This is my first time to step into a Vikings restaurant and I am happy its more than what I expected :-)  Niu by Vikings is priced in between Vikings and the hotel buffetsNiu by Vikings (1)

Niu by Vikings (2)

Just recently they changed the price of the weekday lunch buffets

niu weekday buffet price

Love this promo! :-)  This is one time you wish you were old haha!!Niu by Vikings (3)

Niu by Vikings (4)

 Chef Paul and Wilson Chu the restaurant manager
Niu by Vikings (11)

Private roomNiu by Vikings (9)

Niu private room sm auraNiu by Vikings (5)

Niu by Vikings (83)

Niu by Vikings (84) Actually – it wasn’t only Rina and I for lunch, how could we have eaten all of that!! haha!! :-)

Our beautiful hosts for today!! Bernice Baculi, Regional Operations Manager for SM Supermalls. She is in charge of Operations for the whole SM Aura. She just joined last December 2013. And Grace Magno, Vice President Advertising for the whole SM! Enjoyed so much our 5 hour food crawl at SM Aura. It’s fun because they love eating too like us and they know many yummy dishes so we have plenty tipsBernice Baculi and Grace Fonaxier

Bread basket :-)  Niu by Vikings (86)

In Niu, you can order anything in any station and they will bring it to your table.  This is a great service!!! I wish all buffets offered this :-)  That way I can order more things! haha!!! Usually you cannot carry too much!  But seriously, its that plus being able to share the dishes with others and I noticed that when it is served it is more freshNiu by Vikings (85)

Niu by Vikings (93)

Dessert stationNiu by Vikings (6)

Niu by Vikings (10)

Niu by Vikings (7)

Niu by Vikings (8)

Yummy Bibingka crepe from the crepe dessert station.  We just ordered this from the table and they served it.  Not everyone knows about this unless they suggest it in the station or unless you know this secret :-)  Thanks to Bernice for the tip!Niu by Vikings (92)

Niu by Vikings (12)

Very popular according to the guy behind the counterNiu by Vikings (13)

WOW!! YOGURT!!!Niu by Vikings (14)

Niu by Vikings (15)

Niu by Vikings (16)

Niu by Vikings (17)

Niu by Vikings (18)

Niu by Vikings (19)

Niu by Vikings (20)

Niu by Vikings (22)

Niu by Vikings (23)

Niu by Vikings (21)

Niu by Vikings (24)

Niu by Vikings (25)

Niu by Vikings (27)

Niu by Vikings (28)

Niu by Vikings (29)

Niu by Vikings (26)

Niu by Vikings (30)

Niu by Vikings (32)

Niu by Vikings (31)

Niu by Vikings (33)

Niu by Vikings (35)

Niu by Vikings (87)

Niu by Vikings (34)

Niu by Vikings (36)

Niu by Vikings (37)

Niu by Vikings (38)

Niu by Vikings (39)

Niu by Vikings (40)

First time for me to see a buffet that includes the drinks – winesNiu by Vikings (80)

Niu by Vikings (81)

Mixed drinks- this changes once in awhile :-)Niu by Vikings (82)

Niu by Vikings (41)

Juices and flavoured waterNiu by Vikings (42)

Beer!Niu by Vikings (43)

Niu by Vikings (78)

YAKITORI!!!Niu by Vikings (44)

Niu by Vikings (79)

Niu by Vikings (46)

Niu by Vikings (45)

Niu by Vikings (47)

Niu by Vikings (48)

Hong Kong Style Noodle SoupNiu by Vikings (49)

Niu by Vikings (88)

HOTPOT!!!Niu by Vikings (50)

There are individual cookers which you can bring to your table :-)Niu by Vikings (52)

SaucesNiu by Vikings (51)

Niu by Vikings (53)

Niu by Vikings (54)

Niu by Vikings (76)

Niu by Vikings (56)

Niu by Vikings (57)

Niu by Vikings (75)

Niu by Vikings (58)

Niu by Vikings (59)

Niu by Vikings (61)

Shrimp teppanyakiNiu by Vikings (91)

Lamb which they even fixed so beautifully and brought to the tableNiu by Vikings (89)

Niu by Vikings (62)

Niu by Vikings (60)

Niu by Vikings (63)

Niu by Vikings (64)

Niu by Vikings (73)

Niu by Vikings (69)

Brick oven pizzaNiu by Vikings (66)

Niu by Vikings (65)

Niu by Vikings (67)

The most important to me!:-)  They have this only at night thoughNiu by Vikings (68)

They served it this way that day – filet mignon with foie grasNiu by Vikings (90)

Niu by Vikings (77)

Plates for the kids!!Niu by Vikings (74)

Niu by Vikings (70)

Niu by Vikings (71)

Niu by Vikings (72)

 Click below to go to their website

NIU By Vikings | An Evolved Dining ExperienceNiu reservations

 Hackett London’s Spring Summer 2015 collection is inspired by ‘Gentlemen’s Sport’. This season, Hackett is putting the stylish male spectator centre stage against the backdrop of the greatest British summer sporting events.

Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (14)

Hackett Mayfair

Centered on the modern spectator, Hackett’s premium Mayfair collection is designed for the gentleman who is in control: the owner of the sailing team or stable who participates by orchestrating the social events and being the driving force behind these winning teams.

Pinstripe and check suits are predominant in Hackett Mayfair’s tailoring collection with the double-breasted suit updated with a wider, double pleat trouser in a classically narrow shape. Hackett introduces a new double breasted jacket with a sculptured roped shoulder and a narrow waist, giving a handsome sleek and slim look.

Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (12)Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (11)

Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (5)Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (4)Hackett’s main casual wear collection is split into three main sections of inspiration – Summer Sailing, Polo Picnic & Queens Tennis, with Hackett’s signature tailoring running throughout.

Queens Tennis

Hackett takes the collection to the Tennis and a seat courtside. Referencing Hackett’s sponsorship of the Aegon Championships at Queens, the main color palette for the ‘Queens Tennis’ collection is white, bone and cream. Navy and blue is injected in stripe and check blazers and signature outerwear pieces. Blazers and chinos are designed for the stylish spectators, while detailed polo’s, soft knits and classic cricket sweaters take the chill off on those cloudy courtside days. Stand out pieces within the collection are beautifully constructed suede outerwear jackets, including a lamb suede Saharienne jacket that is a piece of true craftsmanship along with a reversible suede/nylon blouson, which is perfect for the British changeable weather

Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (2)

Polo Picnic

Hackett injects fun and an explosion of color in a weekend centered around the polo. The ‘Polo Picnic’ is pictured as the fun Saturday afternoon getting ready to watch the match; a picnic on the grass in lightweight summer tweeds and thick Oxford cottons all in bright tones and floral and paisley patterns. Reversible cuff shorts revealing a contrasting fabric are new introductions within the collection, combined with a bright double breasted blazer and cotton polo; they make the perfect attire for a hot day at the polo



Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (16)Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (9)Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (3)

 Summer Sailing

Summer Sailing is a blue and white collection, with a hint of red. Bold, chunky knits with intarsia anchors and minimally branded polo shirts are the perfect uniform for messing around on the dock. Jacquard fabrics add structure, while thick Arans and cotton/cashmere/silk mix knitwear add warm layering. Anchor buttons and fisherman-style metal hook fastenings are the final touches to the sailing theme. The main outerwear shape for the season is the Harrington parka, running through every part of the collection. Here it is super lightweight and reversible coming in a whole spectrum of colors. Another signature piece is the new shirt fabric blazer, lightweight and cool for the summer, the combination of stretch fabric and modern cut makes the jacket unique and comfortable. Hackett denim is in a chino cut and there are two shapes – classic and very slim, both with a slight stretch. Ring spun denim, dark Japanese selvedge and white are the colour options.

Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (17)Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (10)Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (7)

Separates are very important in the collection which has been designed with easily mixed and matched jackets and trousers. The Hackett Mayfair travel capsule includes standout pieces such as a reversible pack away bomber and pack away trench coat, lightweight, completely waterproof and easy to pack for those weekend getaways. Elegant micro patterns and jacquard fabrics give depth to shirting and the detailing inside the waistband of trousers. These paisley prints and polka dots offer a whimsical touch to new summer shirts. A more formal style features a higher collar cut to sit with a blazer and a new cut-away style features bigger buttons and extra detailing on the button holes with colored thread. A new introduction to the Mayfair collection is tailored swimwear. The new slimmer swimwear features no elastication and 1960s-style adjustable buckles.

Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (1)Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (8)Hackett Spring Summer 2015 (6)

In the Philippines, Hackett London is exclusively distributed by SSI Group, Inc. and is located at Central Square Bonifacio High Street, Power Plant Mall Rockwell Center, Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Shangri-La.

So happy to have my best friend, Rina to join us in our food crawl :-)  We had a salad feast! I love this shot :-)  Salad Feast at Kettlle (8)

It’s always nice to be back in Kettle!! Make sure you are plenty so you can order plenty and eat plenty and enjoy plenty!! :-)
Ceasar SaladSalad Feast at Kettlle (2)

Kettle House SaladSalad Feast at Kettlle (4)

Smoked Salmon SaladSalad Feast at Kettlle (3)

and Sandwiches

Salad Feast at Kettlle (6)

Shrimp Po’ BoySalad Feast at Kettlle (7)

Baked Brie which is an appetizerSalad Feast at Kettlle (5)kettle salads and sandwiches

Grace wanted us to try her favorite dessert so we had the Pineapple upside down cake :-)Salad Feast at Kettlle (1)

Kettle SM Aura 5th level Tel # 887 3564

I always imagined how a food crawl would be like hopping from one restaurant to another – and wow!  It’s so much fun!!!! haha!!  Too much fun but also too much yummy food :-)  It’s always nice to do it with a big group so you can order more and share!!!  It’s exactly how I like to eat – with great company and with small bites.

 A few weeks ago we did a food crawl in SM Aura.  Our first stop was Ogetsu Hime.  Usually, this platter of assorted sushi will be enough for me – but that day I ate all of this plus more!!! :-)  Special Suhi flown in from Japan – Otoro, Ama Ebu, Anago and Engawa – SUPER AMAZING YUMMY!Foodcrawl at SM Aura Ogetsu Hime (2)Sushi from Japan Ogetsu Hime SM Aura

Aside from that we had Matsusaka beef!!Foodcrawl at SM Aura Ogetsu Hime (1)Matsuzaka Ogetsu Hime SM Aura

WOW!!! Foodcrawl at SM Aura Ogetsu Hime (4)

With the sauce plate which came with lemon, salt and steak sauce.  Though for me, when I eat Japanese beef, I want to eat it plain so I can taste all the fat :-O and flavors from the beef!!

Foodcrawl at SM Aura Ogetsu Hime (3)

Ogetsu Hime, 5th level SM Aura (02)519-9840 / (02)519-9740 / 0917 8096585

Ogetsu Hime special half price SM AuraSpecial half price ogetsu hime SM Aura

As I am posting this, Family Mart is already on it’s 106th store ( Maybe 107th or more )! That’s how fast they are growing!

Philippine FamilyMart CVS, Inc. welcomed its 100th member of the family when it recently opened its 100th branch in Market! Market! at the Bonifacio Global City. The Japanese convenience store chain’s latest branch in the country affirms its commitment to the Philippines since it first opened in Glorietta 3, Makati City in 2013.


FamilyMart’s Philippine presence is managed by a joint venture between the country’s largest specialty store retailer SSI Group, Inc. and property titan Ayala Land, Inc., together with Japan FamilyMart Co. Ltd, and Itochu Corporation.


The FamilyMart Market! Market! store blessing and branch opening was attended by executives from Japan FamilyMart and Philippine FamilyMart, as well as key trade partners, franchise owners and suppliers.


The festivities were led by Philippine FamilyMart president Anton Huang and general manager Eduardo Paredes, Jr. together with Rustan Group of Companies Chairman Bienvenido Tantoco, Sr. and Maritess Tantoco-Enriquez.


Opening day promotions and in-store activities were provided by partner brands Selecta Magnum, Del Monte, San Marino Tuna, Highlands Corned Beef, Goldilocks, Zesto, Johnnie Walker and Philip Morris. As an added treat, all FamilyMart branches nationwide launched its Combo meals with discounts on Purefoods TJ hotdog sandwiches, Twirl All You Can, and soft drinks from Coca Cola & Pepsi Cola.

FAMILY MART 100TH STORE OPENING (6)Since its opening in 2013, FamilyMart established its niche for high quality in terms of products, customer service, and overall experience. FamilyMart is also known for its wide variety of carefully selected Japanese food items and ready-to-eat meals that offer value for money in a unique setting.

“Opening our 100th store means we get to serve more Filipinos looking for a different experience when going to a convenience store. Today, customers expect more than a place where people enter, buy something, and leave. Aside from our unique offerings, we want to offer an experiential process that elevates it to something more,” said Eduardo Paredes, Jr, PFM general manager.


FAMILY MART 100TH STORE OPENING (5)FAMILY MART 100TH STORE OPENING (3)The high-quality design, service standards, cafe-like interiors, and restrooms have also made it a favorite among those looking for a quick bite within a safe, clean and attractive environment. As of February 2014, there are a total of 23,622 branches in China, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, the US, and Vietnam.

FamilyMart’s 100th store in the Philippines is only the beginning. Expect to see more stores in the coming months, especially in urban centers and key locations in Makati, Ortigas, Bonifacio Global City, and other central business districts. As its sales associates proudly exclaim when you enter, “Welcome to the family!”

Dinner at 71 Gramercy

71 Gramercy (6)

71 Gramercy (7)

Beautiful view from the highest building in Manila – 71st floor of Gramercy Residences from 71 Gramercy71 Gramercy (8)

It’s not only a club but there is a restaurant71 Gramercy (1)

  but that evening we dined outdoor at Patio 271 Gramercy (9)

Beautiful set up71 Gramercy (2)

Amazing view71 Gramercy (3)

71 Gramercy (4)

Across Gramercy Residences is The Knightsbridge Residences71 Gramercy (5)

We had a wonderful dinner by Chef Carlo Miguel!  He launched his new menu that evening and we had a taste of it and it was superb!!! from beginning till end

 71 Gramercy (10)

Prawn Salad – grilled prawns with Guimaras mango salsa and vanilla dressing71 Gramercy (11)

French Fine de Claire Oysters – Rockefeller or Natural with mignonette granita and lemon71 Gramercy (12)

Cured Salmon – Green tea cured salmon with arugula, feta, ginger and shallots71 Gramercy (13)

 Tagliatelle Truffle – Truffle Cream, crips prosciutto, 62 degree egg and parmesan

 71 Gramercy (14)

 Gramercy Burger – 200 grams of ground US Angus beef chuck, rib eye ad short rib in a home made brioche bun with gruyere cheese, mushrooms, foie gras and fries71 Gramercy (16)

71 Gramercy (15)

Chef Carlo told us he loves pork so he served us two pork dishes which were amazing!!

 Pork and Lobster – Slow roast Berkshire pork belly and sauteed main with green pea puree and marsala sauce71 Gramercy (20)

 Breakfast for dinner – Home cured and smoked Berkshire pork belly with 62 degree egg, potato hash mushrooms and tomato fondant71 Gramercy (21)

 Chilean Sea Bass – Pan roasted with lemon oil crushed potatoes and eggplant relish71 Gramercy (17)

 US Angus Choice Grade Tomahawk with sides of Fritas, Mac and Cheese, Creamed Spinach71 Gramercy (19)

71 Gramercy (18)

71 Gramercy (22)

 Almond tart with strawberries, rhubarb and burnt butter ice cream71 Gramercy (23)

 #LEGIT Chocolate Cake – Five textures, three chocolates.  You won’t be disappointed

 71 Gramercy (24)

Chocolate and Banana Souffle – twice baked with butterscotch sauce and salty peanut ice cream

71 Gramercy (25)


71 Gramercy  menu02171 Gramercy  menu031 71 Gramercy  menu071 71 Gramercy  menu081 71 Gramercy menu06171 gramercy menu05171 Gramercy  menu04171 Gramercy  menu01171 Gramercy menu091

Click below to go to their website for more information

71 Gramercy

Open from Mondays – Saturdays
6PM – 10PM for dining & 10PM onwards for the lounge.

For table reservations, please call
(0917) 847 7535
(0917) 809 4093

Thank you to my friend, Bingbing Quiros for telling me about her work in the Parish.  She is such a great volunteer taking care of many of the responsibilities in the Parish.  Aside from taking care of the altar needs, she is also part of the Catholic Women’s League ( CWL ) of the Parish

Every year, the Catholic Women’s League Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish Chapter holds Mass Baptism, Confirmation, Wedding and Medical Mission in celebration of the Fiesta of St. Anthony

Catholic Women's League SSAP Chapter Annual Fiesta Activities (1)They offer this for free to Parishioners of Sanctuario de San Antonio and even non parishioners.  They give the rites and even provide food for the celebrant and their guests.  Register before April 30.  Encourage your household help, office staff etcCatholic Women's League SSAP chapterHere are some photos of past celebrationsCatholic Women's League SSAP Chapter Annual Fiesta Activities (2)Catholic Women's League SSAP Chapter Annual Fiesta Activities (3)Catholic Women's League SSAP Chapter Annual Fiesta Activities (4)Catholic Women's League SSAP Chapter Annual Fiesta Activities (5)

 Yesterday, God called our good friend, Des Rodriquez Torres.  Des was diagnosed with breast cancer around 4 years ago and it recently spread to her liver then to her brain. She was in a lot of pain the past weeks until this morning when all her suffering ended. Des was a manager in Rustan’s when I first met her. We worked together when she was a Merchandise Manager then became Division Manager of the Men’s Division. After we left Rustan’s we continued to see each other – thanks to our BFF Mother Butler, Lucille Calbuqauib, who organised our lunches and we saw each other throughout her journey with cancer. God has given her so much time to prepare and blessed her with many more years to live with her loved ones who for sure was also able to prepare themselves as well. And I am sure up to this day will be very heartbreaking for all of us to accept but we know that she is in a better place. We will forever remember Des because we LOVE her. We we will miss her but she will forever be in our hearts and will be with us in spirit alwaysDes Torres Tribute

Many of you probably know her as the Des Torres from Pamangan in the Salcedo Market. My Mom loved Des and always passed by her booth to buy something.  I would also pass by to visit her and get the yummy Chicken ala King that came in heart shaped shells

Previous entry:

Salcedo Market Again August 6, 2010

Salcedo Market Breakfast July 20, 2012

des and mom salcedo marketShe also had her home cooked foods /prepared meals and my favourite was her barbeque

Previous entry:  Pamangan by Des Torres July 14, 2009


We had a Rustan group which was formed after we left Rustan’s ( Except Luzanne who is still in Rustan’s ).  We eventually called it the BFFs ( Beautiful Friends Forever ) named by our Mother Butler Lucille who is really like our Mother! Always bringing us together and making us sermon and making sure we pray! :-)


This was our last get together with Des last year in November during Det’s birthday treat

Previous entry:

Va Bene at Central Square November 12, 2014
Va Bene in Central Square (15)

I remember I formally announced about Luzanne and Des and about their cancer diagnosis.  These two have always been very strong from the beginning

Previous entry:  Le Bistro D’Agathe December 11, 2011


2nds-024.jpgWe had many others where we were able to spend time with Des and those were valuable moments we will treasure forever!! She will forever be with us in HEART AND SPIRIT!

From the Kitchen of Lucille December, 2007
Lucille’s Birthday Treat January 8, 2009

Pamangan by Des Torres July 14, 2009

Salcedo Market Again August 6, 2010

Dette and Brenda’s Birthday Dec 21, 2010

IMC Kavino Februry 26, 2011

2nds June 8, 2011

Spiral September 1, 2011
Visiting Grace September 16, 2011

Lucille’s Homemade Cochinillo January 8, 2012

Funpagana Salcedo Market Celebrates it’s 8th Year Anniversary June 28, 2012

Christmas Get Together at Mangetsu December 24, 2012

Lunch at Det’s March 5, 2013

Maria Luisa Garden Room at the  Makati Garden Club May 14, 2013

Birthday Lunch at Spices March 28, 2014

Including here tributes from the rest of the BFFs

From Luzanne

Des is someone who is fun loving, willing to help in every way she can , supportive and a very proper person. Always knowing what to say and do at the right time and place.

From Brenda

She was indeed a gorgeous woman inside out and was a wonderful true friend to me. Des fought a brave and strong battle for 5 years of breast cancer. Every time we have a lunch get together, she never complains. She kept her cool, feeling good with her usual great sense of humor despite her hospital treatments.
I am proud and grateful to have been one of your BFF. You have inspired us to live life to the fullest by keeping your faith and finishing the journey with great contentment. We know you will be looking for our safety and wellness and you are now our angel my friend. We will forever miss you Des

From DetTribute from Det to DesFrom Mother Butler LucilleDes tribute from Lucille

We were back in Hole in the Wall to let Jaime try it with his friend from Thailand, Trin

Previous entry:  Hole in the Wall Century City December 17, 2014

hole in the wall jaime

 We all love cold pressed juice :-)Hole in the Wall Part 2 (11)

Pho Bo  – Ox tripe chicharon and Pho – Pho means “noodles” and when pronounced a different way it means “street” in Vietnamese.  I just learned that :-)Hole in the Wall Part 2 (2)

I am not really a pastrami eater but this was LOVE!!!  We wanted to try Mister Delicious the first time but they did not have stock at that time so this time – we attacked and tried the pastrami and the bacon!!!!Hole in the Wall Part 2 (3)

 SUPER YUM! Side order of bacon at Mister Delicious! SO DELICIOUS!Hole in the Wall Part 2 (4)

Pastrami on Rye! YUM!Hole in the Wall Part 2 (5)

This will always be a must!  They say Filipinos love chicken – I am Filipino – therefore I love chicken! haha!!!  Umami Chicken from Bad Bird!!!Hole in the Wall Part 2 (6)

Hole in the Wall Part 2 (7)

Hole in the Wall Part 2 (8)

OMG! I just tried their corn on the cob from Bad Bird and it is the best corn for me!!!  It has Japanese kewpie mayonnaise, bonito flakes and togarashi umami spices! It blends so well I LOVE IT!!  Hole in the Wall Part 2 (1)

Sisig street taco at Posporo ( Filipino Mexican ).  This food booth was still closed last December so we tried it only recently.  They said the cabeza taco is the bestseller but they ran out that eveningHole in the Wall Part 2 (9)

Jaime loves cookies so this is one of the main reasons we went to Hole in the wall!  The only way to eat a cookie – is it has to be FRESHLY BAKED!Hole in the Wall Part 2 (10)

Hole in the Wall Part 2 (15)

 Peanut butter cookie dough with malt dough, peanut butter, chocolate chip and potato chipsHole in the Wall Part 2 (14)

And the Cookie inception -oreo cookie within a double fudge cookie within a chocolate chip cookieHole in the Wall Part 2 (12)

Hole in the Wall Part 2 (13)