Lola Sally’s Bag

I love Lola Sally!  She shares so many valuable tips.  She’s in her 80’s yet she looks great!  Her beauty secret is Pond’s :-)  She carries with her quite a big bag because she has everything in it!  She is prepared!
Lola Sally's bag (1)  Every bag she has, she keeps the price tag haha!!!  So she knows where she bought it and how much!Lola Sally's bag (13)  What is inside?

 She organizes her things in little plastic bags :-)  Lola Sally's bag (12)  She uses anti bacterial wipes on everything especially in the airplane – she says you have to wipe everything to be sure it is clean.Lola Sally's bag (11) Lola Sally's bag (10)  She keeps track of how much cash she hasLola Sally's bag (9) Lola Sally's bag (8) Lola Sally's bag (7)  Of course photos of her family back home in the States and of course her great grand kidsLola Sally's bag (6)  She grooms herself at all times :-)Lola Sally's bag (4)  Nothing is complete without GodLola Sally's bag (3) Lola Sally's bag (2)

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