I hardly attend school events because my sons don’t like me to go :-O  So I just went and found out how much I’ve been missing

 This is ISMs version of Filipino week. Pista sa ISM 2016. This year’s theme is Pahiyas. Super fun with all the moms there volunteering to man the booths and raise funds for charity. It only takes 1 or 2 to man a booth but here there are so many – for moral support haha!! As @kayetinga says “Tindera” for the day :-)

#H2HISM #H2HProudToBePinoy
pista-sa-ism-1 pista-sa-ism-2 pista-sa-ism-3 pista-sa-ism-4 pista-sa-ism-5 pista-sa-ism-6 pista-sa-ism-7 pista-sa-ism-8 pista-sa-ism-9 pista-sa-ism-10 pista-sa-ism-11 pista-sa-ism-12 pista-sa-ism-13 pista-sa-ism-14 pista-sa-ism-15 pista-sa-ism-16 pista-sa-ism-17Congratulations Mandy Qua, President of the Philippine Cultural Club.  So talented and so amazing just like her mom, Katy
pista-sa-ism-19 Chit Booth
Love the chits/money :-)  According to Georg the P 100.00 bill is the photo of their Filipino teacher who they all LOVE!pista-sa-ism-22 pista-sa-ism-20 pista-sa-ism-21
pista-sa-ism-23 pista-sa-ism-24 pista-sa-ism-25 pista-sa-ism-26 pista-sa-ism-27 pista-sa-ism-28 pista-sa-ism-29 pista-sa-ism-30pista-sa-ism-18 pista-sa-ism-31 pista-sa-ism-32 pista-sa-ism-33 pista-sa-ism-34 pista-sa-ism-35 pista-sa-ism-36 pista-sa-ism-37 pista-sa-ism-38 pista-sa-ism-39 pista-sa-ism-40 pista-sa-ism-41 pista-sa-ism-42 pista-sa-ism-43 pista-sa-ism-44 pista-sa-ism-45 pista-sa-ism-46 pista-sa-ism-47 Grade 11 booth!  Thank you to Bonnie and Lorna our PCA heads!pista-sa-ism-48 PANCIT booth for Grade 11pista-sa-ism-49 pista-sa-ism-50 pista-sa-ism-51 pista-sa-ism-52 Photo booth :-)pista-sa-ism-53 pista-sa-ism-54 pista-sa-ism-56 pista-sa-ism-57 pista-sa-ism-58

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