Heart2Heart doesn’t usually post wakes but this is a different kind of wake. It’s a happy wake. As soon as I entered, the vibes of the kapilya was not heavy, it was not sad. Apparently Jojo was like that – he always had good vibes. I even heard that on the last night his friend played some music and friends were dancing and celebrating his journey to heaven. I noticed nowadays it’s becoming more like this and it’s nice because it helps everyone accept the fact that we will all go one day and we have to think of it as a milestone in our life where we can celebrate just like other milestones. And imagine it’s the milestone where we will go back to our creator – a celebration indeed. Yes we will miss them but they will forever be in our hearts. To the family of our #Nisekrew friend Carmina @thecrazycook_ph and Raffy @dondurian our deepest condolences – Jojo’s definitely in a better place  #h2hquotes #H2HG?d #H2HTributeHappy Wake (2) Happy Wake (1)

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