I Want Edward Cullen to Exist!

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  • Profile photo of mini minisindao says:

    Hi Ms Rica! I find your Edward Cullen posts cute :)

  • Kate says:

    OMG! Twilight Saga is the best! Have you read part of the Midnight Sun? It’s posted on Stephenie Meyers’ website. It’s bitin but it will make you love Edward more. 😀

  • mich says:

    The second book in the Saga is a sad one. It sounded like Edward is dream, a guy she created in her head. Every chapter, I was wishing (maybe Bella too) that he just one day show up. Anyhow, wait till you get to the third book (Eclipse), that’s my favorite part of the saga.

  • wendy says:

    Ah….being “in love” and “falling in love”… Sweeps us off our feet, takes our breath away…
    Audrey is also having that dream of having Edward Cullen – but I can’t fathom having a vampire for my future son in law…

    Being down that infatuated road ….. I have had some strange ideas, followed a myth and a rainbow….omigawd……This wild crazy thing called passion and love….What is the hallucinative possibility behind it… passion and flame in the distance then you become amongst the oblivious… shades of mooning mindless romance…

    P.S. Having gone that road… guess what I?… Love… it makes us throw our caution to the wind and start having all kinds of expectations that blows up on our pretty face – then we end up being an embarrassment to friend and amusement to enemies.. I’m in my 40, I’m allowed to be jaded and cynical once in a while…. hehehe

    P.P.S. I actually devoured the books in 3 days over the holidays – thanks for the books Angela!!!

  • Mrs.Cullen says:

    Edward y did u leave!!! Just remembering makes me cry. Stephenie Meyer is the best!!! I LUV U EDWARD……..

  • Jasmine says:

    Edward is the most beautifulest thing i have ever seen. He’s hot, admiring, smart, and best of all he’s a vampire. I WOULD LOVE GETTING BIT BY HIM!!!!!

  • alexicea deweese says:

    OMG!? i love twilight sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i cant wait for new moon to come out in theaters.

  • The twilight books are amazing the way stephanie meyer wrote them was so good.
    If you love robert pattinson and edward cullen write to me .

    “I’ve never given much thought to how I would die , but dying in the place of someone i loved seemed like a good way to go .So I can’t bring myself to regret the decision to leave home i would miss Phoenix . I would miss the heat. I would miss my erratic, hair brain mother and her new husband but they wanna go on the road for a while so I’m gonna go and live with my dad. This will be a good thing. I think…”

    see you all think you have O.O.T.D (over obsessive twilight disorder but i know the script off by heart promisee

    love from mary xx ps i reely do know robert pattinsp
    i have known him my whole lifee :)

  • CONNIE says:

    I like him and I believe I will find my Edward in some where, some day !!

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