Dulcinea Churros

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 So happy to have fresh churros con chocolate by Dulcinea owned by the bday girl tonight Marisse @fncjewelryphDulcinea Churros (1)   Surprise for good friend Bambi @bambi_linkedge who loves churros …. but everyone else does

A great addition to your dessert buffet
DULCINEA Catering Service Tel.No. 238-3033 Mobile No. 0915-987-3185/0943-274-6788
Email:dulcinea.sales.marketing@gmail.com / dulcinea_catering@yahoo.com
Look for MICHELLE #Dulcinea#churrosconchocolate #churros#h2hdesserts #h2hchocolateDulcinea Churros (2) Dulcinea Churros (3) Dulcinea Churros (5) Dulcinea Churros (4)

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