening to Andy’s stories and adventures    Andy's Bachelor Pad (23)

Oh and he loves to play golf!  Those are his golf shoes in the garage!Andy's Bachelor Pad (33)[email_link]

Pizzeria Delfina was recommended by our friend, Triccie!  Love!!!  Don’t be deceived sometimes by the frontages of the restos because when you enter, it is a totally different world :-)

Pizza Delfina (2)

Pizza Delfina (8)

Pizza Delfina (3)

Pizza Delfina (5)

Pizza Delfina (4)

Pizza Delfina (6)

Pizza Delfina (1)     Pizza Delfina (9)

Pizza Delfina (10)

They serve already the garnishings for the pizza in a plate – We got 4 plates!  haha!! One was not enough for our pizzaPizza Delfina (7)James loves making his own pizza – so this is italian sausage and mushrooms.  Because we were only two, we could only get one dish to share  Pizza Delfina (12)

Pizza Delfina (11)

Pizza Delfina (13)Click below to go to their website

Pizzeria delfina website


After Walgreens to have the Theranos Blood test, down the road We had breakfast at Paris Baguette Paris Baguette (2) Paris Baguette (3) Salads and sandwiches ready to goParis Baguette (4)Paris Baguette (13)  Pastries that look so fresh and so perfectParis Baguette (6)Paris Baguette (10)Paris Baguette (12)Paris Baguette (7)

Freshly baked breadsParis Baguette (5)    Paris Baguette (8)Paris Baguette (9)   Paris Baguette (11)Paris Baguette (1)

This was our breakfast omelette which was so good!! An omelette is an omelette but this was one was so fresh, light and not heavy

omelette paris baguette palo alto

Click below to go to their website

Paris BAguette website USA


We saw this article in Forbes Magazine and we were lucky to be near the area in California where they do the procedure
Theranos (3)Elizabeth Holmes is the # 111 Billionaire in Forbes Magazine and was  a Stanford University drop outElizabeth Homes Forbes 111Theranos Elizabeth Homes Forbes 111

It’s a blood test that needs just a tiny sample instead of taking tubes and tubes of bloodTheranos (8)

Theranos (4)

There are only 2 for now in California and they are both in Palo Alto where their headquarters is.  The outlet outside the head office is in WalgreensTheranos (6)

Theranos (5)There is a small room there where they do the procedure. No photos allowed so I have none to show :-)  But it is just a prick in the finger and a few presses to get bloodTheranos (7)

Theranos (1)

James had several tests done and it was very reasonable.  It would probably cost much more here.  I recently had a blood test for H Pylori which costs P 4,000.00 plus and in Theranos they were charging US$10.00 That is one tenth the price!theranos blood test jojTheranos (9)

Theranos (2) [email_link]

Heart2Heart is happy to announce that the Samsung Galaxy Note Gear 4 comes free when you sign up for Smart Infinity Plan 5000!! Drawn To Achieve Geared to Succeed (2)

 I love Smart Infinity because it’s a lifestyle just like Heart2Heart.  There are many services and privileges when you are a Smart Infinity Subscriber

Drawn To Achieve Geared to Succeed (1)click below to go to their website for more information

Samsung Note 4 Smart Communications


Congratulations to AC Batch ’89!!!!

inspiRED logo ac batch 89 velada assumptionac batch 89 in chapel assumption 2014 veladaOpening prayer ac batch 89 velada assumption10661624_10204372135757045_6831280879905264341_o

Every year is always the BEST! :-)  This year was their turn to shine and they did!  I enjoyed so much and loved everything from beginning till end. Super love the theme!! Super love everything!! CONGRATS Camille Tolentino Genuino, Liza Concepcion Santos, Nicole Olbes Fandiño, Sharon Pajaro Say, Ann Arcenas,  Iya Yotoko, Julienne Sison Vital, and the rest of Batch ’89!

Previous entry:  Assumption Velada 2012 Batch ’87 Faithfully AC Oct 25, 2012 

AC Batch 88 Infinitas October 21, 2013

And to the choreographers Maribeth Bichara and Reigh Sy, you guys are spectacular!!!!!!  THE BEST!!!


Mother Marie Eugenie Awardee Batch ’89, Marga Escaler

Mother Marie Eugenie Marga Escaler awardee batch 89 velada assumption

I am so sorry I was not able to take all the performances.  Next time I will come prepared with more memory space on my camera!! I had to go back two days to be able to finish till the end!!

Sapphire- I love out of the box performances :-)


Emerald Batch ac velada 2014



Way to go our Kapatiran sisters batch!! Vina Concepcion Monasterio, Margie Apacible, Angela Enrile, Chris Ancheta!!! YAY!!!

“We, the members of the ACHS Class of 1984 unabashedly acknowledge that Assumption College has shaped our lives. It did not only teach us the prescribed academic subjects but Assumption also gave us a sense of self by nurturing and encouraging us – even smiling on our youthful exuberance and our liking for fun and a bit of mischief. In addition, it gave us a sense of selflessness, as we were inspired to empathise with the less fortunate to be socially, economically and politically aware. And, finally and probably most importantly, Assumption gave us a sense of belonging… of being one… and though years have passed and we lead vastly diverse lives and taken different paths, we remain one in love… one in Faith and ONE in spirit! Assumptionistas to the core!”

IMG_1984Pearl performers AC velada 2014 Pearl velada 2014 AC velada Assumption pearl velada ac batch 2014 inspired

Batch ’89 Salutes Michael Jackson – LOVE Michael Jackson!! and Super LOVE this performance!!!

Jade – Love Madonna too!!! Choreographed by Maribeth Bichara as well

Lisa Lorenzo Uy, Ola Regala, Michelle Dayrit Soliven, Leia Regala and Lizette Cojuangco

“Good afternoon. Today we mark our Jade Jubilee, thirty five years after we graduated from high school. So here we are again, back home in our beloved Assumption, remembering the good old days. Since those days, many things have changed. WE have changed. How so? Well we are still a bunch of strong willed opinionated women — ladies with an attitude — but experience has taught us to open our hearts to others with more compassion and understanding. And through it all, it’s our friendships, nurtured throughout the years, that inspire us and give us a reason to celebrate today. So, get up on your feet, Batch 79! Express yourself! Strike a pose!”

Ola Regala ASsumption velada Jade 2014Jade Velada Assumption 2014Lisa Lorenzo Uy Ac Velada 2014 Jade

What a beautiful tribute to the Sisters and Teachers of the Assumption!!!  I cried!!! I am still waiting for a dance number by all the sisters and teachers of Assumption :-)

Diamond – Choreographed by Maribeth Bichara as well

Diamond velada 2014 assumption

ASsumption velada 2014 diamond

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond jubilarians assumption velada 2014Assumption velada 2014 blue diamondsBlue Diamond Jubilarians AC Velada 2014

I loved the Gold performance!!!  They showed a video on what they have been doing and how they have been helping the Mission Schools!   Way to go Tita Mariel Tolentino and Tita Nena Ortoll.  I also loved their performance, it was so unique!!! Previous entry: Mass Cards by the Assumption Class Batch ’64/’68 Foundation

“Whatever circumstances we are about to face, wherever we are, the bonds of Friendship, the spirit of solidarity, unique memories  and one Assumption spirit keep us HAPPY together!!!! After 25 years into countless experiences and pasts, all roads leads to Assumption.  Our happy and inspiring moment”

Thank you to this batch mate who made me sit beside her upstairs!!  I forgot to get her name but she was the announcer.  For two days I sat beside her and I kept telling her how galeng her batch was!  I had no one to talk to so i kept bringing out my happiness to her!!! haha!! Poor her :-)  And to Paolo Bustamante, Direk!  You are amazing too!!

ac batch 89 velada paolo bustamantePaolo Bustamante AC velada 2014 batch 89Bumped into some proud friends watching their Mom, wife, friend  or sister on stage!!

IMG_1900 IMG_1905 IMG_1913 IMG_1907

Maja Gamboa you guys are next!!


RED InspiRED batch 89 logo assumption velada