Father’s Day Greetings

Heart2Heart loves seeing all the Father’s Day greetings in Facebook and instagram!!!  All are beautiful!!  LIKE LIKE LIKE!!  So many LIKES today from Heart2Heart!!  I chose a few from the many many beautiful ones which I thought were quite unique and sharing it here ( Hope you guys don’t mind )

via-romualdez-fathers-day.jpegjayjay-suarez-fathers-day.jpeg mike-gomez-fathers-day.jpegchary-fathers-day.jpegdinggay-fathers-day.jpegpeter-coyiuto-fathers-day.jpegmarybeth-fathers-day.jpegraymond-rufino-fathers-day.jpeg


Super LOVE!


I am copying this idea of Alex :-)



Super cute this video I hope you can see it – it’s my niece stella dancing with her Papa Noey who actually dances ( and he hardly does! )  following the video and at the end she says ” Again!” :-)  


 Let’s not forget our ultimate father :-)




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