Jardin Majorelle

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Le Jardin Majorelle was owned by French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962). Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge bought the garden in 1980 when they heard they were going to convert the garden into a hotel. YSL added a plant species from every country he travelled to. From 135 to 300 species and with 20 gardeners maintaining the garden #lajardinmajorelle #MajorelleGarden#Marrakech #Morocco #morokrew#h2hgardens
Jardin Majorelle1Jardin Majorelle2 When you first enter the Majorelle Gardens, you think you are in the Arashiyama forest in Kyoto! Haha!!  I guess bamboo is very exotic and rare in Morocco :-)Jardin Majorelle3 Jardin Majorelle4 Jardin Majorelle5 Jardin Majorelle6 Jardin Majorelle7  A memorial to Yves Saint Laurent by the government of Morocco for his contribution to the country.  This pillar is from the Roman ruins of Volubilis #MajorelleGarden#LeJardinMarrakech #Marrakech#Morocco #morokrew #h2hgardens#volubilis #YSL #YvesSaintLaurentJardin Majorelle8 Jardin Majorelle9 Jardin Majorelle10 Jardin Majorelle11 Jardin Majorelle12 Jardin Majorelle13 Jardin Majorelle14 Jardin Majorelle15 Jardin Majorelle16 Jardin Majorelle17 Jardin Majorelle18 Jardin Majorelle19 Jardin Majorelle20 Jardin Majorelle21 Jardin Majorelle22 Jardin Majorelle23  No photos inside the museum Jardin Majorelle24 Jardin Majorelle25  Photos not allowed inside the Berber museum at Le Jardin Majorelle but I just really wanted to share this.  What a beautiful way to display the museum pieces – it was like entering a planetarium or a Justiniani artwork  #morokrew #h2hartJardin Majorelle26

I thought the #MajorelleGarden was just a garden but there was a small gallery in the corner called Galerie LOVE with all the LOVE  art works of #YvesSaintLaurent #YSL I wish he gave this to me :-)  It’s my real favorite in the Majorelle followed by the cacti gardens #LeJardinMarrakech #Marrakech#Morocco #morokrew #h2hhearts

Jardin Majorelle27 Jardin Majorelle28 Jardin Majorelle29 Jardin Majorelle30 Jardin Majorelle31 Jardin Majorelle32 Jardin Majorelle33 Jardin Majorelle34 Jardin Majorelle35 Jardin Majorelle36 Jardin Majorelle37 Jardin Majorelle38 Jardin Majorelle39 Jardin Majorelle40 Jardin Majorelle41 Jardin Majorelle42 Jardin Majorelle43 Jardin Majorelle44 Jardin Majorelle45 Jardin Majorelle46 Jardin Majorelle47 Jardin Majorelle48  Opening!!Jardin Majorelle49 Jardin Majorelle50

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Jardin Majorelle

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