Lilly Pulitzer Resort Fall 2017


Authentic resortwear born in Palm Beach, ignited by the spontaneous bohemian spirit of Lilly Pulitzer.


This year, we celebrate a life that is a bit more relaxed. In order for us to bring Palm beach to life, we have to create everything by hand… that means color & print taken straight from the nature that surrounds us. How else can we share our special place- we can’t tell you, we have to show you.

RESORT 365 means we are surrounded by color. In our case, Lilly Custom Color that comes straight from the hot pinks of the bougainvillea, the coral of the hibiscus, the electric green of new leaves on the Manila Palms that line Worth Avenue. This year is a gift of the unique color that you see ONLY in Palm Beach. It’s clean. It’s bright. It’s fueled by the sun.

RESORT 365 means we are surrounded by nature and we use the organic flora and sea life to fill every print. Drawn while sitting on the beach, sketched while lounging under a Traveler’s Palm, imagined while picking up a shell walking the beach- this is where our prints are brought to life by artists. Our inspiration comes from the authentic glory of our small island in the Atlantic.

RESORT 365 means we design apparel for a lifestyle that is effortlessly breezy. The fabrics are tropical style at its best. We wake up in sunshine everyday and whip on a bohemian jungle get- up as we dash out the door. Our days are filled with classic resort events, and we have an outfit for each one. It’s easier- there’s a flow. It’s a beachfront way of dressing that can be spotted by many from across the room. It’s our Palm Beach style.

This year we celebrate our life under the palms with an eternally summer state of mind. It’s spectacular. We are lucky. Come along with us. There’s always a flight back tomorrow… but we bet you will want to stay for a bit. Xx

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                Paisley, Border, Prints & Print Mixing

      Call it the Balenciaga effect… the masters of print mixing convinced us the look was ‘EVERYTHING’ but hippie dippy. The patchwork trend is all about strategically & artfully mixing prints and patterns into garments that flatter and frame; while stripes elongate and cinch waistlines. Paisley and borders play an important role in creating these masterpieces!

                A Fringe Benefit

The Fall fashion runways were exploding with tassels, pom-poms and fringe. From shoes, handbags to jewelry, anything goes with this easy embellishment- turn ordinary into extraordinary. This fun and delightful trim is having its well- deserved moment in the sun! Designers went on a fringe binge giving a flirty edge to everything from jumpsuits to outerwear.

                Statement Sleeves & One Shoulder

 The ruffle is the game- changing flourish on dresses, sleeves and even otherwise sedate pants. It adds softness to tailoring, movement to minimalist offerings, and always, always a sense of charm and drama! Statement sleeves make it feel like you’re on a holiday every day. So, whether you’re actually on vacation or simply dreaming of the day, frilled and flounced tops and dresses should definitely be on high rotation in your closet. Our favorites play up the femininity of the design with soft fabrics, pretty ruffles, and lovely patterns. Pick your own favorite style and wear it all season long.?


Smocking & pin- tucking are the modes of fabric manipulation currently trending. Folding & twisting fabric in ways to cinch in waists, adorn necklines and create interest and texture in fabric form. This detail is functional as well as artisanal, keeping styles off the shoulder and slung on the hip. Smocking gives off a cool, relaxed, beachy and bohemian vibe!



Lilly Custom Color

We hand paint every print- they are original works of art… you know this (we hope). Well, we do the same with color. We mix and create each color, custom to Lilly Pulitzer so that they are not available anywhere else. This is different… the “market” buys standard colors from color houses like Pantone. Custom color is just another way we bring our world- a world like no other- to life.


                Delivery One: Pack a Tropical Punch

  We’re on vacation and we’re dipping into the tropical punch. Banana leaf palms in a fresh new multi palette of sea blues with coral pinks, fruity orange, amethyst purple, and citron yellow join our crew along with sunny prints with blurry edges. Is it a dream or do we smell ylang- ylang? Inspiration struck from these tropical fragrant flowers that promote relaxation and mood- and-energy- boosting properties. They take shape in this collection through feminine floral prints. Have you heard of resort neutrals- feminine, airy and oh- so chic colors to wear layered or with your favorite sprint.

Untitled-4 Untitled-5

Serene Blue Tropi Call Me

 Tropi calling all DANCERS… this Tropi Call Me print will have you dancing like a tropical pineapple. It’s time to put on your dancin’ shoes and party with us. So grab a Pina Colada and dance your blues away in this multi- colored print.

Blue Current Drop Me a Lime

Stop what you’re doing and let’s head out for an adventure. We know you like to stay busy. So come with us as we hike through the rainforest and snorkel in the flamenco seas. What did you find during our adventure? Limes? Lions? The possibilities are endless…

Pelican Pink Head in the Sand

Who’s ready to ruffle some feathers? This print’s texture is inspired by exotic Ostrich feathers. In fact, you may think the ostriches are hiding… but think again. Althrough this print won’t help you take flight, it’ll make you look great when you’re on the fly. ??

 Lilly Custom Color

 (Heathered) Sand Dune

Sandy Quartz

Sand Bar

            Delivery Two: Join Our Pina Colada Club

 It’s a swirling day dream- come along with us and join this happy Pina Colada Club. Paisleys, peacocks, hidden elephants, palms, and so much more await. We’re going bright with Berry Sangria and making hot summer days easy in rompers, Luxletic, button front shirts and the best shorts around. Design is down-with-details making everything special for you- fringe, border treatments and embroidery done in an oh-so Lilly way. Still spending weekends at the beach? Pick up our reversible beach tote & weekender bag to pack it all in. Make sure to send a postcard.?



Multi Pina Colada Club

Relax, unwind, it’s PINA COLADA TIME. There’s nothing sweeter than laying poolside with our favorite pineapple cocktail and there’s nothing better than a print full of color. Join the club & enjoy the lapping layers of textured multi colors. Can you find the hidden Lilly’s?

Multi Beach Loot

 We’ve found sunken treasure and we are sharing the loot with Y-O-U. This treasure is filled with confetti colored fish, swirling waves, seaweed, anemone, Lilly’s (duh), sea urchins and more. Go ahead, open it up. You’ll LOVE what’s inside.

Lilly Custom Color: Berry Sangria

                Delivery Three: Meet you at Flamenco Beach

It’s been decided- we’re not leaving the beach. Meet us here and explore the underwater scenes and tropical foliage with us. New inspiration was found in the mystical depths of the ocean- color splashes, water, florals, ferns, seaweed and fish- yes, the gang is all here. Design details this delivery include lace-up necklines, maxi beach dresses, tunics, cover- ups and anything and everything that’s long weekend READY. Our color of the moment, Blue Current, reflects the blues of the skies and makes waves this delivery.


Multi Casa del Sol

 If we had it our way, we’d spend 50% of our time on Palm beach island and 50% out to sea. This print is a fun mix of land and sea. The watery textures of the leaves makes you feel like your snorkeling in an underwater jungle. If you look close enough, you may see a fish swim by.

Blue Fantasea

PLEASE go snorkeling off the coast of Culbera Island. The print team floated for hours soaking in the dreamy scene under the sea. Fan-ta-sea was inspired by the swishing sea fans in the most gorgeous shades of purples, blues and yellows.

         Lilly Custom Color:

Blue Current

                Delivery Four: Seas the Day

The sun is still high and we’re out to sea. We’ve discovered blurry color and magical encounters with deep sea creatures- sea shells, crabs, sea urchins, crystal stalagmites and more bubble up to the surface. We’re ready for beach weddings & all the events surrounding it- the perfect solid social dresses, an on- trend midi dress, beaded dresses and gold accessories with the perfect details to fill your carry-on.


Colony Coral Shell Out

Imagine you’re on a deserted island and have your pick of a million perfect shells. This print was inspired by the patterns that shells create in clusters through- out an empty beach. The beauty is in the individual shells and what they create next to each other- gorgeous together and on their own.

True Blue Seas the Day

Seas the Day was inspired by the social scene under the sea. Some fish stick together while others swim solo. Either way, the vibrant colors, shapes & sizes create a moving mural of beauty that can’t be beat. So do yourself a favor and strap on a mask and “seas the day”- don’t worry, the water is warm.

Multi Off Tropic

Off Tropic takes FLOWER POWER to another level. We used watercolors to create a color splash of vibrant, tropical flowers.

      Lilly Custom Color: Paradise Purple

Exclusively available in Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-la and Rustan’s Cebu


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