Nisekrew Christmas at the new M

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 Sorry for the late Christmas posts.  I don’t know how some of my christmas posts got left behind :-(

The #Nisekrew gang got together for our first official Christmas at the reopened in their new location with a new chef – Chef Tom Bascon who we love.  Looking forward to more Christmases and adventures with the gang. Thank you Carmina @thecrazycook_ph for organizing Merry Christmas  #H2HXmasM Dining Chef Tippi Tambunting Chef Tom Basconnisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-14 nisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-15 nisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-16nisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-20nisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-19nisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-21nisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-17 nisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-18nisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-9
We just ordered in advance dishes to share in the middle.  Everything delicious
nisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-1 nisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-2  Mixed greensnisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-3  Bottarga pastanisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-4  Raviolinisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-5  Foie grasnisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-6  Beef cheeksnisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-7  Seabassnisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-8  Puddingnisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-10  Hazelnut tartnisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-11 Group photo in the private room where we could not fit :-)nisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-12

Take two! hahanisekrew-christmas-at-the-new-m-13

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