Niseko shoefie! :-)   Your feet are the first you should protect in the cold! Make sure you have the proper boots! Waterproof with rubber soles and lined inside.

Moon boots of Marco and Jackie, Hogan of James, Salomon of Chut Boots (7)Northface of Kim, Kenneth Cole of Steve,  Coach of Cherina, Pucci of Tina, Northface of Jancis Boots (8) Prada of KaiBoots (9) Hunter of Tina, Rica and Ana – Make sure there is a lining or else it will only be waterproof but not cold proof!  I was freezing even with 4 to 5 layers of feet/leg protectionBoots (1) UGG is leather but it was very okay so I used this most of the time.  It’s like you are floating on air :-)  LOVE!!  Thanks to my Mom I borrowed this from herBoots (2) Cherina bought another pairBoots (3) You can use the spikes so you do not slip or slide while walking.  It was not so slippery when we were in Niseko but there were areas that were slippery.  So just be conscious and very aware of where you walk and while you are walking in the snowBoots (4) Sorell!  New ones! :-) Boots (5)  These two handsome guys are “feeling gwapo” because they both have new snow boots  They only realized 4 days after that they needed itBoots (6)

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