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 So far among all the airlines I’ve tried, Qatar Airways @qatarairways is the best!
1. Excellent service from staff
2. Best selection for entertainment – 95 movies to choose from Qatar Airways (5)
3. Best dining. – Dine anytime you like, in any order and order anything in the menu – Qatar Airways (3)They have a wide selection of drinks – mocktails, and hot chocolate not found in other airlines, asst of teas and more – Qatar Airways (4)good food ofcourse Qatar Airways (6)Qatar Airways (12)Qatar Airways (11)Qatar Airways (2)
4. Sensor flush button Qatar Airways (10)5. Wet wipes in the toilet
6. Foot stool in the toiletQatar Airways (9)7. Many compartments in your seat to store things
8. The best airport lounge ( Doha)
9. Godiva ?? chocolates ? Qatar Airways (7)Posting this in the air since there’s free 15 mins wifi ? Truly the best ??
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I forgot to add in my instagram post!  
They have the best eye mask in their kit :-)  
Qatar Airways (1)At the Doha airport look for the bear :-)

‘Untitled Lamp Bear’ by Swiss artist Urs Fischer

Lamp Bear by Swiss artist Urs Fischer takes centre stage in the grand foyer leading to HIA’s world-class duty-free hall. It is a 23-foot canary yellow teddy bear sculpted from bronze, that sits peacefully inside a lamp. It’s a playful piece that humanises the space around it and reminds travellers of childhood or precious objects from home.

In Lamp Bear, Swiss artist Urs Fischer combines memory with scale, creating simultaneously a monument and a vision. Scale defines our experience with art and particularly with sculpture. Scale doesn’t necessarily mean smaller or bigger. It means placing the viewer in a different relation to the reality he or she is familiar with. Memory is not just the past but a way to reimagine our lives.

Lamp Bear welcoms guests at Doha’s airport and celebrates the idea of travel, just as the artist celebrates travelling back in time to the symbols of childhood – a place we have all been to and where, once in a while, we like to go back.

The yellow bear and its lamp are both playful and impressive: The coming of age of a simple toy into a full grown art work. ( ) #hamadinternationalairport#Doha#H2HSSExplorer2017#H2HArt
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  • Thel from Florida says:

    You sold us on Crystal Serenity so we did the Alaska Cruise last month. Someday, we will fly this airways because you said it is the “best”. Thanks for sharing again. Take care and have a great trip.

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