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Eat Wide Awake Movement:

Toss up your hands, September is Salad Month!

It’s always been a struggle to keep up a healthy lifestyle. Apart from the constant temptation of fast food and sweets — all just within arm’s reach, there’s TV and work to keep us all lethargic. SaladStop!, known for its high-quality, fresh salads, wraps and hearty snacks, is on a mission to help individuals maintain a healthy diet and encourage a devotion to fitness with month-long promos and fun activities at its first ever celebration of Salad Month this September. 

With healthy-living and wellness on the top of our to-do lists — or at least, hope-to-do lists — SaladStop!’s “Eat Wide Awake Movement” campaign comes as timely as ever. SaladStop! introduces its Eat Wide Awake movers—fit and strong individuals who are known advocates of the healthy lifestyle. Collaborating with actress Coleen Garcia, host Raymond Gutierrez, host and marathon enthusiast Kim Atienza, volleyball player Michele Gumabao, and celebrity trainer Coach Arnold Aninion, reinforces the value of conscious eating and keeping a well-balanced lifestyle.


SaladStop! Eat Wide Awake moversvolleyball player Michele Gumabaohost Mond Gutierrez, actress Coleen Garciaand celebrity trainer Coach Arnold Aninion.
Executive Vice President and General Manager of Specialty Food Retailers Inc. Mr. Steven Sarmenta (middle) with SaladStop! Eat Wide Awake movers Michele Gumabao, Mond GutierrezColeen Garcia, and Coach Arnold Aninion.
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For Eat Wide Awake mover Coleen Garcia, she used to eat and rely on working out to burn calories, but now, her health and wellness are top priority.

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 For me, it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself and focus on a healthy lifestyle. It all starts with what you put inside your body and being mindful of what you eat.” –Eat Wide Awake mover Mond Gutierrez

SaladStop! Eat Wide Awake Movement

 “It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do in life, being healthy is your duty to yourself and to the environment.” –Eat Wide Awake mover Michele Gumabao

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 “Always be sure to supplement the kind of lifestyle you want to have with the right choices of healthy food because you can never outwork toward nutrition.” –Eat Wide Awake mover Coach Arnold Aninion

 Executive Vice President and General Manager of Specialty Food Retailers Inc. Mr. Steven Sarmenta

On September 9, SaladStop! will be holding the kick-off affair of its month-long “Eat Wide Awake Movement” series of interactive and fitness activities at BHS Amphitheater. The highlight of the day will be a live DJ ride cycling party courtesy of Electric Studio.

On September 16, SaladStop! will be having an exclusive Hybrid Density Training class led by celebrity trainer Coach Arnold Aninion. It’s the perfect opportunity to gain momentum on your fitness goals — load up on healthy food and snacks and sign up for new fitness activities with friends.

Coming to stores in September are two exciting new featured items:  Ting Tong salad and wrap and Yeobo Yeobo warm grain bowl.  Ting Tong is a fun and delicious mix of romaine lettuce, cajun shrimp, vermicelli, ripe mango, pomelo, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, shredded coconut, roasted peanuts and Thai Peanut Turmeric dressing.  SaladStoppers! can delight in this new yummy variant starting September 3.15


Now with 10 stores, SaladStop! encourages diners to keep Eating Wide Awake by offering healthy, real alternatives to their usual meals. At SaladStop!, customers have a choice between creating their own salad or wrap with over 60 ingredients and 17 signature dressings, or choose from the selection of 10 Signature salads and wraps. SaladStop! is committed to serving tasty and satisfying salads and be the leader in revolutionizing appetites and attitudes towards salads and healthy eating.

With the “Eat Wide Awake Movement,” SaladStop! aims to not only jumpstart the habit of wellness in individuals, but also make it fun and accessible enough for them to consider making it a habit for life.

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