Kierulf-Cojuangco Wedding

By May 18, 2008 Bridal 3 Comments

Congratulations to Anthony and Best Wishes to Patty!  You guys seem to be so in love! Thank you for making us a part of your special day. 

We were not able to go to the church for the ceremonies as we were coming from out of town.  So the church photos were from the slideshow they showed at the reception.   dsc_3138.JPG  dsc_3196.JPGkeirulfcojuangco-weddingbook3.jpgkeirulfcojuangco-weddingbook4.jpgkeirulfcojuangco-weddingbook5.jpg dsc_3154.JPGkeirulfcojuangco-weddingbook9.jpgkeirulfcojuangco-weddingbook7.jpg dsc_3252.JPGkeirulfcojuangco-weddingbook10.jpgkeirulfcojuangco-weddingbook11.jpg dsc_3133.JPG


keirulfcojuangco-weddingbook13.jpgkeirulfcojuangco-weddingbook14.jpgkeirulfcojuangco-weddingbook16.jpgkeirulfcojuangco-weddingbook17.jpgkeirulfcojuangco-weddingbook18.jpgThis was my favorite part of the wedding.  For some reason, I could not stop taking photos trying to capture that moment. They were dancing, it looked like he was talking to her, they were hugging each other tight.   It showed the relationship of Patty and her father, it was a beautiful moment!keirulfcojuangco-weddingbook19.jpgkeirulfcojuangco-weddingbook20.jpg[email_link]


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