Dr. Ramon Syjuco de Jesus

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 Dad would have turned 89 last September 4.
Dr. Ramon Syjuco de Jesus ( September 4, 1927) peacefully passed away at home surrounded by all his children at around 1230pm. He is now in heaven with Mommy Carmeling.dr-ramon-de-jesus-thank-you

Dad was very much present in our lives even if he never required us to be in any event or occasion. He never demanded anything from us yet we all willingly and voluntarily do things for him and spend time with him. Dad never wanted to inconvenience anyone because he always thought of others before himself. My other dad, Dad Monching, is the closest person I know who is like the Pope. He has the same effect on me as the Pope, it is because of him that I want to do good and change for the good. And that is my promise to Dad. We will miss Dad tremendously but his memories and the memories from all of you, the people whose lives he has touched, will remain in all our hearts  forever.

Reposting here a bday tribute I made for Dad on his 87th bday in 2014.

Happy 87th Birthday to my other Dad!!! Dad Monching or known to everyone as Dr. de Jesus. A well respected surgeon and the BEST in the country. A self made man and so accomplished.

Dad completed his GS and HS at St. James Academy ( run by the Maryknoll sisters ) in Malabon. In 1947, he went to Vermont on full scholarship at St. Michael’s College and graduated with a BS ( Biology ) degree, summa cum laude, in 1951. He then went to medical school at the University of Vermont and graduated in 1955. Dad then took his internship and residency in surgery at Columbia University in New York City, Afterwhich he stayed on at Columbia as a member of the faculty till 1963, when he went back to Manila for good. After having to review and take the Philippine board exams, Dad started his surgical practice in 1964. He worked at Manila Doctors Medical Center Manila and then Makati Medical Center ( when they opened in 1969). He taught at the UP Medical School in 1966 and was a professor for 26 years. Dad also became a doctor for Philippine Airlines ( PAL ) sometime in 1990 til 2012. Everyone in PAL knew Dr. de Jesus.

Dad is one of the nicest people in the planet. Ever since I met him, I never heard him say or do anything bad to anyone. Whenever I meet someone who knows Dad, they have all good things to say about Dad. Everytime we celebrate our birthday, Dad gives us the best gift, the gift of prayer and his wish for us to always have good health. Today and always we wish that back for him too because we LOVE him!december-24-2015-dr-ramon-de-jesus-family-copy

Just as Mom did when she passed away, we did not have a wake.  We had the funeral mass at the earliest available booking in the church and so it happened the next day after we had cremated Dad
dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-18 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-17 Thank you to Fr. Horacio Rodriguez and Fr. Julian Mazana for saying mass for Dad when he did not want to go out of the house anymore.  We had 6 Sunday masses at home with Dad and so Dad was able to receive communion stilldr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-12 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-20Beautiful singing by the Colegio San Agustin Church Ministry
dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-19 The church was full which showed how many lives Dad has toucheddr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-15 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-13 Eulogies by

Eldest grand daughter, Ria Campos Lopez
funeral-mass-eulogy-ria-campos-for-dr-ramon-de-jesus Dr. Mike Celdrandr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-14 Gerry de Jesusfuneral-mass-eulogy-gerry-de-jesus-for-dr-ramon-de-jesus Aunty Remy Reyes, sister of Dadfuneral-mass-eulogy-remy-reyes-for-dr-ramon-de-jesusEldest son, Mike de Jesus
dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-funeral-capilya-father-julian-mazanadr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-funeral-capilya-tammy-camposThere was a beautiful celebration at Makati Medical Centre where Dad practiced as a General and Cancer Surgeon.

A mass, lunch and tributes were made by the doctors
dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-21 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-1 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-229th Day mass9th-day-novena-mass-colegio-san-agustin-chapel dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-2 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-4 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-7 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-5 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-6 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-3 offertory-dad-de-jesus  Eulogies by

 Tito Albert del Rosariodr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-8 Tito Serge Osmeñadr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-9 dr-ramon-syjuco-de-jesus-109th-day-novena-mass-629

ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-1 ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-2 ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-3 ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-4 ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-5 ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-69th-day-novena-mass-6399th-day-novena-mass-mike-de-jesus9th-day-novena-mass-3869th-day-novena-mass-619ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-4ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-2ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-3ninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesusninth-day-dr-ramon-de-jesus-5


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