Di Fara Pizza

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 We were so lucky to witness this because he is not always there. Super love watching 80 year old Domenico De Marco making pizza one by one at @difarapizza_nyc

For 50 years (1965) he’s been serving yummy pizza in Brooklyn where people wait an hour or two to eat his pizza.  Truly a labor of love.  A business with passion and heart.  A must drive from Manhattan to Brooklyn. It’s worth the wait and experience – there’s only one in the world  #DiFara#DiFaraPizza #h2hpizza #h2hnyc2017#h2hny

Di Fara Pizza (2) Di Fara Pizza (3)Di Fara Pizza (8) Di Fara Pizza (4)  Di Fara t-shirt which says – New York’s HANGRIEST line :-) Di Fara Pizza (5)  Di Fara @difarapizza_nyc is known for the regular cheese pizza but we liked the square pizza too. We ordered a slice and because someone before us ordered one too we immediately got this order. The crust is really good ( different texture) and the tomato and cheese was yum. In fact if they bring out a square pizza it’s smart to order one so you don’t get so hungry waiting for your order. #DiFara#DiFaraPizza #h2hpizza #h2hny#h2hnyc2017Di Fara Pizza (6) Di Fara Pizza (7)He makes the pizza in front of everyone right here in the counter :-)  
Di Fara Pizza (9) Di Fara Pizza (10)  People standing and waiting for their pizzasDi Fara Pizza (11)  A photo of Padre Pio spotted beside his old cash register at the backDi Fara Pizza (12)  Dining area – more people waiting for their pizza :-)Di Fara Pizza (13)  Our pizza at Di Fara Pizza @difarapizza_nyc Half side is regular cheese pizza while half side is mushroom and Italian sausage. I suggest to just get the regular cheese. Yummy :-)  it’s thin crust so you can finish more than you think. My favorite part is the first 3 bites of this pizza  #DiFara#DiFaraPizza #h2hpizza #h2hnyc2017#h2hnyc #h2hny

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