Make sure to stop by Murad @rustansph @rustansthebeautysource and get your complimentary Youthcam analysis with your #H1?Hcard And also avail of the Buy 2 ala carte treatment and get 1 free only til the end of February. For those with skin imperfections on the face – there is a magic product from Murad called Invisiblur which is amazing!!! A must have to cover freckles, dark spots etc at the same time it protects because it has sunblock, treats wrinkles and fine lines and ofcourse blurs skin imperfections. It serves as a primer as well before make up!! Super love this product  #muradskincare #RustansPh #Invisiblur #H2HRustans #H2HHeartedThings #H1?H
Murad YouthCam (2) Murad YouthCam (3) I have freckles and dark spots on my face – and these two magic products helped lighten them and I am continually using them.  The Essential oil I get from Rustan’s Flower Shop in St. Luke’s hospital where they carry the essential oils.  It really helped lighten the freckles.  The Murad  Invisiblur I use as a temporary fix for the freckles and dark spots :-)  Murad YouthCam (1)

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