Dorothy at 60

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One Comment

  • Dorothy S. Tan says:

    Thank you so much Rics! You have been so much a part of it even after 2 days later when we went to CJ. The feelings i had for both were beyond words. The surprise party left me euphoric, ecstatic and i was really on cloud 9! While the other one gave me a fulfillment. At night when i pray i tell HIM i must have done something good to deserve all these from my family and from true friends! Really i feel so GRATEFUL and so BLESSED! Thanks for posting the food, i did not realized it was THAT really! When i looked back, i wished i had a silver tongue to be able to express what was in my heart. There was so much that i wanted to say but yes i was too overwhelmed to say more! Again Rica, i thank you from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING! It was truly one memorable and unforgettable moment in my life that will live in my heart forever. Thanks heart to heart! Love you!

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