Iberian Chicken from Bettina’s Kitchen

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When Tita Bettina invited us over for lunch at their home,  she prepared this really delicious Iberian Chicken which we all liked.  So I asked her for the recipe so I could share it at Heart2Heart.  

This is also for Eds and Keena who tried my cook’s version of Tita Bettina’s Iberian chicken and liked it too.  

Thanks Tita for sharing your recipe.  It is tried and tested and many enjoyed it. I like it and others enjoy it since it does not have a very strong taste….a milder version of Iberian Chicken.   


Iberian Chicken 

2 Whole Chicken deboned

1 whole head of garlic (chopped finely)

1 cup of dry white wine

1 ½  cups of Virgin Olive Oil

1 tbsp Seasalt

1 Tbsp cracked pepper corn

5 sprigs of fresh rosemary

4 sprigs of fresh thyme

10 pieces of laurel leaves



1.   Debone chicken

2.   Season with salt ,pepper , chopped garlic and laurel leaves

3.   Marinade overnight with wine, olive oil, rosemary and thyme

4.    Lay on a bed of leeks and celery

5.   Bake at  350 degrees Farenheit for one hour

Serves 12

Best serves with Pasta Aio/Oio




  • Profile photo of Heart2Heart Gia says:

    Hi there,

    I am a Filipino living in Sydney for almost 5 years now. And I just want to say you have no idea what your site has done for my social life here!

    I have always been asked by my friends here to cook Filipino food and I’ve found your site to be a source of really good recipes that showcase our food but with a twist that the Westerners can appreciate.

    The Iberian Chicken recipe was such a big hit that, as I type this, we’re off to a winter lodge today to celebrate Christmas in July and by special request I am making Iberian Chicken – for 27 people!!!!

    Thank you, thank you so much for your site. Please keep the recipes coming because it it such a wealth of information specially for someone like me who never cooked even a boiled egg until I went overseas.

    More power and keep the recipes coming!



  • t-mac says:

    Is the marinade poured on the chicken before it bakes? Is it baked covered or uncovered?

  • Profile photo of Heart2Heart Rica says:

    Yes marinade before baking.
    You may prepare overnight if you don’t want to get too stressed or prepare at least 4 hours in advance.

    Bake it uncovered so the skin gets crispy

  • t-mac says:

    Oh, sorry. what I really meant to say was: do you bake the chicken in its marinade?

  • Profile photo of Heart2Heart Rica says:

    From Tita Bettina: Yes bake with marinade, very easy to prepare :-)

  • anne says:

    Do you cut the leeks and just use the white part or do we place the whole leeks on the platter? What about the celery? Do you use the whole stalk? Is it possible for you to post more photos of your iberian chicken? would love to make it this weekend. Thank you and keep posting. i love your site. Just to make sure.. how many leeks/celery do we need? do we alternate them in the baking platter? Than you very much. Love your site

  • Profile photo of Heart2Heart Rica says:

    Yes just use the white part of the leeks. About 6 pieces would be good if you are using the thin leeks.

    4- if you are using the thick leeks.
    Celery-Yes use whole stalks . About 4 stalks is good.

    I would leave the leeks on the platter but omit the celery when serving the chicken.

    The aroma of the leeks makes you so hungry

  • anne says:

    Ok… When you say thin leeks, are you talking about the spring onions? Sorry, just making sure I get the proper ingredients. Thick leeks is the real leeks… the wide and long ones… Which is better?
    Ok, will use whole stalks but will cut off the leaves or include them as well?

    Does the celery make the sauce a bit sweet too? Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate it very much.

  • Profile photo of Heart2Heart Rica says:

    From Tita Bettina:
    Not Spring Onion, Real Leeks. There are thick and thinner leeks.

    Celery adds some body to the chicken. Although you may omit it if you wish.

    The most important ingredients are the leeks, garlic, olive oil salt and pepper

  • t-mac says:

    Hi, I tried the recipe as best as I could but, while flavorful (especially the leftovers), I was somewhat disappointed. I’dmade a few revisions which may
    be responsible for the less than stellar results. Tell me what you think.
    – rather than deboned whole chickens I used breast and thigh fillets. How to debone a whole deboned chickens anyway? Can I ask the butcher to co it?
    – I used dried rosemary and thyme rather than fresh. Mistake?
    – I probably use less that 10 laurel leaves because that seemed excessive. And I suppose you take the laurel leaves out before serving the dish?
    – Btw, what are those black-ish julienned strips topping the chicken in the foto?

  • anne says:

    Ok. Thank you again. Sorry for all the questions. Just want to perfect this recipe. Will wait your other iberian chicken recipe and paella negra. Thanks very much.

  • Profile photo of Heart2Heart Rica says:

    From Tita Bettina in reply to T-Mac:
    Breast is a mistake. It does not have any fat thus less flavor.

    Nothing beats fresh herbs. Be very generous with the herbs and garlic.

    Locally grown Laurel lacks flavor. That is why I use so much.

    Yes remove the leaves before you serve Blackish Julienne Strips are the cooked leeks. It got fried from the heated olive oil.

    Also the amount of salt and papper is a crucial factor. Did she put very little ? Cracked Pepper is the best to use.

  • Profile photo of Heart2Heart Rica says:

    Anne: The other Iberian Chicken recipe I will put will be different from Tita Bettina’s. It is a different version. Soon to be featured :-)

  • Utsie says:

    When you say whole deboned chicken, do you mean one entire chicken with bones removed? I’m not supposed to cut the deboned chicken into smaller pieces until AFTER i bake it?

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