Toots Magsino, a classmate from Assumption highschool, makes us proud to be Filipino.  Her art work recently came out in the June Carnegie Playbill cover. Congratulations!!!

She is preparing for her first

solo exhibit in New York.  It is timely because she is celebrating her 10th year anniversary.  You can visit her website at:


“I value intimacy and directness in my work and that is why I choose to work in a fairly small size and scale. My works are not about big and bold thoughts. They are quiet, introspective, personal reflections. They do not scream out but rather whisper my inner thoughts. My art is an intimate dialogue between the viewer and myself. In a sense, it’s like a secret language between two individuals. As such, I prefer it to be understated and mysterious. There is much to discover in the tiny nuances and details of my work. It conveys more of my thoughts and feelings than the work lets on. But if one takes the time to observe the small details, one will discover something new every time the piece is viewed. It will be ever changing and ever-evolving. Just like me.”


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