Duration: 2.50 Hrs Tour

Date: July 12, 2017 08:30 AM

Dramatically situated at the point where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea, Stockholm was founded as a fortress in the mid-13th century. Over time, the fortress attracted a populace living outside its walls, and the town eventually spread over more than a dozen islands and onto the mainland. Today, the capital of Sweden encompasses five unique city districts, each with its own special character.

This panoramic tour allows you to view Stockholm’s most notable landmarks from the comfort of your coach. Enjoy a drive around Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s medieval Old Town, past the dignified Royal Palace and by the charming inner harbor. Another highlight is the Royal Dramatic Theater, which you will see along Strandvägen, one of the city’s finest streets, as you proceed to the verdant island of Djurgården, once a royal hunting preserve. Following your tour of the city, you’ll transfer directly back to the pier.

Stockholm Sweden (10)Stockholm Sweden (3) Stockholm Sweden (4)  Royal Opera House of Stockholm #Stockholm#royaloperahouseofstockholm #Regent25#regentsevenseasexplorer#h2hssexplorer2017 #H2HStockholmStockholm Sweden (15) Stockholm Sweden (8) Stockholm Sweden (7) Stockholm Sweden (13)  The Royal Palace (1754) with 674 rooms though the King doesn’t live here. He lives around 30 minutes away but comes here for work. They say it’s bigger than Buckingham PalaceStockholm Sweden (14) Stockholm Sweden (2)  With high-end fashion stores, stunning eighteenth century buildings, opulent restaurants and a harbour packed with luxury boats, Strandvägen is part of the most exclusive district in Stockholm, Östermalm, although the area used to be a ghetto back in the 1800s. There are just 37 residential properties on this long street (The Local SE) #strandvägen #Stockholm#Regent25 #regentsevenseasexplorer#h2hssexplorer2017 #h2hrealestate#H2HStockholmStockholm Sweden (1) Stockholm Sweden (5)Stockholm Sweden (9) Stockholm Sweden (12) Stockholm Sweden (6) Stockholm Sweden (11)

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