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We had a special Sunday family lunch two weeks ago!  We are happy that there will be a wedding in the family!!!  The first de Jesus Grandchild in the family is getting married :-)  Congratulations Lew and Ria!!!L & C (1)

 Yipee everyone read the memo!! haha!! Blue will be the theme color for the wedding – not sure yet what shade but it’s blue :-)  Though it might still change… September is still several months away :-)L & C (9)

 I brought all all my blue and white linens :-)  I printed almost 90 photos which I got from Ria’s instagram account!  That’s a lot for three years of dating haha!! :-)  lew and ria photos 5

Photos all over the place :-) L & C (5)

Lew and ria photos 4

  Several hanging by the chandelier :-)L & C (2)

lew and ria photos 3

Placed some doilies on the table for people to write love notes to the couple :-) event styling heart2heart

 Only Ariana wrote! haha but it’s precious! :-)L & C (12) Lopez and Campos ( L & C )  Event styling by Heart2Heart! haha!! :-) I just put together all the stuff I had in the house and bought some white flowers L & C (6)

 I sewed all the photos one by one :-)lew and ria photos 2

L & C (7)

We had Thai food by Chef Tum!  ( Await my post on Chef Tum )Lew and Ria Thai food

We had plenty desserts!!lew and ria deserts

 The engagement cake was a special cake by Chef Nikko.  It was the Kahlua Mocha cake which was served to the Pope!  When I saw Mocha, I wanted to try it!  Pope and Mocha are LOVE!  I requested her to put “Will You” since this cake was for Lew and Ria.  It’s for them but it’s really for Keena and I who love mocha! haha :-)  L & C (11)

Lew had a very unique way of proposing to Ria – they were playing charades and he acted out WHEEL and pointed to Ria for YOU = WILL YOU ……… and he knelt down with the ring. I saw the video of it and cried when he knelt down – how sweet!! That explains the words on this cake :-)L & C (8)

Giveaways L & C (3)

L & C (4)

 Pre Nup photos in the garden by Heart2Heart :-)  lew and ria pre nup photos

Lew and Ria pre nuptial photos

L & C (10)



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