H10H Thankful for 10 Years

This  year, Heart2Heart will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary. GRATEFUL to everyone who support Heart2Heart. My HEART is FULL! GRATEFUL first and foremost to God who continues to be the inspiration and center of everything I do, grateful for my husband and kids who complain :-) yet support me and give me the most truthful advice, for my family and friends who give me the best tips and share their finds, to my advertisers who put value in the work that I do, and to all of you who follow and keep Heart2Heart going. Who would have known that I would be a blogger and how it would change my life. But to me this blog is a mission given to me by God, a mission to share the many beautiful and amazing things around us so that we can all inspire others to do good, to do positive things and to fill our world with LOVE. Looking forward to celebrating with you and beyond Thank you Mia de Jesus @asianpenmaster for the beautiful logo  #H1?H #H2HGrat

heart2heart 10 years logo

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