I’ve been taking turmeric for a year already and I introduced it to my dad who had stomach and acid reflux issues and after taking turmeric it has helped him so much. Turmeric has an active ingredient called curcumin which is a powerful antioxidant and has healing and anti inflammatory properties. So we are firm believers in turmeric. I’m so happy there’s @evorganixph which is fresh, all natural and organic from Cagayan de Oro. There are many turmeric mixes out there mostly powder form & are sweetened in some way. You need to find the one that is most potent and made with the best ingredients. Evorganix is FDA approved and doesn’t have sugar. One bottle will last around 15 days or more depending on your dosage (2-4 tbsps) but it’s very potent. They come in tablets too but the liquid is more potent. The difference between Arise and Soul is only the green coffee bean extract to “ARISE” or for energy. They will be in Rockwell Club this Saturday for Honest Harvest or go here for more information @evorganixph or Call +63 917 309 0457 #Evorganix #EvorganixPh #h2hhealthyproducts #H2HHealth #turmeric #curcuminEvorganix (1) Evorganix (3)  Primal @primalph  Another turmeric drink from the same makers as @evorganixph I featured this before since I discovered it at the Philippine Harvest at @centralsquareph @bernsrp Primal is a complex blend of Turmeric, Honey, Green Coffee Extract, Pineapple, and six other active ingredients that provide a natural boost for your day

This All-Natural Power Drink is a great source of clean energy and nutrients to give you a pure organic boost for the busy day ahead.
Primal is proudly made from Philippines’ rich natural and quality ingredients. Its unique and potent blend is what makes this drink stand out from your average sugar-packed juices. We do not use refined sugar, artificial flavoring, or any added preservatives—making Primal the ideal choice.

We recommend you take one whole bottle for you to feel the full “Primal Kick”effect. Be prepared to be refreshed and energized by Mother Nature. Primal is a lifestyle, and it begins with daily healthier choices. #LivePrimal #h2hhealthyproducts #h2hhealth #turmeric #curcurmin

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