Breastfeeding Journey of Pam

Sharing here a true story about my sister in law, Pam.  She had to buy this freer to store all her breast milk.  I know someone else who bought 2 freezers and another friend had a chest freezer!!  


Thanks also to Medela’s double breast pump! I wish I had this during my time


 This goes everywhere Mommy Pam goes even to Hong Kong! :-) 


Her baby is now 6 months old and still is drinking pure breast milk. Look how healthy and cute he is!!! I think the milk is going to the cheeks and chin :-) 


and arms :-)


Plus Mommy Pam donated all this milk which came out to 20 liters of breast milk to the Philippine General Hospital ( PGH ) ICU Nursery.   How nice that she can help other babies in the ICU at the same time her baby is so healthy drinking all that breast milk

Pam told me that it’s a UNICEF advocacy tie up with PGH called Beauty, Brains and Breastfeeding


This milk does not come out easy.  Mommy Pam really makes sure she is able to have lots of milk.  She eats healthy.  She juices too and eats a lot of malunggay.  Aside from that, She hired a Breastfeeding Coach- Coach Z ( Zeny ).  

Coach Z has a book

 She also has a website, click below



  • Dear Ms. Rica,
    I am so blessed and grateful for your generosity mentioning my BFBook and website as well in this blog. I am privileged and blessed also to be a part of Pam’s breastfeeding journey as well as witnessing almost all their milestones as I’ve seen Pam a few hours after she gave birth. I’m one of the luckiest who gets the first hold of Pepe and latched her to Pam and saw his face with joy and satisfaction.
    May I have this opportunity to invite all the expectant and lactating moms (breastfeeding /exclusively pumping) to join me this coming May 24, 2014 , Breastfeeding Journeys and More… Every Mother Counts ! (Free Breastfeeding Seminar and BFBook signing) together with me are two experts who’s going to share something important help them to be equip and ready for any breastfeeding challenges namely, Ines Marti for Prenatal Yoga and Dr. Isa Quilendrino for Breastfeeding and Jaundice Newborn. Plus more surpsises and giveaways! Please visit for details.
    Thank you and See you all there ! Coach Z

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