Yogi Dexter

 For many years I wondered what all the hype was about yoga and now I am beginning to understand. I’m so delayed :-) but it’s never too late. Thank you to our dear friend Yogi Dexter @dxtanga for taking time out to teach us. I’m comfortable with my friends Arlene @arlyne_uy and Marissa @fncjewelryph ( who are better than me :-) ) but we had such a great time. Yogi Dexter (3) Yogi Dexter (4) Yogi Dexter (5)Yogi Dexter (3)  We are trying to be healthy because we are from the Food Tasting Group of Bambi @bambi_linkedge and we eat a lot  so we are trying to still eat a lot but trying healthy alternatives. Potluck dinner afterwards. Let’s hope this lasts haha!! We want to also look young … so Dexter please make sure all objectives are achieved :-)#H2HYoga#H2HGroups #h2hfoodtastinggroup#h2hhealthtips #h2hhealthYogi Dexter (2) Yogi Dexter (6)  Fresh Chinese lumpia from Binondo from ArleneYogi Dexter (1)Sinigang prawns from Bambi who did not join us ! :-(
Yogi Dexter (2) Fresh fruits from Marissa and TriYogi Dexter (1)Yogi Dexter (5) Banana from Marissa and super sweet longan from DexterYogi Dexter (4)

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