Merienda with Tito Bert & Rieta

 Merienda at Starbucks!!

So happy to see Tito Bert and Rieta, older sister of my best friend Rina. They look so much alike and act alike!  Notice her beautiful @monchetycia fan by @monchetthefanman for @artefinoph  She’s here to visit her dad since she lives in the States. She’s been living there for over 20 years and is a successful doctor of Nephrology and Internal Medicine. She makes sure that Tito Bert continues to do his daily activities and not be dependent on others to take care of himself. Tito Bert is so proud of his 2 daughters who are both so successful in their careers and family.  #H2HPeopleMerienda with Tito Bert & Rieta (1)  Tito Bert is such a simple and humble man!!  Love him!!!Merienda with Tito Bert & Rieta (2)  Dark Mocha Granola Frappuccino! YUM!!!Merienda with Tito Bert & Rieta (4)  YUMMY French toast for Tito Bert :-)Merienda with Tito Bert & Rieta (5)  with the best French butter – President!  Make sure to spread it!!Merienda with Tito Bert & Rieta (3)WOW curacha and Alavar all the way from Zamboanga from Tito Bert and Rieta ! yum !!  I have always wanted to go to Zamboanga to visit them – one day hopefully!!  #h2hcrabs #curacha #AlavarsMerienda with Tito Bert & Rieta

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