Rustan’s on OLI13 Sneakers and Design Object

Juan Luis’ knowledge about high-end shoemaking and his passion for design shared with Isabel led them to create Oli13 in Barcelona in 2013.

Oli13 is what we do and how we do it, accessible, optimistic and lively. Since our very first shoe, the EE1929, named after my grandfather, we have been working our own lasts and molds to achieve a harmonious and stylized silhouette with a very comfortable fit. Color has also been present from the outset with combinations of brightly-colored soles and more discreet uppers to create a cool but fuss-free style.

We manufacture in Spain, keeping expert rafting and tradition alive but also looking to the future. The double height and the subtle curve of our soles, unique features of our shoes, represent this movement and forward vision.

We use environmentally-friendly materials: natural rubber, made in green fabrics,…So just like when we go to the country, we like to touch the ground, we want our shoes to come from there.

Enjoy Oli13.

The collections are handmade in a small Spanish village with a strong tradition of the artisanal vulcanized system, consisting in fixing the fabric and the natural rubber of the sole at a temperature of 150 degrees without the use of chemical products, just with heat and pressure.

New molds and lasts have been created exclusively for Oli13 to give the shoes their unique shape, a precise task made by hand using the hammer and a diamond tool to mold each detail of the sole.

Oli13 is exclusively available in Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La, Rustan’s Gateway Mall, Rustan’s Alabang Town Center and Rustan’s Cebu.

Rustan's on OLI13 Sneakers and Designs ObjectsRustan's on OLI13 Sneakers and Design Object (1)Rustan's on OLI13 Sneakers and Design Object (2)Rustan's on OLI13 Sneakers and Design Object (3)Rustan's on OLI13 Sneakers and Design Object (4)

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