Mirèio at the Raffles Hotel Makati

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 Mireio, the latest restaurant of the Raffles @rafflesmakatihotel , with the handsome :-) and young Chef de Cuisine Nicolas Cegretin @chef_nicolascegretin former chef at the Hotel Royal Monsour in Morocco.   It’s a brasserie style restaurant offering provencal cuisine and named after the most notable and famous poem by Nobel Prize winning poet Frederic Mistral. Thank you David and Marilu Batchelor for the sneak preview. We will definitely be back. It opens on today, December 12, Monday.  Make sure to go to the bar on the 10th floor before or after dinner #Mireio #RafflesMakati #RafflesHotelMakati #h2hchefs #Mireiomireio-28mireio-29mireio-30mireio-13 mireio-2 mireio-3mireio-14mireio-31 Breathtaking view at the 10th floor bar mireio-15mireio-32mireio-16mireio-17mireio-33mireio-18 mireio-4 mireio-5mireio-6 mireio-7 mireio-8 mireio-9 mireio-10 mireio-11 mireio-12mireio-19 mireio-20 mireio-21 mireio-22  Wow! Roasted duck foie gras, Granny Smith apples and ginger chutney at Mirèio at the @rafflesmakatihotel – I call this foie gras butter because it really tastes like butter and wow! Delicious! Make sure to order this if you love foie and butter.   mireio-35 mireio-23 mireio-1  Slow cooked oxtail parmentier with black truffle, jus and mesclun at Mirèio @rafflesmakatihotel Delicious!!!! Mireio opens on Monday, Dec 12. #Mireio #RafflesHotelMakati #H2HTruffle #RafflesMakatimireio-24 mireio-25 mireio-26 mireio-27 Call landline 02 555-9888 for reservationsmireio-raffles-hotel-makati-website

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