Fondue Cooking Lessons

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Fondue for the 100th time!  We had fondue so many times this year!!  Fondue Cooking Lessons fondue lills house (1)Last Halloween we had fondue again but before eating, we had Lilli Ann demonstrate how to make the sauces so we had a cooking lesson for the cooks and for those who wanted to learn

COOKING WITH LILLS :-)  I set up an area in the kitchen like a cooking school :-)  She’s perfect because she’s so patient and so motherly

Fondue Cooking Lessons (2)Yvonne brought her cook who is already the daughter of her household staff!  Fondue Cooking Lessons (3)Fondue Cooking Lessons (12)Lilli Ann patiently teaching us how to make the saucesFondue Cooking Lessons (6)Fondue Cooking Lessons (5)She is so organised she brought everythingFondue Cooking Lessons (4)Fondue Cooking Lessons (7)She even made Lobster bisque soup!Fondue Cooking Lessons (8) It’s a good thing my best friend Eds is always craving for fondue!!! it’s a good reason for us to get together! They always volunteer my house so this time I let them eat in my kitchen haha!! We’ve dined in the main dining, in the backyard and now in the kitchen ! I moved the Halloween spooky decor and set up in the kitchen table. More fun more casual

Fondue :-)  We are lazy to cook so we just have everything cooked already hahaFondue Cooking Lessons (10)Fondue Cooking Lessons (9)Yummy desserts!  Crepes Samurai from Roshan!! YUMMY!!!  Coffee Crumble cake from Yulo – YUM!!!Fondue Cooking Lessons (11)Fondue Cooking Lessons (1)

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