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I went to Paper Moon excited because I love Mille Feuille!  However, I did not know that the lady behind Paper Moon is the same lady who started Lady M!!!  The original Mille Feuille in New York City!!! I have been wanting to meet the person behind Lady M and here she was right in front of me!!!  Madame Emy Wada!  She is Japanese!  I wanted to take her photo but she is so shy, she just kept looking down and was busy helping out in the store.  They sold Lady M to Ken Romaniszyn when they left New York City and put up Paper Moon in Tokyo.  They already closed Paper Moon in Tokyo and now it is in Manila!!!
Emy Wada Paper Moon Philippines Lady MTess Cruz ( sister of Boss Vic Del Rosario  ) and Mr. Robbie Wada   Tess Cruz and Robbie Wada Paper Moon PhilippinesMille Feuille Heaven at Paper Moon!!Mille Crepe Showcase Paper Moon PhilippinesIt comes in 3 sizes- Large, Medium and Mini :-)  Sizes of Mille Crepe Paper Moon PhilippinesAside from the original flavour – there are three other flavours!!

A slice of Mango Mille Crepe – they use fresh fruits!Mango Mille Crepe Slice Paper Moon PhilippinesThere were many of them!! :-)Mango Mille Crepe Paper Moon PhilippinesMango Mille Crepe Paper Moon Philippines miniStrawberry Mille CrepeStraweberry Mille Crepe Paper Moon PhilippinesChocolate Mille CrepeChocolate Mille Crepe Paper MoonPaper Moon Philippines Menu 1Choux Fromage – LargePaper Moon Philippines Choux Fromage largeChoux Fromage MiniChoux Fromage Paper Moon PhilippinesGinger Cookie Sandwiches – Chocolate Chip and RaisinCookies Paper Moon PhilippinesPaper Moon Philippines Menu 2SERVES MILLE CREPE AND OTHER HEAVENLY CREATIONS OF TOKYO’S GRAND DAME OF SPECIALTY CAKES

Acclaimed to be among the finest and best desserts in Tokyo, the exquisite cake creations of Tokyo’s Grand Dame of Specialty Cakes, Madame Kazuko EMY WADA, particularly the ORIGINAL MILLE CREPE, will now be served in Manila with the much-awaited opening of PAPER MOON Cake Boutique and Cafe.

Paper Moon Cake Boutique and Café of Tokyo offers a fresh, distinctive slice of French specialty cakes and pastries created with meticulous Asian skill that is distinctly Japanese. The opening of Paper Moon comes in sync with the growing sophistication of the Filipino palate as well as the increasing popularity and legitimacy of Asian skill in the international food arena.

The Signature ORIGINAL MILLE CREPE by Madame Emy Wada

Literally meaning “a thousand crepes,” more popularly known as “Crepe Cake,” Madame Emy Wada’s signature Original Mille Crepe is an exquisite creation. It has no less than twenty delicate, paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with heavenly light pastry cream, all topped with a golden, caramelized crust. Mille Crepe PAper Moon Philippines

Paper Moon’s EMY WADA: Tokyo’s Grand Dame of Specialty Cakes, Cake Artisan Par Excellence

Tokyo’s Madame Emy Wada, cake artisan par excellence, has been in the business of creating specialty cakes for close to 40 years. As a child, Madame Emy has already been strongly interested in the art of baking. As a young housewife, she learned the art and joy of making cakes and pastries from her Austrian mother-in-law. She since pursued her passion, living in Europe to harness not just her culinary skills but also to learn the sophistication of packaging and presentation. While in France, she further honed her eye with a stay at a ribbon factory that supplied the luxury brand Hermes.

Madame Emy began her career in the 1970’s as a cake supplier to 7 out of the best 10 cafes in Tokyo. By 1985, she successfully opened her own chain of specialty cake shops, the Paper Moon Cake Boutiques, in various locations throughout Japan such as Tokyo, Haneda Airport, Osaka, Kyoto, Ginza, and Karizawa Lake Town. In 1990, she continued to be the preferred cake and pastries purveyor of the biggest Japanese coffee chains such as Doutor and Tully’s, as well as the fine French shopping brand Printemps, with her clients all clamoring for her extraordinary Paper Moon specialty cakes, especially her signature Original Mille Crepe.

In 2001, she expanded her operations to New York City where she supplied her cakes to Dean & Deluca, Takashimaya, and Neiman Marcus. She even founded and opened the acclaimed Lady M Cake Boutique in the Upper East Side, which she had to give up several glorious years later to focus instead on the Tokyo operations of her business. Madame Emy’s signature creations such as the Original Mille Crepe and the mille feuille earned non-stop raves from customers and food critics in New York and have been rightfully hugely popular blockbusters in all her shops.

Paper Moon Philippines 2

These heavenly specialty cakes drew the rapt attention of Filipino show business / entertainment mogul, VIVA’s Vicente “Boss Vic” del Rosario, Jr. (a longtime friend and business associate of Madame Emy’s husband) during his frequent travels to Tokyo and New York. Known for having the instinct and the “golden touch” in tapping creative geniuses in all forms and transforming them into superstars, Boss Vic has convinced Madame Emy, who has gone into retirement in 2013, to let the Filipinos experience the exquisite taste of the Original Mille Crepe and her other signature specialty cake creations. Boss Vic and Madame Emy have then partnered through Viva International Food & Restaurants, Inc., the food subsidiary of the Viva Group of Companies, in bringing Paper Moon Cake Boutique and Café to Manila, and later on to the rest of Southeast Asia.

Emy Wada and Vic Del Rosario Paper Moon Philippines

Paper Moon Cake Boutique and Café of Tokyo proudly serves the signature Original Mille Crepe along with a fine menu featuring Madame Emy’s other specialty cakes as well as light savory dishes and beverages. It opens in Glorietta 3 on August 7 and in TriNoma the following day.

Paper Moon Philippines Location

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