Life On A Mission

Last September 8 was a super special day since it was Mama Mary’s bday.  On that same day, a special book was launched!

Many fans of Sr. Isabel were there!!!  They call themselves, Sr. Isabel’s baby camels :-)

And I was surprised to hear Yvonne sing “Mary, you were born to bring new life, to show us the way, to love and serve you in each new day……That like you we’ll be the Lord’s Servant in every way” What better day than to launch a book by Sr. Isabel Villacarlos who is a true servant of the Lord. Thank you to my good friend Yvonne Dayrit Romualdez for publishing her book – “Shes an amazing assumption nun who is 78 years old and served as a missionary in Africa for 25 years. Her miracle stories of gods love and grace are amazing!” ( fr the Foreword of the book) “Sr. Isabel sees her stories as instruments to allow God to speak to people. These stories are proof that God’s love surpasses all obstacles, transforms the most stubborn of minds and transcends all differences”  When we share this book with others, we share God’s love as Sr. Isabel shares it with us

We celebrated mass with Fr. Gustillo and Fr. Deveza

As my friend Yvonne  says, We just have to say “Yes” to His call. And Sr. Isabel said Yes when she lived in Africa for 25 years which became her mission.  And her book “Life on a Mission” is a work of love by a miracle team who also said “yes” to His call and helped make this book an instrument for us to read God’s LOVE and to share it with as many people as we can. Sr. Clarissa, Mara Eala, Michelle Soliven, Yvonne  Romualdez, Christine Dayrit, Nikki Alumno, Lou Lumba, Bum Tenorio, Mike Mina, Pael Romualdez, and Carin Romualdez.  For orders pls call Emy at 09177130471

Writer Mara Eala daughter of our English teacher in Highschool, Ms. Mary Ann Tantoco :-)

Ilustrations by Yvonne’s husband, Pael!  They needed an illustrator and Carin had a smart idea that Papa can do it! 😉

Sr. Isabel so busy autographing all the sold books!

A simple lunch celebration after mass
Christine Dayrit cooked the Okra dish of Sr. Isabel for the lunch :-)
Sister Isabel’s peanut butter okra!  In Africa it only rains once a year.  So they plant okra before the rain and that is what they harvest as their food for the year.  They dry and prepare it in different ways.  Her favourite was okra with peanut butter.  So to make themselves feel better, they would imagine okra being chicken one day, steak another and fish another :-)
 According to my friend Karla Campos, this is one of the best books ever!  Read it and if you were blessed by it, share it!!!

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