Chicken ala Kiev

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A few weeks ago, the “Gumamelas” had a reunion and we decided to have it of course at our highschool hang out, Manila Polo Club Sports lounge,  where we used to stay all the time.    It was good to see the gang, though three were missing as Triccie and Gillian live in the States and Bea was still vacationing abroad. 

Part of my reminiscing was ordering Chicken ala Kiev, my favorite dish in Polo.  It changed since our highschool days since the cook had retired already but the new version is close to it so I would still order it.  They warn you though that it takes 30 minutes preparation…’s worth the wait! Once you slice it, the butter oozes out and fills up the plate!  Very unhealthy but since our reunions happens every one or two years, then I figured it was okay. ( justifying pa  ). They used to have this dish called Spicy tapa bites and I used to like that too.  

Thanks to Pat Puyat-Palanca, the General Manager of Polo Club, I was able to get a photo of the Chicken ala Kiev.  I realized that when I wanted to write about it, i ate it all already!!! 

Though I do not eat much at the club, I noticed a lot of changes in the food. There are so many specials and monthly features and this has a lot to do with Pat’s expertise in food and beverage. More power to Pat!!




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