Celebrating the opening of the Negros Fair last September.  I look forward to this because we get to taste really interesting and special dishes prepared by the different chefsarima-2016-1 arima-2016-3 arima-2016-6 arima-2016-8 arima-2016-14 arima-2016-5 arima-2016-7 arima-2016-9 arima-2016-10 arima-2016-12 arima-2016-26 arima-2016-25 arima-2016-27 arima-2016-24Special guest,  Undersecretary Berna Romulo Puyat @bernsrp Filipinos are so talented and our agriculture is so rich.  Thank you for bringing them out and being the source of inspiration  to make this all happen #itsmorefuninthephilippines #H2HProudtobePinoy #proudtobepinoy #NTF2016 #NegrosTradeFair #NegrosTradeFair2016arima-2016-35Angelo Comsti @fooddudeph ( curator of the Arima cocktails ) Congratulations on a successful eventarima-2016-31 arima-2016-32 arima-2016-11 arima-2016-29  Instant Dry Batchoy by Chef Miguel Zabirre at Arima @negrostradefair Yum #NegrosTradeFair2016 #NegrosTradeFair #NTF2016 #batchoyarima-2016-4 arima-2016-28 arima-2016-38  KBL Puto Pao – Pulled roasted organic black heritage pork with kadyos mais ensalada and puto manapla ( kadyos, batuan) by this super “malambing” Ilonggo Chef – Chef Fernando Aracama @fernandoaracama – it even comes with a kiss :-) and so much love :-)  Yum yum  #NegrosTradeFair2016 #NegrosTradeFair #NTF2016 #batuan #kadyosarima-2016-15 arima-2016-2 arima-2016-34  Inasal 2.0 with charcoal cassava and sinamak gel by Chef Josh Boutwood @joshboutwood at Arima @negrostradefair YUM #NTF2016 #NegrosTradeFair #NegrosTradeFair2016 #inasalarima-2016-17 arima-2016-19 arima-2016-20 arima-2016-33Chicken poached in binakol broth with grated coconut and peanuts ( and chicken skin) black rice and muscovado by Chef JP Anglo @chefjayps at Arima ( opening cocktail and preview) of the @negrostradefair It was like a Pinoy  Hainanese chicken and so super yum!!!! You must add this to your menu Chef  #NegrosTradeFair #NegrosTradeFair2016 #NTF2016arima-2016-22 arima-2016-23 arima-2016-37  Ubi ATBP by Chef Miko Aspiras @chefmikoaspiras  YUM! and it comes with Argellana from Virgie’s and that yummy adlai cracker #NTF2016 #NegrosTradeFair #NegrosTradeFair2016 #ubearima-2016-16 arima-2016-21 arima-2016-18  Ginat-an nga kasag Labong kag mais by Chef Gaita Fores @margaritafores at Arima @negrostradefair  Yum #NegrosTradeFair2016 #NegrosTradeFair #NTF2016arima-2016-30 arima-2016-36 arima-2016-13

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