Osaka Ohsho’s New Sexy Menu

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In celebration of Osaka Ohsho’s 3rd year, they are introducing a whole new menu with many “ sexy” dishes! That is how owner, Linfred Yap, describes them. It’s a lot of fusion from Mexican tacos to Spanish Paella to Swiss fondue. A favorite is the Truffle Cream Chicken which is slices of chicken with crispy skin topped with bonito flakes with a creamy sauce. You can come in to have snack items like Nori Nachos where the nachos are made from seaweed and topped with gyoza meat, Japanese mayonnaise furekake and bonito flakes and Ohsho tacos which is an inside out gyoza. They fry the gyoza skin and use it as the taco and the filling becomes the topping.

The Relish Group of Companies is growing fast. Osaka Ohsho has three branches- SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM North Edsa and Glorietta. Wee Nam Kee has six branches. Kumori has four and opening six this year. Birdhouse has one at the Foodcourt of UPTown Mall BGC and Rock N’ Seoul with two branches.

Osaka Ohsho (1)osaka ohsho new menu Osaka Ohsho (2) Osaka Ohsho(3) Osaka Ohsho (4) Osaka Ohsho (5) Osaka (Ohsho (7) Osaka (Ohsho (9) Osaka Ohsho (10) Osaka Ohsho (11) Osaka Ohsho (12) Osaka Ohsho (13) Osaka Ohsho (14)Black Pepper Gyudon, Japanese Paella, Salmon Belly Misoyaki

Osaka Ohsho New MenuCheese Fondue

Osaka Ohsho New Menu (7)Chicken Enokiyaki, Chicken Truffle Yaki, Salmon Cheese Aburi

Osaka Ohsho New Menu (8)Green Tea Chawanmushiasld

Osaka Ohsho New Menu (9)
Gyoza Tantanmien
Osaka Ohsho New Menu (10)
Osaka Ohsho New Menu (11)
Japanese Baked Potato
Osaka Ohsho New Menu (1)
Matcha Butter Tonkatsu, Ebi Thermidor Tempura, Crispy Pork Teriyaki
Osaka Ohsho New Menu (2)
Miso Honey Wings
Osaka Ohsho New Menu (3)
Miso Honey Wings Nori Nachos
Osaka Ohsho New Menu (4)
Ohsho Tacos
Osaka Ohsho New Menu (5)
Truffle Cream Chicken
Osaka Ohsho New Menu (6)

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