Harvest Circle

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Back to regular programming haha! back to bacon  #h2hbacon #H2HPork But this is healthy bacon  – all natural, organic and its local

We heard about this from our friend Mart @samdyen so the hubby ordered and they delivered. Harvest Circle (3)

  I tried 1 slice :-)  So yummy ! A whole slab for P 890.00 They have many other deli products. We also tried their new Premium Smoked Beef Bacon Cheese sausage. Both passed strict standards of hubby :-)  from @harvestcircle Patiently smoked to perfection,this bacon comes 1 to 1.5 kilograms slabs.ready to slice thick ,thin or in-between,just the way you like it.
Weight:1 to 1.5 kilograms (depending on meat thickness)
Shelf life:6months (frozen)No harmful preservatives (nitrates/nitrites)or MSG Contact +63 917 815 1165 #harvestcircleHarvest Circle (2)Harvest Circle (1)

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