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Thanks JJ and Minette for the really super yummy oatmeal cookies from Misispi. Later on, I did not follow instructions and did not twist the bag with the wire and I liked the cookies even more because they were “makunat” and soft. Even better!!! :-)


From Misispi’s website: http://www.misispi.com

“Have you tasted a MISISPI?” Is a question I often ask people. If you haven’t, just think of what you are missing! Join the thousands who have tasted these and have thanked the stars they received a bunch. Addicting… Habit forming… But you won’t go to jail for it. They probably are the most wonderful crunchy oatmeal cookies ever!

Crunchy Oatmeal Cookies
The Original Crunchy Bestseller

250gm (single) box – P160
500gm (double) box – P320
half pack (10 pieces) – P80

My husband used to call me Mrs. P. (for Mrs. Pena).. So when I left the corporate life and decided to share this yummy recipe of a cookie, MISISPI was born. People often stare at the name and comment that I misspelled Mississippi. Well, at least I caught their attention, and then they look at the cookies with curiosity. Until they take a bite. That’s when they remember to say MISISPI… Up to now, I am proud to say that it is home made.

Curiosity….. Longing….. Anxiety….. Got to open that box!!!

What’s inside a box of MISISPI is something much more than a cookie. It’s a golden brown disc which when you hold close looks like a harmless disc… Hold it closer and somehow, an inviting aroma gets your attention…

And even closer, the disc now looks too inviting to resist…

And that first crunchy bite puts down all your resistance from this harmless looking disc…

And by the time you regain conciousness, it’s gone… All of them… Gone!!!

MISISPI cookies are meant to be shared. But they are just too good, you might just want to keep them for yourself…


For orders, contact:

Rorie Pena



  • Eduardo Lopez, Jr. says:

    Ditto, JJ & Minette …… really delicious! TY again!

    jun & Menchu

  • VUL says:

    Just ordered a few double boxes as this was gifted to us last year by a friend, welost the contact number, looked for her in bazaars but could not find her. She is thrilled by your write up, and I joked her that maybe she could supply SB’s….hahaha! They are really super delicious and my kids are so elated we found her again. Thank you very much Rica!!!! We hopefully will be enjoying them by tonight!
    Happy New Year!!!

  • JJ Soriano says:

    HI Jun, Menchu, and Rica,

    We are really glad you liked Misispi… our secret is no longer a secret!
    Thanks, too, for the gifts…

    Maybe we should apply na to be the distributor to SBX! =)

    All the best!


  • Abet Arcenas says:

    Totally love Misispi!!!! Cookies are soooo yummy and the Such Anghang Suka – TOTALLY AWESOME!! I gave the Such Anghang Suka as Christmas gifts to my relatives and friends and they totally loved it. I started ordering the spicy vinegar three years ago and every time Christmas draws nearer all my friends and relatives request the spicy vinegar. This is the only gift that lasts a long time with my friends coz they keep on refilling the bottles and once the flavor runs out. They ask me for more Such Anghang Suka! Thanks Misispi for sharing the Such Anghang Suka:)

  • Anton Bonifacio says:

    Just had a share of the oatmeal cookies today, and I have to say, these are amazing. Absolutely amazing. I’ve always loved the thin and crisp type, but always had a hard time looking for them. I just have to say that these Misispi cookies are one of the best I’ve had in a long time.

    Will definitely spread the word and order more.

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