Dinner for Michael Wu

 What an honor to meet Rockstar businessman Michael Wu, Chairman and CEO of the Maxim’s Group HK! He joined the company in 1992 and now he is only in his late 40’s and he was CEO 10 years ago and now Chairman and CEO. Maxim’s was started by his grandparents in 1956 and when Michael came in he made the company grow even more. He started m.a.x. Concepts in 1998 with restaurant concepts such as Cafe Landmark, Thai Basil and more. He brought in Starbucks in 2000 and now has 160 branches in HK, and also has stores in China, Vietnam and Cambodia. They have Ippudo, Cheesecake Factory, Genki Sushi and more aside from the popular Peking Garden. The group has around 800 outlets of restaurants and Bakeshops and is the biggest F&B and restaurant chain company in Hong Kong. Amazing!!!! #H2HPeopledinner-for-michael-wu-1dinner-for-michael-wu-2 dinner-for-michael-wu-3 dinner-for-michael-wu-4dinner-for-michael-wu-13dinner-for-michael-wu-5 dinner-for-michael-wu-6 dinner-for-michael-wu-7 dinner-for-michael-wu-8 dinner-for-michael-wu-9 dinner-for-michael-wu-10 dinner-for-michael-wu-11 dinner-for-michael-wu-12dinner-for-michael-wu-14dinner-for-michael-wu-15

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