A Winning Smile Makes a Universe of Difference

Remember that famous “Close Up Smile” 20 years ago? We were all enamored by the romance and the good looking commercial models.  I found out 20 years later that though they are good looking, they still need some help to make their teeth perfect.  That gives me a sigh of relief to know that we all have the potential to have beautiful teeth. An even bigger sigh of relief that the person responsible for those pearly white teeth was my gradeschool best friend, Nelda Valencia Eufemio.  She started from a small clinic in Makati and she would work on the models and actors. Today she has her clinic in BGC called Center for Advanced Dentistry ( CAD ).  Up to today that is what she does for models, artists and for people who want to have a perfect smile.    Imagine a job where you make people smile beautifully?  She says that what makes a person beautiful ( physically) is their smile so it’s very important to have beautiful teeth so you can smile properly and correctly.

Dr. Lito Librado, Dr. Nelda Valencia – Eufemio and her sister Dr. Mia Valencia -Angeles
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DENTAL VENEERS are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of the teeth to improve your appearance. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth to improve their size, shape, color and length.
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This will give you that smile you’ve always wanted…A total smile make-over…Truly amazing!
The winning smile. There is living proof of that winning smile and that is the smile of Ms. Universe herself, Pia Wurtzbach.  Have you ever wondered how she won the second time around?
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CAD has invisible braces called Invisible Alignment ( Invisalign.) The ultimate dental cosmetic procedure is called veneers to have white and beautiful teeth. CAD does this the best and you need to make sure it’s done correctly or else you will have to repeat the two hour procedure.  Ninety percent of CADs clients are from all over the world because in the United States it costs ten times the price and they even get their veneers from the laboratories here.  She said it needs personal attention so she doesn’t want to really have so many chairs. She went to UCLA and USC and goes every year to continue learning in Germany. That’s why she’s advanced and has the latest equipment. She has a magic drill that makes less noise which makes the patient less anxious.  She has computer assisted anesthesia system.  She is now a very successful Cosmetic dentist. Being a cosmetic dentist takes a lot of time and personal attention and dealing with the special needs of each patient which is why she told me that she has to work with two other partners who help her with the procedures.

I was smiling from beginning til end – from reuniting with my gradeschool best friend and catching up to seeing teeth…… teeth….. teeth….. and finding out how important it is to always smile …. and smile beautifully.  So, check your teeth and make sure you smile beautifully if not … make sure to visit Dr. Eufemio  – She makes me smile definitely.  Look for Dr. Nelda Eufemio and she will take care of you call 09178120625 or landline 4789275.  Visit http://www.cfadentistry.com/ to learn more!


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