Breakfast  at @starbucksph Yummy Teavana Chai tea latte ( hot ) and Yummy Go Lite Sweet Maui Onion popped chips ( A Must at Starbucks )  with not so good news :-( #StarbucksPh #H2HStarbucks #Brangelina #JaricMarketing #JaricMarketingInc go-lite-and-teavana-1

 Latte is one of my favourite drinks at Starbucks and not it is with tea – Teavana!! YUM!!!! I will try it cold next time go-lite-and-teavana-2  Exclusively available at Starbucks is the Go Lite popped chips!  YUM!!!go-lite-and-teavana-3  The good news!go-lite-and-teavana-4 I am more of a tea person so I am happy Teavana is here!!! teavana-starbucks-philippines

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