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 We wanted to eat in our favorite Fernando’s

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 But this time we took the advice of Ralph to try another – Miramar :-)  Its nearby Fernando in Coloane  :-)
Miramar (23)Miramar (26)Miramar (24) Miramar (25)  Sangria it is
Miramar (28)miramar coloane sangriaMiramar (29)Portuguese food in Macau is very reasonable and very yummy so we are happy!! Cheap and Cheerful as Mommy Carmeling would always say haha!! The menu is so extensive there were many others I wanted to try – so we will be back definitelyMiramar (33)Miramar (3) Octopus saladMiramar (13)

 Almeijoas A Bulhao pato- clams “bulhao pato” style
Miramar (12)
Miramar (1)Miramar (30)
Miramar (10) Miramar (9)Portuguese fried rice
Miramar (14) Miramar (8) Miramar (7) Miramar (6)Miramar (31) Miramar (5) Miramar (4)Bacalhau asado no carvao Grilled baccala (cod fish)
Miramar (16)Miramar (22)Miramar (20)Arroz de Marisco Seafood rice in pot at Miramar #MiramarMacau#H2HMacau#Macau#h2hrisottoMiramar (15)Miramar (18) Miramar (2)Miramar (21)Miramar (19)Miramar beef on long boneLeitao assado a moda do Miramar com batata frita e salada Roasted suckling pig
Miramar (17)Miramar (32)Miramar (11)Serradura “pudim” traditional Portuguese -Macanese pudding #MiramarMacau#H2hmacau#Macau#Portuguese#bacalhau#h2hpork#h2hdesserts
Miramar (34)
Miramar (27)

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Miramar Restaurant

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