Karen’s Kitchen at Petron Dasma

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 I went to Petron Dasma to visit Karen’s Kitchen.  It’s below Cuerva and beside The PlazaKaren's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (11)

 Newly renovated after it has been here four years already :-)Karen's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (12)

 And the beautiful owner – Karen Young of Karen’s Kitchen :-)  In the 80’s and still in high school Karen used to be the assistant of her sister – she was the mixer stand and the egg cracker :-)  When her sister left for abroad, Karen took classes and played around with recipes.  And it was in the late 80’s when she started fondant which has icing embroidery on tulle but it was a lot of work since it took 2 to 4 days to finish a cake.  Then she stopped baking when she had her kids then in 2004, she started officially selling from her house and her commissary.  Then in 2011 she opened in Petron Dasma and then three years later renovated.  She is opening another branching Kapitolyo in February!! More power Karen!!Karen's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (1)

 I love her teacup chandelier!!!Karen's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (2)

 And all the little details in this very small space :-)Karen's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (14)

Karen's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (15)

Karen's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (3)

 Her bestsellers are Red Velvet Cake, Carrot cake and her Chocolate GanacheKaren's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (4)

Karen's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (6)

Karen's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (7)

 But she has many many more other yummy desserts.  New is her Raclette Japanese CheesecakeKaren's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (8)

Karen's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (5)

 Sticky Toffee Pudding!!!!! YUM!!!Karen's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (9)

 Red Velvet Cookies!!!!16 Red Velvet cake karen's kitchen_medal_042

Lindt Truffle Cheesecake9 lindt truffle cheesecake karen's kitchen_medal_088

 Nutella Crunch Cake

11 Nutella Crunch Cake karen's kitchen_medal_026

 Macadamia Sansrivalmacadamia sans rival karens kitchen  Duchess Apple Piekarens kitchen duchess-apple-pie  Luscious Lemon Kisskarens kitchen luscious-lemon-kiss  Splenda Tiramisu- she has other Splenda dessertskarens kitchen-tiramisu-splenda

 Frozen Brazo de Mercedez – Strawberry, Vanilla and Green Tea flavours35-frozen-brazo-trio

 Banana CreambananaCreamPieNEWslice


Karen's Kitchen at Petron Dasma (13)

Check out her website for her full range of goodies!!! Click below
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  • Karen Young says:

    Thank you so much, Rica, for this lovely feature. You are such a gracious and kind person. I am so blessed by you, using your talents to encourage others. Thanks also for your Instagram tips!! May God bless you, your family, businesses immeasurably more than all you ask or imagine! :)

  • Lilli Ann says:

    Congratulations Karen! You are not only beautiful inside and out, but very talented as well! They all look so yummy! My favorite is your tiramisu!????

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