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 What a fulfilling afternoon with Tinette!


For 4 hours we listened to what happened to her the past 20 years we were not in touch.


We laughed, we were in awe and we even cried. From a very low point in her life which almost made her take her life to a total transformation where she gives hope and she gives life not only to herself but to her family, friends and to her church. She has 3 beautiful children who she home schooled and soon to adopt 3 orphaned siblings from Ukraine and go through home schooling all over again! wow! It’s not easy!tinette-3

She will not only have to take care of 3 but will have to raise 3 more. And she says it’s all God’s plan and she just follows and listens to Him.

tinette-4 tinette-2

She inspires me to have a close relationship with God and leave everything to Him and trust in Him. She says that Satan is very much present and that it’s your choice to pick between Satan and God. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by people who share their life so that I can be closer to God. I’m blessed that I have reconnected with Tinette and I’m very sure today was not by chance but God’s plan. She’s Christian and Eds @manayesg and I are Catholic – but when she speaks about God we are in sync ? We are hoping she will document her life into a movie so more people can witness the beautiful story ? She tells her story so well I wish everyone could hear her. Meantime she continues to share and make a difference in the lives she has touched and I’m one of them. Thank you Tinette and Thank you God who is always there – it’s really up to us to reach out to Him? #h2hpeople #h2hquotes #H2HG?D

I dropped her off after lunch and got to meet her daughter who is so pretty and looks just like Mom!
tinette-7 tinette-1

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