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Abuela’s @abuelasmanila the yummy party platters

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now has a restaurant at Somerset.  They opened end September.
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The abuela in Abuela’s is the abuela of Mai Lacson Legasto, the wife of Chef Marco who executes all the heirloom recipes of Abuela Eduarda Cuyugan Lacson with a modern twist. How nice that recipes are passed on from generation to generation to keep the spirit alive  abuelas-11abuelas-7

 Mai Lacson Legarda with good friend and partner Vicky Tensuanabuelas-20abuelas-6abuelas-5 abuelas-4 abuelas-1 abuelas-12
abuelas-18 abuelas-19It feels just like home at @abuelasmanila ? #Abuelas #AbuelasManila #H2HChefabuelas-21 abuelas-22 abuelas-23  Heart2Heart supports “Slow Food” I’m so glad Chef Marco Legasto of @abuelasmanila believes in this. Be assured that your meal at Abuela’s is made from scratch and is a labor of love. Delicious  Pochero #AbuelasManila #Abuelas #H2HSlowFood #SlowFoodabuelas-24 abuelas-25 abuelas-26  and calls!  I don’t eat calls but this one I will eat! YUM!!!!abuelas-27 USDA Prime Rib Eye Steakabuelas-28 Kare Kare risottoabuelas-29abuela  Yum! Jojo’s ( Mom of Vicky Tensuan @vickytensuan – one of the owners ) Filipino Curry Prawns with Crab fat sauce at @abuelasmanila Each owner shared an heirloom recipe of their mom ( who are abuelas ) and so this is one of them. Love dishes with a story and made with love #Abuelas #AbuelasManilaabuelas-30abuelas-13  Lovely lunch with these lovely ladies – Daphne, Jacqui and Peewee with Vicky abuelas-31 So happy to meet Chef Yoshimi Igarashi. He is the chef that started Benkay in all the Nikko hotels ( JAL hotels) all over the world.
He is also the Chef of Sushi Kapo Kobikicho. And next year in January he will be opening a Japanese restaurant in Somerset owned by the same owners of @abuelasmanila He will be serving Traditional Japanese food and Kaiseki meals. Meantime you can have his food at @abuelasmanila while they are still constructing. So excited to try this!! Await more updates #AbuelasManila #Abuelas #H2HChefs #Benkayabuelas-8abuelas-2abuelas-14abuelas-15abuelas-16abuelas-17abuelas-9abuelas-10

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