Cebu Delicacies and Pasalubongs

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In Cebu, there is a Pasalubong store right before you reach the airport.  So if you have time, try to buy all your pasalubongs either in that Pasalubong center ( you will not miss it – yellow building ) or in supermarkets in the city.  Because just like anything else, the stuff in the airport are always more expensive.   


The original and the best dried mango brand



 SHAMROCK brand is supposedly the best brand but it was not available at the time I was shopping…or maybe I just did not see it


and now they have other varieties of Otap…with cinnamon



Of course, there is CHICHARON  many many brands all over but of course we try to be healthy and so we buy this which actually is a far cry from the ones with fat




 This Peanut browas I discovered from my sister.  It is like lenguas de gato but has peanut flavor. Lola Pureza is a good brand

p1030614.JPG p1030622.JPG


and Lola Pureza also has mini mamon which is a popular product as well.  It is small mamons that are toasted



Dad and Mom never fails to buy their danggit..again trying to be healthy, we get the UNSALTED one.  It is still salty though.  Fry it ( in olive oil ) and then serve with scrambled egg and garlic rice! yummy!




and Palad Flakes






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