Cookie Baking Weekend

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I visited Tina at home as she was baking with her sisters- Yammy and Dada.  I’m attracted by the pink christmas balls in the front door :-)Cookie Baking Weekend (2) Every year the Banzhaf sisters have a German tradition ( they are German ) during the Bonifacio day weekend. They call it the Cookie Baking Weekend. It’s a tradition handed down from their Grandmother where they get together to bake for 3 days.Cookie Baking Weekend (18) They bake German cookies using the secret recipes from their Grandma and aunt. The first day is preparation of the dough, the next day they form the cookies and bake some Cookie Baking Weekend (16)then more baking on the 3rd day. While they bake they watch movies.  They give the cookies to family and select close friends. They even made a cookbook containing all the recipes!Cookie Baking Weekend (13)They made it so they can pass it down to the next generation!! What a nice tradition!!!!! Cookie Baking Weekend (14)Ingredients needed :-)  ( A page from the cookbook )
Cookie Baking Weekend (11)Cookie Baking Weekend (19)Cookie Baking Weekend (21)The story behind the traditionCookie Baking Weekend (10) More notes from the cookbook.  The recipes are secret so i cannot put them here but showing a few pages to show how nice the cookbook isCookie Baking Weekend (12)Cookie Baking Weekend (15) Step by Step photos :-)Cookie Baking Weekend (22) There is a TV in front so they can watch movies while they bake :-)  According to them, the movie has to be something they watched already so they do not lose focus on the baking haha! :-)Cookie Baking Weekend (20)Cookie Baking Weekend (17)German cookies!!!
Cookie Baking Weekend (3)Cookie Baking Weekend (4)Cookie Baking Weekend (5)Cookie Baking Weekend (6)Cookie Baking Weekend (7)Cookie Baking Weekend (8) This was what they had so far for Day 2Cookie Baking Weekend (1) These are the cookie tin cans they fill up.  Some of them are tins that are returned by the receivers which means they want it filled up again the next year :-)Cookie Baking Weekend (9)

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