Rustan’s Franz Collection 2017

Known for its handcrafted gifts, collectibles, and home décor, Franz Collection amazed the world of luxury again with its exquisite 2017 spring collection. The brand’s long-time partner, and the most upscale department store in the Philippines, Rustan’s, is adding a touch of spring to its stores by introducing these new artworks.

One of the highlights is the 15th Anniversary Collection that features wonderful creations from international artists such as G.G. Santiago from the U.S.A., Ute Patel-Missfeldt from Germany, and several others from Taiwan. These designers are unified by an aesthetic vision that combines the artistic traditions of the East and West. This unique fusion style is inimitable and a hallmark of the brand.

FRANZ proudly produces artwork co-branded with the Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam). FRANZ’s unique three-dimensional style actualizes some of Van Gogh’s techniques, as the precisely handcrafted details in porcelain recreate the master’s signature brushstrokes and thickly applied paint. The newest vase inspired by Van Gogh, “A Window Full of Love,” features iris flowers. This porcelain piece is shaped like a window that directs the viewer’s gaze to the field of blooming irises. The liveliness of the flowers in all their vibrant colors extends beyond the frame, spilling out and pulsating with an energy that desires to explore the passions of life.

Rustan's Franz Collection 2017 (1)

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is another cultural institution that has co-branded with FRANZ. Two new pieces from this collection are inspired by work painted by Impressionists Alfred Sisley and Edgar Degas. Sisley’s work depicts an idyllic scene that easily calls forth a nostalgic longing for the joys found at home and with family. Degas’ work, on the other hand, depicts the dedication demanded of young ballerinas who must perfect their craft. The vase suggests that true dedication to art and its values will result in dreams coming true.

Rustan's Franz Collection 2017 (2)

With spring just around the corner, FRANZ always has the perfect piece. Dedicated to depicting the everlasting beauty of nature, there is no better brand for celebrating the coming of spring and the renewed growth this season brings. From lifelike birds to exquisitely detailed flowers and insects that look like they might flutter away at any moment, the handcrafted art of FRANZ is unrivaled. The brand has received innumerable awards; in particular, the Hibiscus and Rainforest collections have been awarded the “Seal of Excellence in Handicrafts” by UNESCO.

The latest FRANZ pieces are available at the Rustan’s, so visit us today!

Franz is exclusively available in Rustan’s Makati and Rustan’s Cebu.

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