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So happy to meet Monchot Ongsiako through my friend Cobo @cobonepo He cooks and has party platters !  Which means a new source of yummy food.   I tried one of his bestsellers Special Brandied Bangus in olive oil and brandy mix – yum !  He is known really for his roast beef! #H2HPartyPlatters #Bangus #partyplatters Monchots fine foods bangusA few weeks ago we celebrated Dad’s 1st year in heaven :-)
Remembering Dad (2) And finally got to try Monchot’s other dishesRemembering Dad (6)Grilled Pear and Prawns with arugula and sun dried tomato salad  Remembering Dad (5)

 Cranberry and apple infused Sous Vide boneless  Turkey breast by @monchots Very tender and popular #h2hpartyplatters#h2hsousvideRemembering Dad (7)  Yum tomato with feta cheese pasta #h2hpartyplatters#h2hpasta #H2HCheeseRemembering Dad (3)The plaza Corned beef :-)  Additional since it is a family favorite :-)
Remembering Dad (4)Tuna from Gloria – additional too and yum :-)
Remembering Dad (8)
 Desserts from friends :-)Remembering Dad (1)Remembering Dad (9)Remembering Dad (10)

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