Rustan’s FSP Premium Card

In 1995, Rustan’s Department Store introduced its Frequent Shoppers Program (FSP), the first retail loyalty card program in the Philippines.  Since then the FSP has become the gold standard in loyalty programs in the country.  Today, Rustan’s is set to raise the bar higher as it launches its refreshed FSP Premium program for its best customers. With new and exciting benefits and perks, the Rustan’s FSP Premium program opens up a world of possibilities as it features wider acceptance across the Rustan Group of Companies, more chances to earn points and rewards in partner establishments, and even offers borderless rewards through its international retail partners.

Together with the launch of its new premium program, Rustan’s is also set to launch its groundbreaking mobile app, which enables a more seamless shopping experience, convenience, and value-added perks and services.

Loyalty at Its Finest

The refreshed FSP Premium program allows customers to earn points not only in Rustan’s Department Store, but in Rustan’s Supermarket and Marketplace, Adora, Debenhams, and SSI brands inside the department store.  Members are also entitled to perks and privileges in TWG, Salad Stop, and Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate.  Joining this pretigious line-up of companies are Smarty Infinity, CATS Motors Philippines (the exclusive dealer of Mercedes Benz in the country), the Discovery Leisure Company, Txanton, and Adventure International Tours (operator of Crystal Cruises).

Not content with offering its customers wider acceptance locally, Rustan’s sets the bar higher by offering its customers special discounts even when they shop abroad.  Included in the roster of prestigious partners are Tang’s in Singapore and the Central Retail Group in Thailand.  According to sources in Rustan’s, customers can expect more shopping privileges abroad in the near future.

The FSP Mobile App

In conjunction with the launch of its FSP Premium program, Rustan’s will also debut its groundbreaking FSP mobile app.  The FSP mobile app can be downloaded for free by all FSP members and Rustan’s customers at the Apple Store and Play Store.  The mobile app features innovative features, such as scan and earn in which customers earn points simply by scanning featured merchandise in-store; a check-in feature which gives customers points simply by checking into their favorites Rustan’s store; wishlists which allow customers to organize their shopping lists simply by scanning items in-store and sharing these through email or social media; and integration with social media which allows customers to earn points for simply sharing merchandise picks and other posts that relate to Rustan’s department store.

With the new FSP Premium Card and mobile app, Rustan’s launches its finest pair that responds and rewards the unique lifestyle needs of its sophisticated clientele.

Rustan's FSP Premium Card (1)For more information, visit

Visit Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-la, Gateway, Alabang and Cebu. 


 Earn 1% rebate for ALL your purchases inside any Rustan’s Department Store, including sale items.

Earn triple the value of your points once a month on the date of your choice.

Earn 5X the value of your points once a year on the date of your choice.

Earn points when you shop at Rustan’s Supermarket and Adora.

Receive rewards from our premium partners here and abroad.

Take advantage of exclusive promotions from various Rustan’s departments, and get a chance to earn bonus points.

Experience exciting privileges such as complimentary coffee at East Café, dessert with a minimum purchase at East Café, spa treatment, valet parking, and a birthday gift certificate.Rustan's FSP Premium Card (6)

·        1 Free Spa Treatment per year – can’t coincide with existing Spa Treatment Offers for VIP customers of C,P&T


Rustan’s Supermarket and Rustan’s Marketplace

 Earn 0.5% rebate when you choose to credit

your purchases to your FSP Premium card.Enjoy priority use of Star Sapphire Lane.

Get a one-time redemption of a free eco tote bag.


 Every 6 months, the top 100 FSP Premium

customers will receive Starbucks

gift certificates worth Php 500.00 each.

TWG tea

 Enjoy 10% discount on retail and dine-in.Rustan's FSP Premium Card (3)Saladstop!

 Enjoy 10% discount on all items.

Rustan's FSP Premium Card (1)Stores Specialists, Inc.

 Earn 1% rebate on SSI brands inside

Rustan’s Department Store.


 Earn 1% rebate when you shop at Debenhams

located at the 3rd floor of Rustan’s Makati

Department Store.

Rustan's FSP Premium Card (4)The Rustan’s Flower Shop

 Earn 1% rebate on purchases.

Sta. Elena

 Get playing rights to Sta. Elena Golf

& Country Club at a preferential rate.

Rustan's FSP Premium Card


Cats Motors

 Enjoy a one-time Php 20,000

discount on vehicle purchase.

Claim preventive maintenance

service voucher worth Php 15,000

(good for one year).


 Enjoy exclusive rates for private room bookings

at the Tasting Room, La Gran Anada Room,

and La Tienda Room.Get one (1) complimentary Salmorejo

with crispy ham from 11:30 am – 3:30 pm daily

for you and your companion.

For every bellota leg purchase, experience a

2-hour master carving lesson to prepare you

for your next party.

For a minimum purchase of P20,000 worth of

jamon, tour the top grazing lands in Spain.

Rustan's FSP Premium Card (2)Adventure International Tours an Crystal Cruises

 Experience dedicated travel concierge services

for Rustan’s FSP Premium cardholders.

Get special rates for airfare, products, and services.

Experience exclusive sale events

for Premium members.

Earn $100 shipboard credits on Crystal Cruises.

Enjoy discounted airline lounge passes.

Enjoy discounts on all seasonal promos.Rustan's FSP Premium Card (3)The Discovery Leisure Company

 Enjoy 10% savings on dining

in all properties.

Enjoy up to 15% savings on

select room types.

Rustan's FSP Premium Card (5)OUR FINEST APP BENEFITS

Avail of exclusive offers online!

Get 10,000 bonus points for registering to use the app online.

Get 10,000 bonus points for completing initial personal profile.

Get 500 bonus points for sharing store items on social media.

Get 300 bonus points for updating annual customer information.

Get 100 bonus points for scanning featured items in-store.

Get 100 bonus points for checking-in at any of our stores.

Enjoy real-time credit of points to your account through the

Rustan’s FSP app even when you don’t bring your FSP Premium card.

FSP Premium Program Mechanics:


Rustan’s Customers who are 18 years of age may become a member of the Loyalty Program by downloading the FSP App for free.  For customers who would like to have the FSP Card, a P100.00 card fee will be charged.

FSP Black Members (premium tier) will be automatically migrated to the new FSP Premium Program and will be issued their Gold Premium Card (and the welcome kit).  As members of the new FSP Premium Program, they will enjoy all the program benefits.

For the Launch, we will also include a selected list of Rustan’s Customers who have met the required spend of P500,000 for one year but have not applied for the FSP Program and a selected number of premium customers of our Partner Merchants to be given the FSP Premium membership (subject to ZRT’s approval).

Regular FSP members who have met the required spend of P500,000 for one year will be qualified to become FSP Premium members.

Membership will now be permanent (no expiration) but will be required to have at least one transaction for a period of 12 months to be active members.  Members who don’t have any transaction for a period of one year will be tagged inactive in the system and will cease to enjoy the benefits of the FSP Program.

For the Rustan’s Group of Companies, employees of all levels will now be allowed to become an FSP Member (following the mechanics for membership).

Rebate System:

FSP Program will offer rebate of 1% for Premium Members and .5% for Regular Members. Points earned will be valid for 1 year only.

All items inside Rustan’s stores, services and paper GC will be included in the points earning – for both premium and regular.

Premium Members – all items including SSI Merchandise, services and paper GC

 Regular Members – all items (except SSI Merchandise), services and paper GC

FSP Premium Members will also earn rebates at the following stores:

Rsutan Supermarket – 1%

Adora – 1%

Rebates earned inside the Rustan’s stores are eligible for redemption of any merchandise and service inside the Rustan’s Stores only.

 Premium Members – Redemption can be for all items including SSI Merchandise and Services (Spa, etc.)

Regular Members – Redemption can be for all RCC Merchandise and Services only

All applicable policies on the use of FSP vis a vis other offers (discount cards, other loyalty cards/apps, employee discount) will still apply.

All applicable policies on the use of FSP vis a vis returns of merchandise will still apply.

Bonus Points Earning:

The following activities will be allowed to earn bonus points.  Bonus points as well as activities included may be subject to change as these are part of the ‘ADHOC Offers’ that are designed to drive/influence behaviors of our members:

10,000 bonus points for FSP registration (One time only) – 10,000 points (equivalent to P50 e-purse)

100 bonus points for check in (equivalent to P1 e-purse for Premium and P.50 for Regular members) in all Rustan’s stores and partner merchants

100 bonus points for item scan (equivalent to P1 e-purse for Premium and P.50 for Regular members)]

500 bonus points for FB/Instagram share (equivalent to P1 e-purse for Premium and P.50 for Regular members)

10,000 bonus points for completion of personal profile (address, marital status, other contact info, income bracket, etc) which will be 1 time only 300 Bonus Points for Customer Info Update – once a year


P500 Birthday E-Purse Gift

X3 Bonus Points which the Premium Member will choose when to avail – once a month

X5 Bonus Points which the Premium Member will choose when to avail – once a year

1 Free Spa Treatment per year – can’t coincide with existing Spa Treatment Offers for VIP customers of C,P&T

Free Coffee or Tea at the East Café for every visit with purchase (no minimum purchase required). Free Dessert or Pastries at East Café for every visit (with minimum 5,000 purchase required).

Free Parking for a minimum P2,000 purchase transaction.

Free Terminal Lounge Pass – 1/year and discounted rate on succeeding passes

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