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Taste.Company opens up a new chapter this 2017

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by being the promoter of inspiring stories of goodwill.Taste CompanyTaste.Company Media, the social enterprise and education arm of Taste Company Foundation, will cultivate “a taste for the good” — in every person, community, or local enterprise’s story as shared by its contributors.

Its “Social Responsibility” section will serve to spread the word about the CSR projects of big and small brands found locally.


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Other sections like “Taste”, “Travel”, and “Trends” will not just focus on a product/experience at hand, but on the specific visions/causes that enable the featured organization to grow and thrive as an agent of goodwill and change.Taste Company (5)

Stephen Dee Young, publisher of Taste.Company and Taste Company Foundation envisions this for the site:

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“Our direction is to look for social responsibility on initiatives being done by individuals and also by corporations, that addresses the requirement of the society.

“We’re hoping that as the word goes out it will inspire heartfelt meaningful intentions and initiatives moving forward.”Taste Company 2Taste Company 4

Nina Tan, Editor-in-Chief of Taste.Company shares:

“Ever since Taste.Company started last May 2016, we’ve always given relevance to social responsibility. The idea of making it our core only came when we realized how much individuals, brands and companies out there give back in their own ways. This inspired us to become their partner in spreading awareness, charity and love through the power of writing.”

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With a team of contributors that hail from different backgrounds, Taste.Company gives lifestyle a fresh outlook by focusing on “stories with a heart”, although they also dish out mainstream lifestyle articles that will surely keep us updated. Taste.company’s readers will be in “good, taste-full company”: they get to know the people, brands, and communities who do good and promote good in their own way, while receiving updates on the latest in Taste, Travel, and Trends.

Lifestyle with a heart

Lifestyle with a heart

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